Israeli MK: Gay ‘Plague’ Should Be Isolated Like Bird Flu

Israeli Knesset member Nissim Ze’ev, supporting proposed legislation to ban gay pride parades in the city of Jerusalem, suggested that gays and lesbians should be put in rehab centers to be treated.

ZeevYnet News reports: “During a heated Knesset debate Sunday, MK Zeev claimed that the proposed legislation was aimed at assisting homosexuals and lesbians who want to start a family. He said that if it was up to him he would put gays in rehabilitation centers ‘along with drug addicts and alcoholics’. Zeev went as far as comparing the gay movement to a ‘plague that may destroy Jewish Israel’, adding that this ‘plague” should be dealt with ‘just as the Health Ministry is dealing with bird flu.'”

According to Ynet, the proposed law “would enable the Jerusalem Municipal Council to ban gay parades and rallies for considerations of disturbance to public order, offending the public’s sensitivities or for religious considerations.”

In response, signs were hung in front of the homes of Ze’ev and MK Eli Gabbay by members of Hadash party’s “Red-Pink Patrol”. The signs read: “In this house lives an MK who is trying to outlaw the citizens’ right to march and protest on the streets of Jerusalem,” one of the posters read. This anti-democratic bill is targeting not only the homosexual, lesbian, transgender and bisexual communities, but also human and civil rights in general.”

Jerusalem’s gay pride has been marked by protest and violence in past years. Last year, a man was nabbed by Israeli police prior to the parade for planning to set off a bomb. The city also saw demonstrations by hundreds of Haredim in the days leading up to the gay pride festival. Ultra-orthodox rabbis have also placed curses on those who would participate.

MK Zeev: Gay ‘plague’ could destroy Israel [ynet]


  1. says

    Dont you deal with bird flu by killing the birds to stop the spreading infection?

    It was Holocaust Day last week, I see people dont learn from history.
    (Someone was going to make that comparrision, better sooner than later.)

  2. Sebastian says

    Well, if they put me in a room filled with naked men who looked like this chump, straight I would become in a nanosecond!

    Does this hate ever end from these cultist?

  3. tooboot says

    I was just gonna say, isn’t it ironic that an Israeli jew would advocate a Nazi tactic like “isolating” the gays. There should be pink triangles everywhere over there.

  4. Ernie says

    Hmmm, taking people away against their will because they are a plague on the nation . . . sounds strangely familiar.

    And perhaps someone should inform Mr. Ze’ev that gays and lesbians are quite capable of starting families without the help of him or rehabilitation.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Vell, it just goes to show, ve’re hated all ze vorld, not just by black church homophobes. Any vord from the Roman Catholics, Russian/Greek/Armenian Orthodox? Vee already got the vord from ze Mormons–zhey don’t like us neither.

    Maybe vee oughtta’ try Voodoo.

  6. Quint says

    Mr. Ze’ev comes out to say, “get over it, already! sure, we lost some good friends, but the Führer wasn’t wrong about everything! that gay plague WILL ruin the master race. put them away in camps. don’t they *like* being campy?”

  7. Will says

    A fundamentalist is a fundamentalist. I say we throw them all into camps, no matter the religion. After all, they are the ones preaching hatred, sowing discord and spreading divisivness. They are the real threat to society.

  8. EireKev says

    Man, the Holocaust must have been an especially trying time for German Jews of Ze’ev’s ilk. Not only do you have the Nazi’s tring to wipe out your people, but they lock you up in the exact same camps they’re putting the damn homosexuals.

  9. Frank says

    I see I wasn’t the only one who noted how much these rehabilitation camps resembled other places of herding up those you don’t like. I wonder if he wanted to put them on trains to take them to the camps?

  10. Frank says

    I see I wasn’t the only one who noted how much these rehabilitation camps resembled other places of herding up those you don’t like. I wonder if he wanted to put them on trains to take them to the camps?

  11. Strepsi says

    Remove people who are a plague on society into camps? What a f*cking Nazi. There is nothing worse than minorities who have learned nothing from history. In Canada, some of the most vocal opponents of gay equality were rabbis. Do they want us to wear the pink triangle again? He is a disgrace of a human being, a bad Jew, a neo-Nazi, and an affront to anyone who remembers the Holocaust.

  12. says

    Dear Andy,

    I’m writing in response to your January 29th post ( about homophobic remarks made by Israeli Knesset Member Nissim Ze’ev (whoever he is).

