News: Annie Lennox, Penguins, Judy Shepard, Spitzer’s Promise

road.jpg Maxim Thorne, a member of Obama’s LGBT leadership council, resigns after angry posts to listserv reviving Clinton sex scandals.

Navarroroad.jpg Dave Navarro’s piercings take no prisoners.

road.jpg Annie Lennox launches “Sing” campaign to fight HIV/AIDS.

road.jpg Teacher survey: homophobic abuse “endemic” in UK schools: “Homophobic abuse is endemic in schools, with ‘gay’ now the most common put-down by pupils in the classroom, teachers say. A ‘conspiracy of silence’ in schools and colleges means homophobia is now seen as so normal that some teachers believe they risk disrupting classes – and making themselves a target of abuse – if they challenge students’ behaviour. More than 70% of teachers have heard put-downs in their school or college that refer to sexuality, according to a survey of 268 teachers by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers. In particular, teachers report that pupils routinely use the term ‘gay’ in a pejorative manner.”

road.jpg Concerned Women for America’s Matt Barber calls Angels in America “racist gay porn.”

road.jpg John Turner, gay physician who treated early AIDS patients, dies at 63. Jane Shull, executive director of Philadelphia FIGHT: “In the 1980s, when AIDS was new and there were no drugs, or drugs that were virtually useless, when people were dying every single day, and there seemed to be no end in sight – every patient who came to see John left his office less afraid than when he went in.”

Shepardroad.jpg USA Today profiles Judy Shepard and her mission to end hate crimes: “Shepard also points out what has and what hasn’t changed in the 10 years since her son was murdered. What hasn’t is that hate crimes continue. She mentions the recent murder of Lawrence King, a gay 15-year-old junior high student in Oxnard, Calif., who was shot to death by a fellow student. ‘This terrible incident underscores the fact that we cannot let hate go unchecked in our schools and communities,’ Shepard says. ‘Our young people need our direction and guidance to prevent this type of crime from happening.’ What has changed, she says, is that when she was growing up in Wyoming, ‘no one talked about it’ — ‘it’ being homosexuality. At 55, Shepard says the past 10 years have been exhausting. Only recently has she begun to dream about Matt, which she looks upon as a good sign.”

road.jpg Bring some passion back to Albany: Spitzer fulfills promise.

road.jpg How Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell, will help complete Heath Ledger’s last film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus: “Since the format of the story allows for the preservation of his entire performance, at no point will Heath’s work be modified or altered through the use of digital technology. “Each of the parts played by Johnny, Colin and Jude is representative of the many aspects of the character that Heath was playing.”

Penguinsroad.jpg Penguin fan? Here’s a whole lotta them.

road.jpg More juice on Britney’s guest star turn on How I Met Your Mother.

road.jpg British government sends Iranian gays to their executions: “An Iranian lesbian who fled to Britain after her girlfriend was arrested and sentenced to death faces being forcibly returned after losing the latest round in her battle to be granted asylum. The case of Pegah Emambakhsh, 40, comes a day after The Independent reported on the growing public outcry over the plight of a gay Iranian teenager who fears he will be executed if he is deported to Iran….In turning down Ms Emambakhsh and Mr Kazemi’s asylum applications, the Home Office has said that, provided Iranians are discreet about their homosexuality, they will not be persecuted.”

road.jpg Police confront hundreds of angry, naked cyclists in Eugene, Oregon. Cyclists win.


  1. the queen says

    wow! navarro’s nipples have made my day. what a beautiful man. i wish he’d sit next to me at starbucks, i’d buy him a coffee and then some… wouldn’t you just love to hang off those rings and swing around heaven all day? mamma ma mamma!

  2. Marco says

    Anyone notice Maxim Thorne’s and the recently departed Samantha Powers’ attacks on Hillary sound a lot like the GOP we’ve come to know and love from the late ’90s?

    Just saying. Hope? Change?

  3. Chris says

    Andy seems to have mysteriously forgotten to post on Powers calling Hillary a “monster” and saying Obama wouldn’t immediately withdraw troops as he’s promised. I guess it’s not as convenient when the speaker doesn’t bring up old sex scandals. Just saying.

