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News: Dexter, Prozac, Courtney Love, Bullfrogs, Robert Buckley

road.jpg New York judge allows divorce trial for lesbians married in Canada.

Kellirosieroad.jpg Four years ago today Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli Carpenter were married inside Mayor Gavin Newsom's office at San Francisco City Hall.

road.jpg Hospital in Florida refuses lesbian and children to communicate with her dying partner of 18 years, tells them there is nothing they can do because they're in an anti-gay state.

road.jpg Courtney Love blogs about the Oscars: "i was supposed to be at Eltons Party at i think noon or something and if we dont hiurry it will suck- i really dont want to get there ina crush of shit and stuff- wait my pr is outside im calling her hold on- okay i hope the disaster has been averted but m,y expirience with that party is that i do NOT want to see Paris dancing ona table i really really DONT and i dont want to stuff a stale slamon canape in my mouth and i really need to get laid so i m off to do so."

road.jpg Incest is Best: Dexter serial killer killer Michael C. Hall is dating his sister on the show?

Bullfrogroad.jpg Anti-aging substance found in bullfrogs: "Because it is water-soluble, the substance may be consumed in much more diverse ways than the oil-soluble tocopherol. You may put it in soft drinks, for example."

road.jpg First 30,000 pages of 'Book of Life' revealed: "The immense online resource is designed to greatly enhance our understanding of the world's diminishing biodiversity. The creators of the database say it could have an impact on human knowledge comparable to that which followed the microscope's invention in the 1600s. It is designed to be used by everyone from scientists to lay readers. The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) - described as the "ultimate field guide" - is to encompass all six kingdoms of life, and even viruses - which many researchers do not consider to be living organisms."

Buckleyroad.jpg Robert Buckley makes an impression on Lipstick Jungle.

road.jpg The Academy's excuse for Brad Renfro death montage snub: not enough time to include everyone.

road.jpg Cases of HIV/AIDS soar 45% in China from 2006 to 2007: "The staggering rise was put down to changing social attitudes and an improvement in data collection. The government had said late last year that 700,000 people were living with the virus, an increase from an earlier estimate of 650,000. The year before, China lowered its estimate to 650,000 from 840,000, despite warnings from international experts that the disease was spreading due to ignorance and because many people were too afraid or too poor to seek help."

road.jpg Rent ends 12-year run on Broadway.

Porntwinsroad.jpg Gay porn twins arrested for string of burglaries in Philadelphia.

road.jpg Gay Brazilians demand Fidel Castro ask for forgiveness for his persecution of gays and lesbians: "Grupo Gay da Bahia, the oldest homosexual non-governmental organization in Latin America, demands that the dictator Fidel Castro, before his death, recognizes and asks for forgiveness for the grave errors of the Cuban revolution responsible for the demoralization, persecution, imprisonment in concentration camps, forced labor, torture, deportation, and death of thousands of gays, transvestites and lesbians in Cuba."

road.jpg Scientists: Prozac doesn't work.

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  1. Gay people and supporters should call a national boycott on Florida citrus, travel and everything else Florida wants from out-of- staters to purchace untill the laws change. Look at all the hate crimes happening in this state, the screwed up mayor in Ft. Lauderdale. the adopted children couples have lost. This has to be the worst state of them all.

    Hey Andy...get this movement started.

    Posted by: Pugzz | Feb 26, 2008 1:43:48 PM

  2. Andy, feel free to post more pics of Robert Buckley. I recorded the first two eps of Lipstick Jungle just to fast forward through to his parts. I think he might be more attractive than Chad White!

    Posted by: EricW | Feb 26, 2008 2:00:38 PM

  3. Re: Prozac story. I'm not on Prozac, but I remember the social and cultural impact Prozac made in the mid-1990s. Everyone seemed to be on it then & books about Prozac were best sellers. If this information was known by the FDA back then, as seems to be the case, why has it taken so long to be known only now that Prozac is no better than a placebo? That is a staggering admission if it's escaped notice until now (if it's true). Tens of billions of dollars earned for a placebo effect? And no gov't watchdog agency or journalist found that out until this late date?! Incredible. Also, this paper will give the Scientologists more ammo in their hate of the pill-dispensing psycho-pharma industry. They won't look like wingnuts on that issue if this report proves accurate.

