1. says

    Classic right-wing tactic: prey on mass ignorance and imply (without any basis in reality and without the remotest understanding of trans issues) that any step towards LGBT equality is really a step towards child molestation. Like a non-trans dude couldn’t already walk into the wrong restroom if he wanted to molest a child.

  2. Jimmyboyo says

    male female bathrooms are archaic.

    They should be adult bathrooms (unisex)….and separate children bathroom

    Any male willing to rape a female in the first place is not going to be stopped by a female only sign on the door.

    Separate the ages not the sexes.

    The question is do I really support such a position or am just tossing out something to cause debate. Hmmmmmmmmm


  3. Paul R says

    I didn’t even have to watch that commercial to know what it would contain. Textbook right-wing distortions and indignant hate. “What about the children???”

    Such crap.

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