  4. Cadence says

    Marco, the change is that those people were immediately dismissed from the Obama campaign. Unlike the Hillary surrogates who have used bigotry to diminish Obama’s standing in this campaign. I’d say taking action is a lot different than supporting these tactics by doing nothing.

  5. Please says

    Marco and Chris, I guess we should all just vote for Hillary then.. she never acts like the GOP, as far as I know, and her campaign didn’t send out the pic of Obama in a turban, as far as I know, and her campaign didn’t infer Obama was just like Jesse Jackson, as far as I know, or create Rove-style ads based on fear, as far as I know, or continue to invent their own truth, ie, that she has any chance to win this without overturning the will of the people and destroying the Democratic party. The Clinton’s will stop at nothing. They will do or say anything. They are total “GOP”!

  6. soulbrotha says

    Oh Chris and Marco, go suck it already. These were people in his campaign, not Obama. And Obama denounced their actions and Powers herself APOLOGIZED and both of them resigned! Has ANYONE in Hillary’s camp taken ANY responsibility for their actions? No! As a matter of fact, they spent all their time blaming EACH OTHER for her financial woes! They denied having anything to do with a race-baiting manipulation of a video image of Obama’s face, yet the damn thing was posted on her site! Where was the accountability for THAT?!

    So even when Obama’s people fuck up (and let’s face it, both times they were just telling the TRUTH) they STILL handle it with more integrity than Hillary’s cretins.

    And since you’re so keen on unbiased reporting, why don’t you tell me why the media has still chosen not to report the fact that Obama actually WON Texas, instead of insisting that it was Hillary’s “victory?”

  7. Thank You says

    Hush children. Clinton and Obama are politicians. Their camps are both filled with politicians. Basically, they’re all scummy.

    The only people worth anything these days in Washington are the out-of-state call girls. At least they’re discrete.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, THANK YOU. And don’t forget the call boys–they are in DC to serve Republicans. Republicans like their boys blond and pretty.

    I guess the Democrats just use street trade–no foppish, sissy stuff, you know. ROUGH.

  9. Marco says

    Oh, suck it already? There’s that hope and change again.

    I guess if Drudge says Hillary released that tract of Obama in African garb (or whatever it was) it must be true. Even though Hillary has said she adorns particular dress when visiting other countries, too. But nevermind what she actually has said and that there’s no proof it was her campaign releasing it, just Drudge and Rush, believe the lies.

    I mean, no Republican would ever try to smear Obama as a muslim terrorist sympathizer or as not patriotic. That would never happen, right?

    Oh and the darkening of Obama’s photo is the most hilarious attempt to paint the Clintons as racist. So funny on it’s face, it doesn’t even need to be refuted, but was at the Cannonfire blog. I am sure Kos and his merry band of Hillary haters will be apologizing any minute now.

    Oh, Hillary also fired her stupid staffers who tired to pull the barack/muslim connection months ago and right after it happened. Don’t let those facts get in the way of irrational hatred of her though.

    Also odd that Jesse jackson didn’t think Bill’s comparison of his southern wins to barack’s were racist at all. Just keep pushing Hillary and Bill as racists and don’t forget to spin the “fairytale” remark as racist hate, too.

    But my new favorite is that she’s a Republican. After years of fighting and winning against their vile tactics and attacks, she’s a card carrying neocon now. So fucking funny, it’s beyond words.

    Let’s see. We have – Hope, Change, Rovian attacks against the Clintons, Dittohead talking points, baseless allegations and a huge serving of self-righteous, self-serving garbage.

    If it’s about hating Hillary, the answer is a loud and clear “Yes We Can.”

    Again, if this is “change”, why does it sound like the 1990s all over again? This time, it’s not the right doing the smearing. it’s the “progressives.”

    Good luck with that in November.

  10. Michael Bedwell says

    How many days was the “How To Lie Like Obama Training Camp,” Soulbrotha? You clearly were at the head of the clASS.

    Like most desperate, dishonest propagandists you throw so much mud at the same time one would have to spend hours to wipe off each runny-as-diarrhea point.

