1. says

    definitely him in the film, or at least on the promo page. It doesn’t matter that the thing says he is from Hawaii. Obviously it goes without saying that those “bios” are pure fiction. I’m sure he was neither 20, a surfer or Hawaiian.

    Let’s not lose sight of the larger issue which is there is some dirtbag closet case in Washington state voting against gay rights while simultaneously donning women’s undergarments and screwing male hookers.

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    “Let’s not lose sight of the larger issue which is there is some dirtbag closet case in Washington state voting against gay rights while simultaneously donning women’s undergarments and screwing male hookers.”

    True, but this may be a set up as well.

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    Treasure Island Media turns out some of the most depraved gay porn out there. I’ve been to their site and took a pass at promoting it on my gay link sites. And generally, their models look about as rough as they come.

  4. Davey says

    That Damon is one LUCKY dude…I just bought Dawson Blows America #4 for Jason Preston’s scenes…HOT!!!!! u can say what u want about JP but he has some very beautiful um, features.

  5. Rad says

    So Curtis is a star fucker, sucker.. whatever.

    Though I’ll tell you if I ever met Marc Donais (Ryan Idol), I could be enticed.

    Curtis did NOT have SEXUAL RELATIONS with that man. Hmmmm… where did we hear that line before?

    Fucking hypocrits everywhere.

  6. jpe523 says

    it’s definitely him – check out his myspace profile – he’s got the same tattoo, and according to his myspace bio – he lived in hawaii for a year…

  7. peterparker says

    Hey DAN B, I know several of the Treasure Island Media guys, including Damon Dogg. And I’ve never seen a single bio on their site that was ‘pure fiction’.

    JOHNNY LANE, the Treasure Island guys are definitely a mixed bag. Some are hot and some are, well, not so hot. But not everyone is attracted to 20 year old twinks who have been plucked and tweazed to within an inch of their life. I’ll take a hot tattooed punk or a guy like Dawson over any of the Falcon ‘models’ any day of the week.

    And DAVEY…don’t you mean to say that Jason Preston is in Damon Blows America #6: New York? I don’t see anyone who even remotely resembles Preston in DBA #3, but there is one guy who goes by the name of Joshua Reynolds in the DBA #6 DVD.

  8. thin mint says

    Who all thinks that the Repubs are deliberately cutting loose all their gays at once? It strains credulity that all this would be happening in one year.

    My theory is that closeted gay politicians used to be able to count on the party’s clout to keep their peccadilloes quiet or not prosecuted, and that the party leadership has now decided to withdraw that protection.

  9. Jason says

    The latest vid, Loaded, had a preponderance of nastiness especially in D.C. It was a bit shocking, as usually the majority of the guys are at least do-able.
    And that Jason Reynolds guy does kinda look like Jason Preston and it would make more sense for him to be in New York(#6) than Seattle (#3).

  10. Davey says

    Yeah…it is the New York one, if that’s 6..I’m at work so I can’t check the DVD. He has two scenes, the group scene in the living room and the private one with Damon, He’s wearing the green shirt. Anyways, he’s hot.

  11. So True says

    ^So true! Dawson MUST just live for (any) cock and cum to have allowed some of those things to crawl on his back. Yikes!

  12. Leland Frances says

    I KNEW James Van Der Beek was gay!!! Is Katie Holmes like the Gen Y poster girl for “I Never Suspected He Was Gay”?!!

    What? Not that Dawson? Ooops.


  13. Lance says

    Actually…that “Dawson” may be gay too. My partner went to college with Van Der Beek at Drew University and said that everyone was aware of James and a hook up he had with some hot dude on the soccer team.

  14. says

    It also looks like he was one of the guys in a movie called “Seattle Frat Boyz” put out by Gae Boy video. Hmmm…what is it that makes me suspect he was never actually in a fraternity?

  15. Anono says

    I think it’s crazy. No one really knows the true story of Cody. He steals money from people, spends the money and makes them live in misery. But the best part, he has SEX with people without protection, and is HIV positive. No one seems to care really. But Cody will burn in hell!!! I will make sure of it!

  16. says

    I know Cody pretty well. I know him well enough to know that he’s not perfect (most people aren’t), that he’s done maybe some not-so-cool things but life haven’t been easy for him either. I also know that he’s a very sweet guy and not the pariah some have made him out to be. The one thing he shares with a lot of other people is his ardent search for true love. Having already been down a very long road, he’s managed to hold onto something genuine and real; and I hope love finds him one day.