    Obviously, I know you personally, consider you a friend, and know for a fact that you aren’t an anti-Semite.

    Yet I have noticed that you follow a tendency among gay and other “liberal” bloggers to report a lot more bad than good news out of Israel.

    The general undercurrent of violent, irrational hatred of Jewish people is such that if you only report strongly negative things about Israel to your readers, you will inevitably be fanning the flames of that bigotry.

    One ignorant, religious Knesset member does not remotely damage Israel’s very good record on gay rights. I won’t even mention that when Palestinian gays are outed, and face the real danger of being stoned to death by their fellow Palestinians, they escape to Israel, not to neighboring Egypt or Jordan for refuge.

    I don’t know if you’ve been to Israel; I go every year. My last trip was during the war started by Hezbollah and I’ll be returning this February 20. I entertained Israelis in gay clubs in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Let me note here, that I was doing live gay sex shows—which is not allowed anywhere in the United States—and it was reported that I was doing so in every mainstream Israeli newspaper. I personally think that Israel is much more advanced in gay rights than the much longer-established democracy that is America.

    Unlike the U.S., Israel’s military doesn’t have “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Unlike New York, Tel Aviv recognizes gay couples as family units. Couples married in Massachusetts are legally recognized everywhere in Israel, but not in, for example, Pennsylvania. Israel grants partners of foreigners residency status. Same sex partners may adopt each other’s children. Israeli insurance companies provide pension and death benefits to same sex couples. The Israeli Attorney General guarantees legal recognition to same sex couples in business and personal financial matters. Gay couples started being registered in Jerusalem last year.

    All of that is possible, and even more progress is coming, because Israel is governed by secular laws and a judiciary, not by Torah, and not by the hateful Koran, as is the case in so many Muslim countries.

    Look, yes, you reported a true fact. But then you chose at the end of this post to point out more negative points about Israel, like demonstrations of a few hundred Hassidic Jews against Pride in Jerusalem, and the alleged bomber. Maybe it would be more productive to list the good things that Israel is doing for gay people, to say what rapid progress Israel has made on gay rights, and under what difficult circumstances that progress has been achieved. Maybe that will give a more balanced picture.

    Israel has achieved and maintained the tolerant society it has in spite of all manner of threat to security in daily life there. I can only imagine the tolerance of the French, Italians or even Americans if any of these countries were to have terrorist attacks, often running stretches at a time on a daily basis, and if their citizens were being slaughtered on public busses, restaurants, clubs, shopping malls and outdoor food markets. That is to say nothing of if France, Italy and/or America had rockets and missiles falling on its peoples’ heads in a supposed time of peace! Just how far could good Western tolerance be stretched? So, when talking about Israel, it is very important to acknowledge the Israelis’ patience and their incredible democratic achievements under the most difficult circumstances, gay rights included.

    Remember too that when you are talking about Jerusalem, you are talking about one of the most complicated places in the world. It’s a center for three major religions. Even among the Israeli gay community, there’s a debate over whether it’s a good idea to march in the center of such a religiously concentrated place, when gay Tel Aviv is a forty minute drive away, and where gay parades attract hundreds of thousands of people every year. I’m talking about Tel Aviv with its flourishing gay culture. Gay clubs, restaurants, centers, meeting points, bookshops, gay beaches, et cetera, et cetera amen. Because all that exists, I don’t feel it’s very fair to portray Israel as homophobic because of the controversy over the gay parade in Jerusalem. The majority of Israelis respect gay rights.

    Andy, most people do not have your depth of knowledge or your analytical abilities. Just check your readers’ comments. When you post mainly negative stories about Israel, such posts feed anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli sentiments that are, unfortunately, increasing in the gay communities of the U.S. and Europe. I think you should be very careful about what to report and how you report it. Don’t overestimate your readership, and don’t underestimate the historical anti-Semitism that can be set off with the tiniest spark to a fuse.

    Ignorant people exist within every country’s government. In open and modern counties, their ugly and stupid comments backfire against them. There is no more chance that Nissim Ze’ev is going to become Prime Minister of Israel than there is that Senator George “Macaca” Allen will return to being Senator of Virginia.

    It’s important for you to give some thought to who your readers are. Maybe you can do that by simply reading the comments they make on your posts. Please understand, I’m not comparing you to anti-Semitic sites like Queerty, where if you put the terms “Jew” or “Jewish” in the site’s search, you’ll come up with just hate and more hate towards this young and courageous country.

    Best regards,

    Michael Lucas

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, Michael.

