1. Alex says

    While I was happy to see the guy busted (any time a Republican gets caught with their pants down is a good day), I was always annoyed with people calling him a pedophile. Pedophilia involves prepubescent children and Congressional pages were 16 (which, incidentally is the age of consent in DC). What Mr. Foley did was sexual harassment. Equally reprehensible. But he is no pedophile.

  2. says

    “‘In public life, you dream of the day they’ll name a hospital after you, or a bridge or a post office,’ Foley said, twisting a gold band on his ring finger identical to one his high-society dermatologist boyfriend wears.”

    Even Larry Craig had a toilet stall named after him! Poor Foley. He gets no respect. How about a designated Mark Foley closet somewhere?

    His tortured explanations are about as welcome as Trick Trick’s latest CD.

  3. David B. says

    Wow, when you have to split hairs like this – –

    It mostly pisses me off because I’m always anxious talking to teenage boys now and that’s just really sad for all of us.

  4. Okie says

    In his honor I’m going to name my upstairs hallway closet the MARK FOLEY LINEN CLOSET.
    It’s a proud day for us all.

  5. cameron Johnson says

    Nope, he’s definitely not a pedophile. The word he’s looking for is ephebophile — an older man who is primarily sexually interested (or dare i say, obsessed) with boys 15-19 years-old.

    And even when you’re a closeted Republican congressmen, that’s just as bad.

  6. Kyle says

    Well, he’s still a Republican. For a party that runs on a personal responsibility platform, they are the most victimized group ever. It’s either the press, or demons, or some such, but whatever it is, they are never responsible for anything.

  7. JJ says

    I wish this guy would ust go away. How can he possibly think it is ok to spout sexually suggestive crap to boys 30+ years younger? He disgusts me, I’ve had enough of these self loathing hypocrites.

  8. anon says

    I suggest that he stay in therapy. A guy who had everything should be happy, but he was a perpetual sad-sack of self-pity who’s his own worst enemy. No longer closeted perhaps but still imbalanced.