    One’s easy, though—for anyone who doesn’t already have their head so far up the Dali Obama’s ass that they can’t see daylight. It’s the latest sailing of Obama’s Swift Boating of Sen. Clinton as a racist. Worked so well after she beat him in New Hampshire, why are we not surprised he launched it again after she beat him in Ohio AND Texas? But, unfortunately, for you, which has a pretty good record of maintaining objectivity when analyzing either side’s charges, claims, etc., did a complicated, technical analysis of various versions of the video and concluded that

    “We find the accusation to be unsubstantiated.”

    Another thing proving you’re wrong that Sen. Clinton’s campaign never comments on controversial things people in her camp say is that Sen. Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson has said that, “we disagree with” Geraldine Ferraro’s analysis of Obama’s appeal for which SHE is being smeared as a racist:

    “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

    Note no one is smearing her as a sexist for saying the same thing about him were he a woman —any more than the press paid much attention to someone holding up a sign in New Hampshire ordering Sen. Clinton to “Iron my shirt” when if it were a “Shine my shoes” sign at an Obama appearance the one holding it would probably be lucky to escape alive.

    Note no objective person would believe Ferraro is suggesting no black man is qualified to be President. Rather, she’s only saying that this candidate’s credentials, programs, etc., are NOT the main reason he’s so popular….the same thought expressed essentially months ago by gay black author David Ehrenstein in his “Los Angeles Times” essay, “Obama the ‘Magic Negro’.” He must be a racist, too.

    “For as with all Magic Negroes, the less real [Obama] seems, the more desirable he becomes. If he were real, white America couldn’t project all its fantasies of curative black benevolence on him.,0,5335087.story?coll=la-opinion-center

    Neither comment equates to Obama advisor Moore calling Sen. Clinton a “monster,” or the hysterical, unhinged diatribe of Obama gay advisor Thorne turning himself into the kind of vicious monster he accuses Sen. and President Clinton of being.

    The only false charge he leaves out is that “they killed Vince Foster and Martin Luther King.”

    As Obama keeps failing to close the deal with American voters on the facts, the dogs keep getting let out to attack Sen. Clinton every other which way.

  11. says

    Interesting that Harold Bloom included “racist gay porn” in his list for The Western Canon! Somehow the right wingers seem never to have heard of Angels in America (they don’t even get HBO?). Half of them are calling it a “gay porn novel”! And these folks are telling educators what they should do in schools?

  12. silverskreen says

    I read this recently…

    “It is a world not of angels but of angels, where men speak of moral principles but act on power principles; a world where we are always moral and our enemies immoral; a world where “reconciliation” means that when one side gets the power and the other side gets reconciled to it, then we have reconciliation.” S.Alinsky

    …reads so true.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, Obama’s campaign staff has got to go for the jugulars against Hillary and Big Cigar Bill. Last week, I wanted Barack himself to get nasty (after Mrs Clinton did), but not now. I know y’all don’t expect Barack to lower himself like some other people. No, Barack is going to remain the charming gentleman he’s been throughout the campaign.

    And how the hell do you know it’s the Negro in him that creates the magic, maybe it’s the IRISH part of him.

  14. Marco says

    Barack, lower himself? Of course not. Saint Barack can do no wrong.

    When he changes his position on how he would vote regarding the war had he been in the Senate, it’s a “clarification” not an outright lie.

    When he states how against the war he is, it’s unfair asking him why he votes to continually fund it.

    When he spins Bill Clinton’s fairytale comment taking it out of context, he’s speaking truth to power, not utter bullshit.

    When he takes special interest money through 527s and claims he doesn’t take the money, it’s not bending the truth.

    Lower himself? How could he in the eyes of his followers. Reality never gets in the way of loving his good speeches.

  15. Please says

    If Hillary uses superdelegates to muscle the nomination she will ruin the Democratic party for decades.. African Americans and young people are not going to rally for her. Independents will swing to McCain. It’s so predictable. You guys need to wake up and do the math. She’s too little, too late. Look at the tensions flaring even in these comments.. it’s already started and if HRC actually had one sliver of concern about the Democratic party instead of the Clinton Restoration, she’d exit the race NOW.

