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News: Eric Bana, Puddle, Steve-O, 90210, John Gibson, Jamaica

road.jpg International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association condemns Jamaica: “We call immediately on Jamaica’s community leaders to cease their oppression. We will continue to speak up and to spotlight these cruel and bigoted actions before tourism and business leaders everywhere. IGLTA is in complete solidarity with Jamaica’s own LGBT leadership, J-FLAG. Therefore, like J-flag, it is not our intention to provoke reprisals or political condemnation in Jamaica by supporting a global tourism boycott. We understand this step could be counter-productive to making true progress in that Caribbean nation, and instead we will focus on education, publicity and market competition to highlight and help curb these terrible abuses."

Puddleroad.jpg A sweet little blog about a puddle.

road.jpg Steve-O from Jackass has really gone off the deep end.

road.jpg John Gibson, the FOX radio host who mocked Heath Ledger following the actor's death, has lost his TV spot: "The network confirmed this week that 'America’s Election HQ,' a program that displaced 'The Big Story' temporarily last month, would continue indefinitely. The program’s hosts, Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly, also anchor the network’s mid-morning newscast and are seen as rising stars on the channel. The change was first reported by the blog John Gibson, the longtime host of 'The Big Story,' will continue to have a role on television, the network said, although it appears that his future for now lies mostly on radio. For two years Mr. Gibson, a conservative commentator, has been the host of a three-hour program for Fox News Radio immediately following his television show."

Planetroad.jpg The case for another Earth-sized planet in our solar system, beyond the orbit of Neptune: "A newly released paper shows that may very well be the case. A team of scientists ran a whole mess of simulations, and found that a small planet (in this case, around half the size of the Earth) could have formed inside Neptune’s orbit (where there was plenty of material in the early solar system), gotten tossed into a bigger orbit by Neptune, and then knocked around the orbits of the iceballs, distorting their orbits and creating the Kuiper Cliff."

road.jpg Noosa mayor rejects claims that his town is the "gay capital" of Australia: "Let me answer the question Joe, let me answer the question, I am not the champion of the gay capital of Australia. Noosa is not the gay capital of Australia. Noosa gets many gay visitors after the mardi gras, they are welcome like every other Australian, Joe. I am not a bigot and I am not closed of mind."

road.jpg Tom Brady and Eli Manning: no hard feelings.

road.jpg Obama oral sex and drugs accuser Larry Sinclair files $3 million defamation lawsuit against TubeSockTedD, mzmolly and OWNINGLIARS for calling him a liar.

road.jpg Spin off of Beverly Hills 90210 in development.

Militaryroad.jpg A whole bunch of photography firsts.

road.jpg has launched Obama in 30 Seconds, a contest for supporters interested in producing their own ads for the candidate: "We're counting on you to make amazing ads in the next three weeks. Then, MoveOn members and the public will rate the ads, and a panel of top artists, netroots heroes, and filmmaking professionals will pick the winner from among top ads. We'll air the winning ad nationally, and the winner will receive a gift certificate for $20,000 in video equipment." MoveOn has collected a gaggle of celebrities to judge the spots, including Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, John Legend, Moby, James Schamus, Rory Kennedy, and Michael Franti.

road.jpg Eric Bana is the king of codpieces.

road.jpg The tale of Spitzer's call girl Kristen.

road.jpg Northern Irish councillor calls opening of gay bar 'foolish': "A veteran Strabane councillor has said he believes there is 'not a need' for a gay bar in the town. James O'Kane, an Independent member of Strabane District Council, claimed it would be 'very foolish.' The North West gay community has widely welcomed the annoucement of Strabane's first gay bar. However, speaking to the 'Journal,' Councillor O'Kane said: 'My own assumption is that it would be very very foolish to open it, it wouldn't be welcome. I'm a pioneer myself so I would not be frequenting these places anyway but I couldn't see it operating in the town. In this day and age we are all liberal but I can't see a need for it, I suppose only time will tell,' Colr. O'Kane said."

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  1. RE MoveOn's video contest: Where are Randy, Paula, & Simon? How can the further American Idolization of Obama happen without them?

    30 seconds? That's a lot of time to fill with Obama's limited accomplishments.

    “People are so tired of dealing with two-foot midgets, you give them someone two foot four and they start proclaiming him a giant.” – STUDS TERKEL, 1980

    "Contest Rule #4: the person who can simply incant his name the most times in 30 seconds wins a special reproduction of an Official Obama Art Work."

    “I couldn't help noticing... that the blue-pen drawing [Obama had] doodled on his newspaper during fundraising calls was a portrait of himself.” – ATLANTIC MONTHLY, September 2004

    Posted by: Michael Bedwell | Mar 14, 2008 1:43:07 PM

  2. Please don't link to pink is the new blog. For one, his format sucks ass and his page is so difficult to deal with. Pages take forrrever to load and when you try to back out of them to come back here either it takes two full minutes so his stupid star thing can move you back or it doesn't work at all. People who can't spend some of the money they make running shitty blogs on their shitty blogs to make them less shitty don't deserve the linkage.

    Otherwise, I love see Eric Bana in a cod piece.

    Posted by: Alex | Mar 14, 2008 1:58:22 PM

  3. Interesting. There's no mention or clip of the Rev. Wright story here today. Guess Keith Olbermann didn't have anything to say about that?

    Posted by: silverskreen | Mar 14, 2008 2:33:34 PM

  4. I could have sworn Melrose Place was a spin off of 90210....

    Posted by: kitchenbeard | Mar 14, 2008 2:35:53 PM

  5. Good thing that made my day, that jerk was canned from Fixed Noise, his Heath jokes were beyond sick, and, with that face, his future should have always been on radio. And, poor Bill Hemmer, so cute, and stuck on that vile network.

    And, sheesh, we all should just get ready for another 4 years of GOP rule since McCain is a shoo in now,with his anti-gay stance, and, the last seat on the Supreme Court filled by a right winger, HRC and her cronies, in their bitterness have made sure he will win with all their mud slinging and trash talk, and, the DNC will probably lose both houses as well. I guess its true, nothing worse than a woman scorned by the majority of the popular vote who went to someone else who actually had a vision of a better America for all.

    Posted by: Sebastian | Mar 14, 2008 4:02:30 PM

  6. @KITCHENBEARD: as was Models Inc.

    Posted by: FernLaPlante | Mar 14, 2008 6:10:56 PM

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