Washington State Rep’s Alleged Extorter Has a Porn Past?

Castagna_4One of our tipsters has alerted us to the fact that Cody Castagna, the Spokane waiter at the center of the Richard Curtis alleged extortion case in Washington state, may have a porn past. Our tipster claims that Castagna starred in "Damon Blows America #3" from Treasure Island Media.

After doing a bit of research, it seems there is a "Cody" appearing in that release who looks much like Mr. Castagna. I'm not sure that this has any relevance to Curtis' case although it was reported that a couple videos were bought at the erotic video boutique where he met Castagna, so perhaps Curtis wanted, oh, I don't know, something to take away from his encounter later that evening?

After the jump is the screenshot (with adult portions blurred) I took off Treasure Island Media's video page. If you want to see where it came from, click here (NSFW).

Washington State GOP Rep. Curtis Exposed by Sordid Police Report [tr]