    Nobody’s mentioned how Hillary’s campaign compared Obama to Ken Starr. My favorite part of the Starr report was when Bill put the cigar in Monica’s vagina and then commented “Tastes good.” I also liked it when he got disbarred for perjury soon afterward.

  16. the queen says

    i can’t believe you all are still bickering over obama and hillary like manic-depressive housewives over the last pound of hamburger in the deli case at your local von’s… whether it’s hillary or obama or both, just vote democratic — now enough of this nonsense and lets get back to discussing novarro’s brilliant nipples, so thick, so pointy, so mouthwatering… now that’s something to fight over… oooooooo, babeeeeeee!

  17. Please says

    Marco, it’s completely entertaining when a Clinton supporter questions the truthfulness of the Drudge Report. How old are you exactly? Me, I’ll never forget the slimy accusations coming from Drudge about sex with interns and I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN, MS. LEWINSKY finger-wagging red-faced denials. But all the finger-wagging red-faced denials in the world can’t change the fact that DRUDGE had it right. So I’ll never take a Clinton’s word over Matt Drudge’s word again and neither will a very sizable percentage of the electorate. The Clintons have no credibility vs. Drudge and it’s their own fault – time after time, DRUDGE gets it right and THE CLINTONS LIE.

  18. soulbrotha says


    This is the last time that I will ever address you because you aren’t worth the effort. For you, of all people, to call anyone a desperate, mud-slinging, propagandist is gall at it’s hypocritical, hysterical best. LOL! I’m not surprised though, as it was you who agreed with one blogger’s sentiments that Obama was a hollow “Chocolate Easter Bunny,” and then on another thread called someone ELSE a race-baiter! Ha!

    As for Geraldine Ferarro’s comments, it’s nice that her camp “disagrees” with her comments. But since Billary is such a stickler for moral rectitude, then why hasn’t she “REJECTED” Ferraro’s statements? Here is her “Farrakhan moment”! But her camp just “disagrees.” Uh huh. And what a surprise that she’s so deluded, she can’t see her own hypocrisy:

    Ehrnstein’s comments may be true for some people, but unless he has spoken to every voter, it remains a speculation, not a fact. And Obama is not running his campaign as the “the cure for white guilt”, so folks will project on him whatever they want.
    However, Hillary HAS run her campaign based on her gender AND her so-called “experience”, which we all know translates to “I’m married to Bill Clinton!” So what does that maker her? Talk about hollow.

    We will see how this “deal” closes in the end. Happy voting. Finis.

    @Marco: please supply links for your last points. Thank you.

  19. marco says

    Please – please take Drudge’s word over Clinton’s or anyone else’s till the end of time. I’m glad it doesn’t matter to you that he’s provided no evidence whatsoever linking any Clinton staffer to that photo. Don’t let that stop you. Keep living in the 90s and pretending that pathetic closet case Drudge wasn’t in on the whole Tripp/Lewisnky set-up deal. He was just an innocent reporter who stumbled upon a story. How fanciful.

    Please, please give us a fucking break. Seems you and the rest of the right wing are still obsessed over Bill’s cock and not the state of the country in 2008. Not surprising, but tired anyway.

  20. Marco says

    Supply links? Google them. They’re out there. The Boston Globe covered his money raising issues, you can google Bill’s fairytale comment with context and Obama’s response and his changing statements on the war vote and his voting to fund it. I don’t have every link I’ve read or story I’ve crossed bookmarked, but it shouldn’t be hard to find. It’s not my job to keep his supporters informed, no offense, and not being informed is part of the problem here.

  21. Please says

    Marco, I’m living in the 90s? YOU are the one who wants Bill and Hillary Clinton back in the White House! Seems to suggest you liked the 90’s a whole lot. What is it you miss most? The colossal failure Hillarycare or the two year distraction into Bill’s lies under oath to a grand jury just around the time Bin Laden was attacking our embassies in Africa?

    Those were such good times! There’s no way the country can do any better than that! Voting for Obama must mean I am a right winger obsessed with Bill’s cock. OK.

    Please explain why Matt Drudge is less credible than the Clintons. Their LIES are what handed him his authority in the first place!

