News: Edible Martini, Prince Harry, Food War, Goldfrapp, Alzheimer’s

road.jpg Illinois state senator Dave Koehler proposes legislation legalizing civil unions in that state. Koehler: “This is going to be controversial because people are going to try to get all other kinds of issues about the morality of being gay. I hope that can stay to the sideline, because that’s not the full intent of this bill. This bill is merely to recognize there are long-term committed relationships that right now do not have the law behind them.”

Martiniroad.jpg Meet the edible martini: looking pretty good about now.

road.jpg The History of War told through food, quite literally.

road.jpg Britain’s defense chief pulls Prince Harry from duty in Afghanistan saying media coverage puts him and his fellow soldiers at risk: “Air Chief Marshal Jock Stirrup, chief of the Defense Staff, said he decided to withdraw the prince after senior commanders assessed the risks, the Defense Ministry said in a statement. Harry, third in line to the British throne, has been serving on the front line with an army unit in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province since mid-December. He was originally due to return to Britain within weeks, but ‘the situation has now clearly changed,’ the statement said.”

road.jpg David Beckham hits South Korea to show off a shiny new phone.

Stamosroad.jpg John Stamos takes a kayak break in Hawaii.

road.jpg UPenn students urge university to examine how FDA’s ban on blood donation from gay men conflicts with the school’s anti-discrimination policies: “Despite a national blood shortage, millions are prohibited from donating by the Federal Drug Administration’s lifetime ban on men who have had sex with men (MSM) since 1977. The FDA argues that this type of sexual activity puts them at a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases that could be then transmitted through blood transfusions. After a controversial, lengthy debate, the Blood Donor Discrimination Proposal passed by a margin of 17 to 9 with three abstentions, College senior and UA chairman Jason Karsh said. When Lambda Alliance first raised the blood policy issue at a University Council meeting last March, the UC never followed up, said Wharton and College junior, UA member and DP columnist Lisa Zhu, who coauthored the proposal on behalf of the UA. The proposal is an attempt to revive the University-wide debate and “pressure the administration to reevaluate their stance,” said Karsh.”

Danb_gillespie_sellsroad.jpg The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie-Sells covers the new issue of Attitude.

road.jpg A look at the new Goldfrapp album, Seventh Tree.

road.jpg LGBT Latinos unify in support of Obama.

road.jpg Janet Jackson hopes her drag queen kicks Madonna’s drag queen’s ass.

road.jpg More rumors surface about Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s sexuality: “I just wish he would come out and admit it. That would be a great thing if he did.”

road.jpg Anti-gay marriage group in Iowa which staged demonstration at the Supreme Court accuses lawmakers of holding up proposed amendment banning gay marriage: “Several legislative leaders quickly denounced the group’s claims, calling their tactics hateful. ‘I have a problem when people say, ‘We are good, they are evil,’ House Majority Speaker Pat Murphy, a Dubuque Democrat, said in response to the group. ‘The bottom line is, I believe that every person should be treated with dignity and respect in this state.'”

road.jpg Could Alzheimer’s Disease be cured with a ‘reset button’ for the brain?


  1. Zeke says

    Since when was the Green Iguana a gay bar? I’ve been there many times and it never gave me the impression that it was gay or even mostly gay. I didn’t even know the owner was gay.

  2. says

    I seriously lust after John Stamos, but can’t he find a plastic surgeon who can do something about that freaky navel?

  3. CallTheDoctor76 says

    The new Goldfrapp album is gorgeous. Sadly, Alison doesn’t receive nearly the attention and acclaim she deserves over here in the US.

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    Contrary to the implication of your headline—which suggests, e.g., a professional poll showing demonstrable changes in support for Obama—since when do FOURTEEN Latino/a LGBTs represent anybody but themselves? Represent “LGBT latinos” as a group? This is the exact kind of purposely misleading crapola that turned me away from Obama.

  5. davefromtampa says

    I’ve lived in Tampa since dirt and didn’t know Green Iguana is a gay bar. They have live bands and lots of straight folks. Now there are gay bars in that area, Ybor, but didn’t know Green was one. But the rumors about old good time Charley have been around for years. He is my daddy type too.

  6. Himbo with Highlites. says

    OH yes John has that hideous navel thing, doesn’t he dear? You queens can focus on that while I fantasize about getting naked with the hottest 40 yr old on the planet. You Nellie Nitwit posters crack me up.

  7. says

    Any GLBT who “unify in support of Obama” are fucked up. Pay attention people!! His actions speak louder than his words.

    Why is the media not covering Obama’s association with anti-gay preachers and black leaders like they are covering the whacko associated with McCain?! A closet-homophe Democrat scares me more than a Repub who hates me to my face.