    Your posting was very important. There have been discussions about Black American and African homophobes on this blog where the postings were racially offensive. Many white posters said, “no, we’re just responding to bigotry by black people who CLAIM to know what being persecuted feels like.” So, I should have been more sensitive to how Jewish visitors to this blog might read my comment. I thought it was clear that our remarks were directed at that particular homophobe in Isreal– not at his whole ethnic/racial/religious/national group. But I should have been more sensitive to possiblity of a lack of clarity in our comments. This is always a problem when a homophobic bigot belongs to a “minority”–sometimes the whole minority group is insulted. Gay people should understand that.

    I hope my attempt at writing a Yiddish accent wasn’t offensive, but that’s not for me to decide, is it? I apologize. But I’ve re-read our above comments and they were directed at religious extremists within the Jewish religion, it was not directed at Jewish people in general. We’ve done the same thing to fundamentalist from the Christian & Muslim faiths.

    Thanks again, Michael. It’s always important to get feedback from people from all over the world. I know there are many Isrealis who support a more liberal & humane treatment of your Palestinian citizens and neighbors. I’m sure you’re one.

  14. says

    Dear Derrick,

    First, thank you very much for understanding. I am always proud of Americans that they are able to listen to an argument and change their minds. But what I want to point to you is the problem that Isreal is treated as a collective Jew. So whenever one is talking negative about Israel, it’s a new form of anti-semitism. Modern anti-semites do not use old anti-Jewish cliche’s, unless of course they are rednecks who post comments on websites like Queerty.

    They are attacking the state of Israel and by smearing it they achieve the exact same effect as old anti-Semitic tricks. Another sad part of all this is that liberals are getting a bad reputation, and I like the word liberalism. It’s a great thing this word liberalism, a word that has been so degraded by the likes of Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore and many uneducated gay men who instead of organizing a protest in front of some muslim embassy that stones gay people, prefer to demonstrate against the state of Israel. Does this make any sense? Is there any other explanation other than anti-semitism?

  15. 24play says

    it is entirely possible to criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic.

    Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to criticize Israel without being called anti-Semitic. People like Michael and Abe Foxman at the ADL will always cry anti-Semitism when the state of Israel is criticized for its actions or policies.

  16. says

    Michael Lucas being Jewish or pro Isreali has nothing to do with him being a shit.
    The man is just a shit. Plan and simple.

    To equate someone who doesn’t believe in his views as anti-semitic is gross.

    Is this blog so hard up for free porn that it allows it’s readers to be called bigoted names?

    I wonder what the children of the Gaza strip are calling the people who cut off their access to medicine, water, and power?

    Two sides to a story Mr. Lucas and having a slight endowment doesn’t allow your point of view to be the spoken word.

  17. Krypenthorff III says

    The only part of the article which mentions Judaism is a short quote from Zeev himself. My first reading of the piece (and indeed the subsequent re-reading) did not give me a negative impression of Israeli Jews; rather the fact that there was heated debate on the Knesset floor and that people were able to protest outside his home suggests that Israel is a place where debate and democracy are alive and well.

    Much of the rest of the world is amazed when we read reports about GWB and the GOP making statements or passing laws that deny civil rights or infringe civil liberties, but we don’t expect a little addendum to every BBC article mentioning how the right to free speech and the right to carry a gun are unassailable within the 50 states.

    Anti-semitism and homophobia are rife in the world, and I think the comments above reflect the importance of one group realising and repsecting the struggle of another. The MK’s words are horrific, regardless of his minority status.

  18. says

    Lucas you ass.

    You…YOU are calling Rosie O’Donnell and Micheal Moore uneducated????????

    Honey…you sell your dick and produce porn. You are not in the same boat with these two…in fact you are not even in the same fucking ocean. Do you know where aged porn stars are on the food chain? They are the one at the back of the porn conventions selling 8 x 10’s for five bucks.

  19. says

    For the record, I’ll give you some first hand information…Michael Lucas makes an excellent point in this, because it’s rare to read reports on here or other gay oriented blogs the positive aspects of Israel existing as a nation, as a people and their support for the gays…

    Of course, my information is this: Israel happens to take IN the gay refugees from surrounding countries. Did anyone here know that? That the gay muslims who would be put to death, the muslims that cause Israel so many problems, are taken in by Israeli’s so that they are not put to death in whichever country they come from.

    What does that say for Israel? A lot.

