News: Heather Matarazzo, Gay Principal, Costa Rica, Gym Pill

road.jpg Anti-gay politics continues to drive Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association: “According to Wildmon, who has stated that the results from Proposition 8 will determine the outcome of the ‘culture wars,’ ‘If we lose California, if they defeat the marriage amendment, I’m afraid that the culture war is over and Christians have lost. I’ve never said that publicly until now — but that’s just the reality of the fact.'”

Matarazzoroad.jpg Heather Matarazzo (wiener dog!) to marry her girlfriend Carolyn Murphy. Congrats!

road.jpg Obama to star in his own comic book.

road.jpg Brooklyn principal comes out to his students: “‘I thought it might fit in with the lesson about paranoia and making assumptions about people just because they are different,’ Mr. Michael says of the timing. He had already alerted his staff and invited them to participate in the discussion, which several teachers did. He’d also spoken with Brian Ellner, a senior counselor to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, and gotten his support. Still, Mr. Michael couldn’t help but feel nervous at first.”

road.jpg At Lambeth Conference, gay Nigerian talks of death: “Homosexuality does exist in Africa – it’s not a Western thing, as our African bishops would want people to believe.”

road.jpg Tom Cruise and Scientology facing $250 million racketeering lawsuit.

Costaricaroad.jpg Thousands march against same-sex civil unions in Costa Rica: “The protest march began at 8 a.m. in front of the Hospital San Juan de Dios, and finished around noon in La Sabana park. The march was organized by the Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance, bringing together religious Costa Ricans from around the country. “We’re calling out against the law that the Legislative Assembly is considering, to allow for homosexual civil unions,” explained march participant, Reynaldo Salazar.

road.jpg Scientists test ‘gym pill’: “The researchers have shown that four weeks after administering one drug to mice, the animals were able to run 44% farther than untreated mice, despite not exercising. The finding raises the possibility of treatments for muscle-wasting conditions in humans, but also recreational ‘gym pills’ that confer a performance gain without the pain.”

Tittyroad.jpg Titty von Tramp comes out against anti-gay Northern Irish politico Iris Robinson: “Titty Von Tramp, Northern Ireland’s most famous drag queen, strutted her stuff among SDLP Youth members yesterday at a protest in Belfast against homophobic comments made by the First Minister’s wife, Iris Robinson. The demonstration, held outside the City Hall, was held as part of Gay Pride Week which culminates with a parade through the city centre tomorrow followed by a carnival in Custom House Square.”

road.jpg John Mayer looking pumped.

road.jpg New Mexico 911 operator files suit against Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority, saying he was harassed about his sexuality, complained, and then was fired in retaliation: “He had worked as a dispatcher since July 10, 2006, according to the suit. He claims he was subjected to disparaging remarks about his sexuality almost immediately after being hired and in front of his co-workers. The remarks allegedly included a disparaging term for homosexuals.”

road.jpg Prosecutors won’t seek hate crime charges in brutal anti-gay Dallas attack because men already face maximum penalty: ” Bobby Singleton, 29, and Jonathan Gunter, 31, both of Garland, each face a charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. The first-degree felony carries a punishment of five to 99 years in prison. The men, who have not yet been indicted, are being held in the July 17 beating and robbery of Jimmy Lee Dean, 42. Mr. Dean was kicked and hit with a handgun about 1 a.m. in the 3900 block of Dickason Avenue, near Oak Lawn Avenue, according to a police report. He was hospitalized with serious injuries and was unable to speak to investigators for at least 24 hours, police said. Witnesses told police one of the suspects shouted gay slurs at Mr. Dean during the attack. Investigators also believe the men targeted Mr. Dean because they thought he was gay, police said.”, Gym Pi


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Great story about the Brooklyn school principal. To those of you who worry about “gay stereotypes”–that’s the way to let folks understatnd that the gay community is as diverse as any other: be “out”! Well, as best you can.

    The principal is cute too…well, actually, he’s more handsome than cute. THank God, I’m not a seventeen year old at his school. I’d get the poor guy fired. Oh, listen to me…such confidence for a 17 year old queen.

  2. ichabod says

    re: Donald Wildmon’s quote: “If we lose California, if they defeat the marriage amendment, I’m afraid that the culture war is over and Christians have lost.”


  3. banjiboi says

    Derrick, you took the words right out of my mouth! I would have so trolled around that principal’s office for “extra” attention, being the “teen sex pot” I’m sure I would be had I been attending his school!

    Anyhooz, congrats to Dawn “Wiener Dog”.

  4. Nick says

    Aw…I’ve met (and made out with) that principal. He’s a way decent guy. Good for him.

  5. Tralfaz says

    Cool, so if we defeat Prop 8 in California that means these bible thumping bigots will crawl back under the rocks the came from?

  6. says

    Props to the teacher!

    And more props to the Nigerian Anglican gays for standing up to their bigoted leaders and screaming “We’re here”. It takes courage especially after enduring what Iyalla had back in Nigeria and Togo!

    John Mayer pumped up ***drool***

    Off topic but y’all heard about that Edmontonian decapitator, right? He made his 1st court appearance earlier 2day and I hope Andy doesn’t mind coz u can watch it here:

    Okay, time to go home now!

  7. nobam says

    I think nobama starring in his own comic book is great. His policy ideas are laughable. Oh that’s right he doesn’t and hasn’t given any specifics about them. Although I do laugh every time he flip flops. LOL

  8. mike says

    Poor Nobam, must be tough to be an LCR these days. I still am wondering what Obama has “flip-flopped” on. On the other hand, McShame has flipped and flopped so much even I’m getting dizzy (and let’s not forgot that McShame has now enlisted the help of the gutter Republicon political machine–out goes civility; in comes the politics of hate).

    Anyway, RE: Costa Rica. The only good evangelical is a dead evangelical. Thank god for my second amendment rights.

  9. Jordie says

    My understanding of the Obama strategy, not policies, is to get the job and work in a bipartisan manner to start solving problems. Identify the problems, work out solutions in a comprehensive manner, and then set priorities. Policies and funding grow out of the process. Timing of implementation might push your own priority agendum back. But everyone is still part of the process. Quite unlike the last 7-something years that we have had.

    What are the Republicans offering? A McCain campaign so mired in desperation that it can’t respond with any viable “policies”–which would seem to comfort you–to counter our new comic book hero’s message of change. Instead, they fall back on the old Karl Rove “mean girls” campaign message “You want to eat lunch with us? Then we wear pink on Fridays.”

    I wear pink any f***ing day I want!