News: Prince Harry, Radiohead, Oscar Wilde, Robo-Bugs, Paris Hilton

road.jpg Florida Rep. and men’s room-frequenter Bob Allen’s trial begins on November 5th.

Sydneymanroad.jpg Matt Leveson, a 20-year-old Sydney man who went missing after a night of partying, is feared murdered: “The wildlife welfare officer, a regular at the club, was thought to be going home to Cronulla. His family reported him missing when he failed to show for work the following Tuesday. He had also stopped answering his phone. Two days later Mr Leveson’s green 1999 Corolla hatchback was found dumped outside a public toilet at Waratah Park Reserve, Sutherland. Police said evidence suggested he did not park it there. They believe he ‘met with foul play’.”

road.jpg Funeral held in Ireland for lesbian soldier Ciara Durkin, slain mysteriously in Afghanistan. The investigation into her death is ongoing.

road.jpg Radiohead fans pissed at poor sound quality of In Rainbows digital download: “The sentiment among many fans seems to have gone from admiration for the group’s willingness to let the consumer decide how much to pay for the new album to anger over the low quality of the downloads — and dismay over the band’s manager’s statement that the you-choose-the-price downloads were just a promotional tool for the release of the physical CD.”

Wilderoad.jpg POLL: Oscar Wilde is Britain’s greatest wit.

road.jpg Paris Hilton heading to Rwanda on charity mission: I’m scared, yeah. I’ve heard it’s really dangerous. I’ve never been on a trip like this before. I love having everything documented. It shows people what everyday life is like for me, how hard I work. There are a lot of misconceptions about me.”

road.jpg Jack Mackenroth, set to compete in the upcoming Project Runway season, denies a rumor that he was booted from the show because of a staph infection: “‘He says he was the fifth designer voted off,’ says the snitch. ‘He is claiming that this was at least part of the reason he was booted.’ Mackenroth, who had signed a confidentiality agreement, denied spilling the beans when contacted by Bravo. ‘People will say things about me whether they know me or not,’ he said in a statement released through Bravo’s PR. ‘Those were not my words and are fictitious.'”

Robobugroad.jpg Is the government employing high-tech robo-bugs at anti-war rallies?

road.jpg Same-sex couples from Australia seen heading to the U.S. in increasing numbers on the quest for designer babies: “IVF pioneer Dr Jeffrey Steinberg said an increasing number of gay and lesbian Australians were visiting his Californian fertility centre to begin a family and side-step Australian law that prohibits surrogacy. ‘We see about two or three gay couples from Australia each month and that’s about a five-fold increase over the last two years,’ he told The Sunday Mail. Dr Steinberg said between 75 per cent and 80 per cent of same-sex couples who came to him for treatment decided to choose the sex of the baby, using the controversial IVF procedure and embryo screening known as Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis.”

Deanjohnsonroad.jpg The NYT looks into the mysterious death of gay club icon Dean Johnson: “After Mr. Johnson did not show up for band rehearsal on Sept. 27, his friends called the Washington police and finally got an answer. Mr. Johnson’s body was in the city morgue; it had been there for a week. As details of his death surfaced, the mystery around it grew. Four days earlier, the police had found the body of another man, Jeremy Conklin, 26, at the same apartment — that of Steven S. Saleh. Mr. Conklin had been pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, said Inspector Rodney Parks of the Washington police. For Dean Johnson, whose heyday in the 1980s mirrored the rise and fall of New York’s bohemian downtown club scene, and who rarely kept the salacious details of his life private, it seemed an inconceivable way to go. The apartment Mr. Johnson died in was at the end of a nondescript hallway on the second floor of a stately building — a distant cry from the East Village nightclubs where he and the naked go-go boys under his command once reigned.”

road.jpg Prince Harry cheers on English rugby at the World Cup. Unfortunately, no nipple-licking.

road.jpg Who had sex with Alan Cumming?


  1. says

    Fastlad: that’s true now but Ireland was still a part of Britain during his lifetime.

    The Yahoo story gets his last words wrong, he complained about the wallpaper in his room, not the curtains.