    But considering what Michael said, I wholeheartedly agree with him. The gay blogs essentially paint these very distorted images of Israel and their policies, when in reality it IS a true democracy amidst a surrounding of dictatorship-like governments. They make Israel sound so third world because one member of Knesset or some Rabbi’s think gays are bad. These people are the equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church over here, and unfortunately they are the ones who get the press.

    How about a little diversity over here? Why not will yourselves to learn the positive aspects of Israel and make a post about it? Don’t be afraid to learn something new. You might all hate Mr. Lucas for what he says or does, but he makes a very valid point. Especially when it comes to the gays who are writing off a group of people – we should all be so lucky that everyone in the world accepts us the way the Israeli’s do.

  20. says

    The United STates of America gives more to Israel than any other country unless we are bombing them.

    Where is the love for the Palestines whose water and power and access to medicine has been cut off. If I think that is fucked up ..does that make me an anti sementic in the eyes of the aged sagging porn star….if so…I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.


  21. Chris says

    Comon…why do you guys think the discussions about Michael Lucas always generate so many responses? Partly becasue he’s a jew. Like all of the big CEO’s of any business. His background alone has a lot of ammo behind it.

  22. John says


    You’re totally anti-Jewish. If terrorism is an effect of the Arabs being so “poor” and “desperate”, why don’t we see more suicide bombers from Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Haiti, and El Salvador? Let time I checked, folks in those countries were making far less money than the average person in Amman.

    Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have a higher GDP per capita than Israel itself. And Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia are not far behind. There’s a little more going on here than the evil Jews exploiting the noble Arabs for economic gain.

    And if I had to venture a guess, I’d say it has something to do with religion and ideology.

  23. John says

    Minor correction above: Let Time = Last time.

    But the point remains the same. This notion that the Arab street is somehow merely revolting against the excesses of capitalism and economic inequality is laughable at best. And although I consider myself left-of-centre, those of us on the Left who repeat such simplistic nonsense because Marxist theory can offer no alternative explanation for terrorism are doing everyone else a great disservice.

  24. QPB says

    Facts on Israel:

    Racism & Xenophobia – Israeli Arab citizens live in ghettos, are not allowed to own property without the permission of the government and are essentially treated like 2nd class citizens.

    Collective punishment of more than 2 million people – In response to “rockets” being shot at them, the government of Israel decides to punish EVERYONE in the Gaza strip through a “economic blockade”, shutting off electricity and water – essentially leaving the Palestinian population without any access to food, medicine or any other living supplies.

    Sexism – Israel does not have any prominent female leaders in its government (except for the recent appointment of their foreign minister). The so-called “backward” Muslim countries have had at least five female heads of state, starting as far back as the 1970s.

    Apartheid – Israel’s “barrier” has literally cut Palestinian towns in half. Israel’s “check points” for Palestinians leave women and children going to work and school having to walk for almost 4-6 hours a day for a route that should normally only take 1/2 an hour.

    FACT – Israel is not a democratic and wonderful utopia – regardless of its “gay” community being so open.

    Michael Lucas – I hope you can explain some of the policies outlined above – before ranting and raving about the so-called success of Israel.

  25. Rob WeHo says

    Not until I visited Israel and the West Bank were my eyes opened to just how endangered Israel is by its neighbors. We mustn’t forget that Israel is a very tiny nation; at its narrowest point it’s only about 40 miles across! Its population is half that of Los Angeles County. It is attacked daily (no exaggeration) with rockets.

    From 1948 to 1968, the West Bank and Gaza were under Arab control, and the Palestinians’ plight was just as bad then, if not worse then it is now. With all their oil money, the Arab nations could have easily provided for all of the basic health and educational needs of the Palestinians, but instead they did zilch. They chose to spend their money on weapons and use the Palestinians as disposable pawns in their effort to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East.

    During this time, Israel excelled at making the best use of every inch of the unproductive land with which they were stuck. They invented new methods for producing food in infertile soil. You literally can see the border between Israel and neighboring countries because the green farm lands stop at Israel’s edge and the desert resumes. Think what the Arabs could have accomplished in the same time had they directed their energy at productive, rather than destructive goals. Israel offered to share their expertise, but the Arabs turned them down.

    Israel is by no means perfect, but I haven’t heard of any Palestinian clamoring to move to Saudi Arabia. And for those with a short memory, Israel did have a female prime minister, Golda Meir, and she wasn’t elected just so it would appear that women have rights. Although there have been Muslim countries with female heads of state, it can’t be seriously argued that this has been to the benefit of the women who live in those nations.

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