    If you’re “tired” now, wait until the until-now-quiet GOP is sure Hillary will be the nominee… then the fun with Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm, Vince Foster, Monica, Drudge, blue dresses, Travelgate, Marc Rich, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Linda Tripp, Ken Starr, cigars, is “is” and pardons for Hillary’s brother……. IT HASN’T EVEN STARTED!!!!!! All of these events will get an encore, I guarantee it.

    Time to turn the page.

  22. Marco says

    Please, maybe if you could stop using right wing smears against the Clinton’s and look at their record of accomplishments and not what’s in Bill’s pants, you’d be more believable.

    Clinton’s anti-terror initiatives were historic, but seems you believe the right wing that getting head a few times made it impossible for him to do two things at once. Use Google. It’s your friend. Look up the record on fighting terrorism. Easily accessible.

    Then look at your laundry list of anti-clinton greatest hits. What a fucking joke and odd – the Clintons survived them all. All of them.

    Why would I think you’re a right winger? You sound just like one, which is truly bizarre for supporters of the candidate of “hope.”

    If you really think Drudge has more credibilty than the Clintons, I feel sad for you. Truly, you must not be able to research anything else on the internet than stale attacks against the Clintons. Why don’t you do a little research on the honor and integrity of Matt Drudge and share your findings with us?

    Turn the page? Hilarious. I will when you do. Or I’ll do it when you answer any question posted about Obama, but that would require you to do a little more than the Hate Hillary First crowd is accustomed to do.

    By all means, vote for Obama if you feel you must, but don’t pretend it’s anything other than a vote against Hillary. If it wasn’t, those aofrementioned questions would have been answered in post one.

  23. soulbrotha says

    Marco, presenting accusations and opinions as facts is not the same thing as being informed.

    The Boston Globe reported that HILLARY claims Obama twisted her words:
    So?? What the hell did you THINK she was gonna say, “You got me?!”

    WHO said it’s was “unfair to question him” on war funding? Where exactly does it show that he is taking money from 527s, because the article that I found in the NY Times isn’t quite as cut and dry as you make it seem:
    There’s an interesting part in their about Hillary’s donors.

    You may have read many articles, but clearly not all. Maybe you aren’t as “informed” as you think you are. If you are going to call “bullshit,” then put up or shut up. No offense.

  24. patrick nyc says

    And how the hell do you know it’s the Negro in him that creates the magic, maybe it’s the IRISH part of him.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Mar 11, 2008 4:02:42 PM
    Being Irish, and having had many black lovers, I’d say it’s both. 😉

    Thanks Andy for the shots of Navarro, man he is the bomb. He’s had those piercings for a long time. Makes me want to…..

  25. Marco says

    Wow. It took me 3 seconds to find this on Obama’s money taking.

    And the Globe article you cited doesn’t change the fact that Bill’s “fairytale” comment wasn’t racist and Obama and his camp spinned it out of the park.

    In regards to his war funding, who has yet to ask him? i haven;t heard them and when I’ve personally questioned his supporters on it online and in my personal life, they’ve not put up only shut up.

    I am informed, thank you, and adult enough to know I am not going to agree with everything any candidate says or does, but I do keep up with what is SAID and DONE – something Obama supporters refuse to do for themselves, so it seems.

    I hear the same shit all the time. He doesn’t take money, he’s always been against the war, he doesn’t spin or smear. All horseshit. If you want to look at the bad with the good and still support him, that’s fine. I voted for him in 04 to be my senator. But don’t believe the hype about any candidate. It’s just that – hype.

  26. hal says

    To quote Seth Grahame-Smith from the Huffington Post:

    “She accused Mr. Obama of his own shady business deals (the irony of which nearly ripped a hole in the fabric of space/time).”

    At best, every criticism of Obama can also be lobbed right back at Clinton. For every Samantha Power their is a Geraldine Ferraro, and I’ll raise you an Obama aid/intern for one of Clinton’s. All the same.

  27. patrick nyc says

    I for one can’t wait until the primaries are over, then we can stop throwing mud on each other and make sure McShame does not continue the Bush mess.

  28. Marco says

    The Huffington Post is so rabidly anti-Clinton I can barely get through five articles on politics without barfing, but that’s a funny comment. We’ll have to wait for Rezko to wrap before assigning him wrong doing.

