Marc Jacobs Pays Naked Homage to Stephen Sprouse


Marc Jacobs, who has designed a line of items for Louis Vuitton in honor of the late designer Stephen Sprouse, shows off the concept in a nude photo for Harper’s Bazaar shot by Terry Richardson.

WWD reports: “Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton are paying homage to Stephen Sprouse. To show their admiration for the late designer and artist, next month, Jacobs, Vuitton’s creative director, is using his hit 2001 collaboration with Sprouse for a new, limited edition collection of accessories and ready-to-wear. Jacobs even doffed his duds again, posing in the nude painted in Sprouse’s graffiti for Harper’s Bazaar’s January issue.”

Louis Vuitton will also carry a limited edition version of The Stephen Sprouse Book, which arrives in January 2009.


  1. mark says

    Can’t we all agree to ignore Marc Jacobs? Only Britney has gotten more publicity for less reason.

  2. Marc Jacobs says

    Look at me! Over here, guys! It’s me! It’s Marc! Marc Jacobs! OVER HERE, guys! It’s me, Marc! I’m naked! WHY ISN’T EVERYONE PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!$#@$!@#!@

    I heart meth and rent boys.

  3. Randy says

    The important thing to remember here is this…Marc Jacobs the man is just the CEO of the Marc Jacobs the brand. These days he really does next to no work whatsoever, so 3 hours at the gym 5 days a week, then the rest going out on the town, are quite easy when basically you don’t have to work.

    Marc did work at one point, hence the pudgy, frumpy one of the past. It’s what you do in your 30s. The dangerous thing here is that he is making it seem that he is some kind of fitness fanatic AND genius designer, when in reality very very few people can do both. So the next time you throw idol worship to Marc Jacobs for looking great nowadays, realize it the same as doing for your local go-go boy. There’s very little creativity and a lot less career involved.

  4. Rowan says

    Erm, so it’s wrong for him to work his ASS off ALL his twenties and thirties to realise his dreams BUT how dare HE want to relax…how he sees fit??


  5. noah says

    I was hoping for a December free of Marc Jacobs. :-(

    For that matter, could we also be free of Tom Ford and all of the rest of the see-how-pretty-and-fabulous-I-am! gay fashion designers?

    I guess I’m suffering a bit of glitter-snotti fatigue. I don’t find the rich and the self-absorbed that great.

    Hey, I understand that Towleroad is a magazine and fluff is part of the package along with the politics, music, theatre, and science. It’s just that Jacobs, Ford, and others are hackneyed. We see the same guys over and over and over and over doing the same things: Ford looking pretty, showing off his furry chest; or Jacobs showing off his muscles.

    It just becomes banal, vapid in the “Out 100″ Katy Perry on the cover way, which leaves one scratching one’s head in astonishment.

    Aren’t there other designers, younger or older who are smart, creative, and daring but not so jaded? What’s next? Coverage of Calvin Klein? Hide the kiddies, teens, and adults!

    P.S. I AM very grateful not to see anymore coverage of Mika, or that other Brit, the virgin singer from X-Factor.

  6. scientitian says

    Lots of people work their asses off in their 20s and 30s. 99.99% of them have to keep working their asses off into their 60s or 70s, and no one pays them this much attention.
    He can relax if he wants, but I don’t really want to see pictures of his naked relaxing ass every 2 days.

  7. Leland Frances says

    Probable cost of such a bag: four figures.

    Amount Jacobs contributed to fight Prop H8TE per the “SF Chronicle”:


  8. JohnInManhattan says

    Stephen Sprouse is dead. Let the man rest in peace. If anyone was to revive Sprouse, that would be his muse, Debbie Harry.

    Marc Jacobs is an imposter and a poseur.

  9. says

    i knew Stephen Sprouse, and Marc is no Stephen Sprouse. Please make Miss Thing go away. Marc was nasty 15 years ago in clothes and he’s even nastier now sans them. RIP Stephen, don’t look at this mess.

  10. Monkeyman says

    Thanks Mikey!!!!

    I can’t believe I had to read that far to find some body else who noticed the pec’s have been paid for, I’m sure the trim waist cost a bit too.

    Looks good but…..I would too if I could afford the same surgeon.

  11. Jason says

    ^ OMG! From the front they look…strange, but from the side they look down-right bizarre! I hope they did drop with time or he got a refund.

  12. michael says

    Marc is HOT,but as usual the fat ugly haters are out in force, ready to bash anyone talented and enjoying their life.

  13. Brubear says

    I agree with Jason.
    I say GO FOR IT. Not many gay men are comfortable enough with themselves to wear beards and show their bodies, and look as good doing it as Marc. He can get as naked as he wants to!

  14. Brubear says

    OOps! Sorry. I read the posts wrong. The poster’s name goes on the bottom, so it’s Michael I’m agreeing with, and respectfully disagreeing with Jason.

  15. oscar says

    Control your envy,queens.Marc is ok.The problem is that he is succesful and very overt and that seems to rub a lot of people the wrong way.He is ok in my book.Better then Sean Penn,the anti-american homophobic ass**le that saw that making MILK was going to make him a lot of bucks at the expense of all of us, and you all salivate on him.Shame on you.You all have your priorities all fu**ed up.