    Re: Florida. This story made me irate. The link said that the newspaper further reported that the partner's signature was accepted on consent papers for organ donation. What a trauma for that family! Condolences to them...

    Posted by: Daniel | Feb 26, 2008 3:16:11 PM

  4. A few years ago, there was significant attention placed on those who turned to online dating

    Posted by: datingonline6 | Feb 26, 2008 3:24:07 PM

  5. Others not included in the list were such notables as Robert Goulet, Merv Griffin, Marcel Marceau, Tom Poston, and Charles Nelson Reilly. They died during the timeframe specified - February 1, 2007 and January 31, 2008. They were all arguably more famous than Brad Renfro. I would have liked for all of them, including Brad, to have been included, but maybe it was just a space and time issue?

    Posted by: dctopman | Feb 26, 2008 4:34:34 PM

  6. Now when was it that Michael C. Hall divorced Amy Spangler?

    Oh, that's right. HE DIDN'T.

    Posted by: Jerry | Feb 26, 2008 4:50:15 PM

  7. How much does O'donnell's PR firm pay you cause this sure is not worthy and a big WHO CARES esp. since there is reported tension in that nest.

    Posted by: MCnNYC | Feb 26, 2008 5:43:34 PM

  8. Here's Jackson Memorial's CEO email to flood him with complaints. This act was reprehensible:

    Posted by: Johnny | Feb 26, 2008 5:57:53 PM

  9. RE Prozac: I'm a bit skeptical on this one. I used to present symptoms of depression that ran on a 6-8 day cycle--lousy weekends! I took Prozac( probably for too long a time, but that's another matter--and it may have contributed to onset of muscle dystonia) and was relieved from the worst of what had been a lifelong problem. I can't believe that outcome was entirely the result of Placebo Effect. Keep us informed on how this unfolds, please.

    Posted by: gregory brown | Feb 26, 2008 6:16:11 PM

  10. Florida, Florida, Florida...

    I hope that hospital goes bankrupt. I'm glad the surviving woman is suing.

    Posted by: Rob (lrdarystar) | Feb 26, 2008 6:17:32 PM

  11. Re Prozac: full disclosure - I've been on it for years and it saved my life. A lifetime of worsening depression would, I'm convinced, have led to suicide (as it did for my sister, who died long before Prozac was available) were it not for this medication.

    I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an uncritical fan of the pharmaceutical companies; quite the contrary. However, there are several aspects of this report that strike me as questionable. According to the article, the study's authors state that Prozac is effective in patients with severe depression but ascribe this phenomenon to the fact that "the placebo stopped working so well." If the placebo stopped working so well and the Prozac continued to work, then the Prozac was effective; that's a perfect example of why well-designed scientific studies use placebos.

    There is also no mention of any establishment of a causal relationship between the use of Prozac by "young people" and their "consideration" of suicide. Young people who are suicidally depressed may be prescribed Prozac. That does not mean the Prozac induced suicidal ideations.

    Another plausible explanation for the so-called lack of efficacy of Prozac in patients with less-than-severe depression is the fact that Prozac is routinely and irresponsibly prescribed by dermatologists, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, and other physicians with no training in psychiatry or psychopharmacology for patients who are not, in fact, clinically depressed. If you give aspirin to someone who doesn't have a fever and the person's temperature doesn't drop, it doesn't mean that aspirin is ineffective.

    There is no question but that Prozac does not cure depression in every depressed person for whom it is prescribed. No medicine is 100% effective. But something about this particular study makes me wonder if it wasn't commissioned by the "Church" of Scientology.

    Posted by: JOE 2 | Feb 27, 2008 2:36:46 AM

  12. Robert Buckley is mad hot, I TIVO'd that episode too...

    Posted by: davey | Feb 27, 2008 9:26:22 AM

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