Group Posts Signees of Florida Anti-Gay Marriage Petition

KnowThyNeighbor has published the names of thousands of Florida residents who signed the state’s petition to place a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage on the november ballot.

611,000 signatures are required to get a measure on to the state’s ballot. Foes of same-sex marriage found themselves more than 20,000 signatures short of the goal in January, but a last minute push collected more than 92,000, more than enough to get the measure to the ballot.

KnowThyNeighbor publishes the easily searchable list of names, which are a matter of public record, so people can see for themselves who among their neighbors is intolerant.

Same-Sex Unions: Victories in Oregon, NY, Setback in Florida [tr]


  1. marty says

    I love that KTN is doing this. I don’t think anything should be off the table when fighting against the militant straights who want to deny GLBT Americans their civil rights.

    I can’t wait for the red-faced blustering spittle-spraying backlash from the fundagelical creeps.

  2. mike says

    ANDY! THANK YOU!! my a-hole Christian brother-in-law just asked my lover and I for a loan, and now I see that he signed the petition in Florida … gonna be an interesting family dinner this Sunday (“it’s gonna be a bumpy ride”)

  3. says

    I fully support KTN and the effort to shed light on what can be a shadowy form of bigotry. If a citizen hates GLBT people so much that they’re willing to sign a public-record petition limiting our civil and human rights, then they should be prepared to own that statement in the light of day, and with the full knowledge of their neighbors.

  4. mike says

    hey OBL, you’re right … people who support Sharia Law are evil oppressors and ignorant savages who don’t know a thing about God and belong in the middle ages … so yeah, they’re a good fit for these kinds of imbecilic amendments.

  5. Disgusted American says

    Hey Mike..Interesting aint it…You and your partner are GOOD ENOUGH to come too to Borrow money from..but NOT GOOD enough for EQUALITY…I’d tell you’re Brother-n-law to stick his Buy-Bull up his ass..or better yet, PRAY to GOD for some Magic money from heaven! Don’t lend him any!

  6. says

    it seems about a fifth of my former neighbors saw it fit to sign the petition. i’m not wild about the weather, here, but there are still few days that go by where i’m not relieved to be living in canada, now.

  7. kevinvt says

    They also have a list of the top contributors to the anti-marriage petition and OMG! Number one is the Republican Party of Florida!!! ($300,000 out of a total of $462,000) Geez, I thought there was really no difference between the parties! How is this possible?

  8. GOD says

    Isn’t it funny how it is ALWAYS the Christians – or the Muslims – or the Orthodox Jews – that spew hate towards gays? In fact, this common hatred for gay people is the only thing that unites the three Abrahamic religions each year in Jerusalem when it becomes time to bash the gays in time for their parade.

  9. ReasonBased says

    MIKE: you should give your brother-in-law his loan. Instead of interest, you should demand that he and his wife march in support for gay equality every time there is an event in California for a year.

  10. Tim says

    Thanks for the list link. Out of curiousity I checked the list for my brother and his wife…yep, they both signed it. I bet they are just trying to protect my partner (of 25 yrs)and I from being stuck it a crappy, loveless marriage like theirs. Why else?

  11. ZEKE says

    I’m proud to say that NOT ONE member of my extensive Florida family signed the petition. I’m actually stunned by that considering the fact that some of them are very rural and very religious. I made a point to contact every one of them that I thought might possibly sign it. Every one of them told me they wouldn’t sign it because of their respect for my family. I still thought that at least one would sign it. I guess it just goes to show that we should never underestimate people and their ability to respond to a civil and well presented argument. It also shows the importance of living openly and speaking out against injustice.

    I’m also proud to say that NOT ONE person from my church signed the petition.

    We can win this thing but it will take a lot of hard work and willingness to challenge people in a polite and civil way even when they infuriate us with their ignorance or hatefulness. We MUST educate people and we MUST let them see us and our families so they learn that we are not a threat to them, their marriages or to society. It really does work. I’ve seen it first hand hundreds of times.

  12. Seattle OCD says

    Okay, the OCD is kicking in so forgive me, but the names being posted are not the “signees”, they are the “signers”.

    (They also happen to be sinners in my eyes, but that’s another story.)


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