    What pisses me off is Obama giving Hillary shit for taking lobbyist money, which she doesn’t deny, and pretending he doesn’t. Also, he blamed the Clinton campaign today for releasing that photo of him in African garb after saying a week or so ago they had nothing to do with it.

    It also pisses me off that he gets away with it because no one bothers to look at Saint Barack critically.

    Ferraro’s comments are ridiculous and wrong. She had a point with a woman of color having no chance, but Barack didn’t get to where he is because being a black man in America helped him to do so. I prefer Clinton obviously, but he’s a great candidate and is running a good campaign (helped with a big loving kiss from the media, but i digress). I voted for him in 2004, after all.

  29. elizabeth2 says

    the queen wonders if you all would be so fierce with your comments if you had a real name and email address associated with them. discuss among yourselves.

  30. Please says

    Marco funny to see you rail against both the Drudge Report AND The Huffington Post. It’s you against the world, isn’t it.

    You say, “If you really think Drudge has more credibilty than the Clintons, I feel sad for you.”

    Well feel sad. Feel very very sad. Sad at the FACT that for Matt Drudge dared to tell the TRUTH – THE TRUTH – about the Clinton White House and all they did was denounce him, both of them, calling him a liar and accusing him of conspiracy and calling him a coward. Well guess what, HE WAS RIGHT. Bill lied, he lied to America for over a year. He lied to a grand jury. He lied to his wife. He lied to his advisors.

    So boo hoo if Drudge has come back to haunt them. Personally I LOVE Matt Drudge. He’s one of the best Clinton creations of all time!!

    You still haven’t answered the question as to why anything Clintons say should be trusted more than anything Matt Drudge says. Are you incapable of learning from the past?

    DRUDGE was honest and the Clintons were LYING. The Clintons are many things, but a shining example of “honor and integrity” they are not. Disbarred for life, yes.

  31. nic says


    if you substitute your second “angels” with “angles,” you’ll have the Saul Alinsky quote right, and it will make sense. i’m sure it was a typo; however, how does it apply to the current debate on this thread?

    cesar chavez, hillary clinton and barack obama all studied alinsky. indeed, hillary wrote her wellesley thesis on him.

    for those of you who aren’t aware of alinsky (bill perdue, you could help out here.), he was an agnostic, marxist, american jew who pretty much wrote the book on community organization which cesar, obama and hill took to heart. there is something sublime about a meeting of the minds among a non-religious jew, a catholic brown, a xtian black/white (as derrick reminded us), and a feminist, white woman.

    alinsky was talking about organizing the powerless to combat the powerful, the weak to fight the strong. the trouble is that rove and others who have sold their souls to the devil have co- opted and misappropriated a good man’s tactics. yes, i know that “tactics” sound militaristic, but good people need a plan, too.

    in terms of political positions and senate votes, there is little to no difference between barack and hill. niether one is satan incarnate. so simma-dun-na, biutches.

    on another note, “PLEASE” was repeating the same nonsense that maxim thorne posted on that blog that got his pussah fired. but the child just got bitchier and more hysterical, here. it was one of those things that makes you go, hmmm. so i clicked on his nom-de-towleroad and got what’s up with that?


    what’s your excuse? i get worked up now and again, but jebus: niether obama nor hill are our enemies, and we, on this blog –excepting, of course, the stealth assassins — are not each others’ enemies either.


    thanks for invoking harold bloom’s name. he’s one of my intellectual idols. he never got past a master’s degree, but he has had a profound influence on american literary commentary and criticism.

  32. Marco says

    LOL, again, Please, I do feel sad for you. You think Drudge is the bastion of journalistic integrity and not another right wing tool box member. But being a right wing tool, I guess it’s hard to see a difference.

    Enjoy your visits to his website. Maybe if he gets enough hits, he’ll come out of the closet. Oh, and by all means, hate the Clintons first because Bill had an affair. Ignore his record of accomplishments later.

    And anything else you see fit, like the ’90s are over.