  2. anon ( says

    Most MP3’s are not of high enough audio quality for playback on a home system and are eq’ed for listening on an IPOD or in a Car–very bass heavy. Hopefully bands will use a correct version of their songs for CD’s and not simply convert the MP3’s to PCM to save money (if they bother to release on CD at all in the future).

  3. says

    Ireland was under British rule in 1895, but it was never a part of Britain. It’s not just a semantic distinction. Wilde’s own mother, who called herself Speranza, was an ardent Irish nationalist – and Wilde himself gave many rip-roaring pro-nationalist speeches whilst on his famous tour of the United States.

    No one in their right mind would have dared to call the Wilde’s British under their own roof, which was, after all, in Dublin, not London.

    One of Oscar’s greatest works, “The Ballad of Reading Gaol,” laments inhumane prison conditions in a British jail. In some circles, that’s practically an Irish rite of passage. That fact alone is more than sufficient to establish his national origin and to determine where his sympathies lay. Another queer Irish nationalist writer, Brendan Behan, acknowledged his immense debt to Wilde, and cited him as his guiding star all his life.

  4. jimmyboyo says



    The anglo saxon pig dog invaders acquired Ireland by hook and by crook, but that in no way means the Irish were ever happy being considered british citizens.

  5. says

    So Paris is going to Rwanda and that scares her? She should as Bill Gates what he thought of the country. It’s no longer an unstable democracy it once was, and economically it still needs help. But dangerous? Me not think so.

  6. jimmyboyo says

    oh and add norman pig dogs to that


    snglo saxon + norman pig dog invaders who by hook and by crook raped Ireland.

    The green of saint patty’s day is in memory of the green stained lips and teeth of Irish women and children during the famine since they could only eat grass, pine tree needles, and seaweed washed up on the shore due to the british = anglo saxon + norman pig dog conquerers shipped all food products back to britan and left very little for the native Irish.

  7. Becks07 says

    @ HALIFAX — So sad. There\\\’s nothing more poignant than myspace profiles that go on after a person has died. That sign-on date…the \\”mood\\”…the friends…very sad.

    It\\\’s a new dynamic in our online culture.

  8. says

    As an Irish man, born and bread in Dublin, I really cannot understand why some people continue to assume that British and Irish are the same thing. It’s akin to calling a Canadians person American. So very irritating.

  9. Marc says

    The problem is that many people PAID for the download expecting a high-quality encoding AND knowing that there wasn’t a CD for sale. I, and others like me, paid accordingly.

    Radiohead’s site fails to mention that a CD release is in the works or what the exact encoding of the download would be. In fact, the site STILL doesn’t tell you what you’ll get it if you buy the download, or that a CD is on its way (besides the $80 box set).

    Even Amazon sells MP3’s at 256 kpbs! So I expected at least that from Radiohead, and I CAN hear the difference.

  10. nic says

    this irish/british argument is silly. in terms of politics, history, and literature, the whole of ireland during wilde’s lifetime was part of the united kingdom, and hence, british — not english, but certainly british.

  11. Davey says

    Re: Who had sex with Alan Cumming? -When my friends and I saw him at SBNY a few months ago, I’m guessing anyone between 18-21.(j/k I love me some Alan)

  12. says

    I think you’ll find, if you study Irish history, that there was widespread popular resistance to this kind of abstract thinking. And that popular resistance was many things, but it was never “silly.”

    And by the way, Ireland has a politics, history, literature – and indeed a language – that’s been independent of the UK for millennia.

  13. says

    Since it’s inception with the Act of Union (1801—1922), the geographic area (my nation) purloined by the Empire was consistently referred to as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    Not Great Britain. Not even Great Britain-Ireland. Great Britain AND Ireland.Clearly they always knew it was a distinctive geographical and political integrity, so why don’t you?

    The Irish are as different from the British as the Spanish are from the Dutch. Everyone – or almost everyone – knows that. History lesson over.

  14. jimmyboyo says

    Gaelic is the traditional language of Ireland. Having its own national language designates Ireland as seperate and distinct from Britan. Or as I said earlier, seperate from the anglo saxon + norman pig dog invaders

  15. scientitian says

    Considering apple has been selling 128 kbps mp3s for $0.99/each since the itunes store opened, I don’t quite understand the uproar (aside from that fact that the bitrate was not advertise on the site).