  33. soulbrotha says

    “i get worked up now and again, but jebus: niether obama nor hill are our enemies”
    Posted by: nic | Mar 12, 2008 12:15:34 AM


    I find your statement quite interesting, considering that in a previous post, you made this statement after lacerating Obama:

    “to my mind, hillary is what she is. i prefer to go with the devil i know.”

    So they are both devils, but they are not our enemies? And Hillary is the “better” devil, because she is the “known” one?

    Uh huh. What’s your excuse?

  34. Please says

    Marcos, do you have the same disdain for Anderson Cooper that you have for Matt Drudge? Honestly I could care less if either one is gay but Matt Drudge has done more to point the finger at the hypocrisy of sex in American media and politics than just about anyone and you’ve got to respect him for that. Just about every political journalist in the country would admit to checking Drudge MULTIPLE times a day because the guy to a large degree sets the agenda for political news. This is hardly a revelation; he’s one of the most powerful people in the media, the first true media baron of the Internet age. To realize he was born from Clinton’s lies just makes it better. I get my news from a very wide range of sources and none of them are perfect and they all have their own spin. They need to teach more critical viewing and media literacy in schools so people can do a better job sorting through this stuff without resorting to name calling… but for what it’s worth I resent being called a “right wing tool”… I’ve voted Democrat my entire life, including going ALL OUT volunteering for the Clintons, who let me down with their lies and deception… and YOU have not provided a single fact or actual argument as to why Drudge can’t be trusted at least as much as the Clintons, the masters of parsed statements and opposing half-truths. The Clinton campaign email with the Obama picture will surface eventually; you’ll see. Let her lose and everyone will start chasing book deals. You’ll see.

  35. soulbrotha says

    MArco, the article you sited from August 2007 was comparing his past campaign practices to his current ones. From the article:

    [Peverill Squire, a political scientist at the University of Iowa, said Obama, given his record of raising special-interest money throughout his political career, was taking a “gamble” in holding himself up as a beacon of purity.

    “He probably will be hurt if he’s put in a position where he’s trying to draw very fine distinctions between his present campaign and his past behavior,” Squire said.]

    So granted when he started his political career, he needed to get the resources where he could. But then the article goes on:

    [Obama’s campaign is relying almost exclusively on an unprecedented network of grass-roots donors and activists — nearly 260,000 of them had given him money through June alone.

    And some good-government activists say that, past fund-raising practices aside, Obama has genuinely been a champion for ethics and campaign reform, both in the Illinois Legislature and in Congress.

    “On the one hand, sure, he rose to power as many people do in this town, which is to raise money from the people who have the money,” said Gary Kalman, of the advocacy group US PIRG.

    At the same time, he added, Obama has championed public financing for elections and he fought hard to pass the federal ethics reform bill.]

    So from what I gather from this article, he has changed his money-raising tatics and he needs to be careful that he doesn’t paint himself as completely “guilt free”. Got it.

    However in the same article it mentions this:

    [Through June, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Clinton had collected $413,000 from lobbyists and $533,000 from PACs — leading ALL 2008 presidential contenders in BOTH categories. Clinton has also raised about $3 million from PACs and $400,000 from lobbyists for her Senate campaigns, according to the group.
    Clinton’s campaign declined to comment.]
    I wonder why?

    You still have not shown any proof that Bill’s comment was not racist or that Obama’s perception of it was not justified. (Couldn’t Hillary be spinning it?) So until then, the “fact” remains your opinion.
    Also, maybe the reason the media has not asked Obama about war-funding is because they are too busy trying to ensnare him in grammatical mumbo jumbo regarding Farrakhan.

    There are supporters on both sides who cannot answer questions about EITHER candidate. (go to Youtube and see for yourself.) So I wouldn’t be so quick to make generalizations about his supporters. She cannot be criticized on her shit without snarky cries of “Saint Obama.” Just once I would like to see her supporters own up to her shit when it’s reported, instead of digging up old articles to prove that Obama is not a “saint.”
    Or haven’t you heard Nic explain that they are both devils?

  36. nic says


    i lacerated obama? your penchant for overstating amazes me. “going with the devil you know” is a rhetorical statement. thus, it should be clear even to you that i do not believe either hillary or obama are devils. it is you and PLEASE (puhleez!) that have been demonizing hillary.

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