  16. Paul says

    I definitely believe the story about the robo-bugs. Stupid government is probably testing them places where it hardly needs to (it could send plainclothes CIA to a rally). Though it doesn’t really make clear the sort of information they could collect that would be especially valuable. If people against the war are still really considered threats, more than half the country would have to be locked up.

  17. says

    I’m very happy with the new Radiohead album – sonically it’s fine and musically it’s Radiohead’s best since Kid A. Smiles all round from me.

    It’s given my iPod a rest from endless Joanna Newsom, too.

  18. peterparker says

    I downloaded the new Radiohead album within minutes of its release and have been happily listening to it on my iPhone ever since. There were a couple of weird distortions which I assumed were intended by Radiohead to be there. But now that everyone is complaining, I can’t wait to get the box set so that I can take a listen and see if there is a discernible difference.

    Regarding the debate about whether Oscar Wilde was British or Irish…WHO CARES!?!?!?!?!?! It’s all the United Kingdom at this point!

  19. jimmyboyo says


    The poor Welsh.

    Lets not even get started on the atrocities the anglo saxon + norman pig dogs comited against the Weslh. We’ll be here all night.

  20. peterparker says

    I love how Paris Hilton is using poor people in a third world country to improve her image. And not only that, she’s stupid enough to actually say it!

  21. nic says

    i don’t understand you obstinacy. i am not trying to squelch anyone’s nationalistic fervor. but the fact remains that ireland was part of the united kingdom in wilde’s lifetime. he studied at oxford, he wrote in english (not gaelic), his reputation was built on english soil, his writing is included in all british english anthologies and is taught in all british english survey courses, along with other irish writers such as :, w.b. yeats, james joyce, and others.

    i may be missing something. if i am, perhaps it is because i have a master’s degree in english literature and frankly don’t care about the subjective pull-comes-to-shove of politics as it pertains to literature.

    i have no vested interest in oscar wilde. i concur that he is britain’s greatest wit (well, at least from the victorian period). but he is far from being britain’s greatest scholar or writer.

    i still maintain that this discussion is silly, irrespective of the who-was-born-where argument. this exercise in futility seems as barren and parched as the when-is-a boy-not-a-boy argument on an earlier post.

    the truth is the truth no matter how much we wish it were otherwise.

  22. says


    If you don’t care why has your response run to four paragraphs?

    Oscar Wilde, like his mother, was an ardent Irish nationalist and said so often. He was also a graduate of Trinity College Dublin where he consistently bested Edward Carson (who would prosecute and ruin him years later) academically and creatively.

    Wilde delighted in exposing English hypocrisy and humbug and his greatest work’s reveal his ironic awareness of what lies beneath the gilded surface of Empire. Where did that keen awareness come from, do you think?

    As Peter Ackroyd, an English writer, has remarked: “Essentially he remained an alien, and it was in this uncomfortable but necessary position that he was able to see English life very clearly. Shaw said that Wilde was a ”very Irish Irishman,” and although he told Yeats that ”we are a nation of brilliant failures” Wilde himself belongs to a long line of successful Irish dramatists – among them Congreve, Sheridan and Goldsmith. Yet of all of them, perhaps, he was the one who was least at home in England. Just as in his drama he exposed the hypocrisies of late Victorian life – and there is no more damning indictment of that society than ”The Importance of Being Earnest” – so in his life his fondness for boys and drink scandalized those who believed themselves to represent public morality. No attitude could be more alien to the English ”mind” than Wilde’s comment that ”I have never learned anything except from people younger than myself” and his belief in ”that inordinate passion for pleasure which is the secret of remaining young.”

    But more importantly, it was a mistake for him to show the English in his dramas that their ideals were illusions, their understanding mere folly: it was only a matter of time before they turned on him. He had been their entertainer for a while but he soon became the figure in a fatal pantomime, to receive blows from the harlequin’s wand and kicks from the clowns. He had dallied with them too long; he had grown too accustomed to ”society” even as he mocked it. It was thoroughly appropriate, therefore, that his splendid career should be ended by a Marquess and ruined by a visiting card…”

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