1. boring says

    She’s a good singer but her songs are total poptrash that all sound the same. She needs to do a Mimi and get some groove on.

  2. JayDub says

    I’m with BORING, when is she going to do a song that paved her way through Idol? Remember all those ballads she belted out… where are they now?

  3. says

    Yes because clearly, in no way is Mimi “total pop trash”. Actually, Mariah is way worse with the trash factor. THis song sounds reasonably fun…

  4. JR says

    Boring, I think I know what you’re trying to say when you bring up Mimi, but let’s be honest, THAT bitch has been putting out the same record with the same ‘look at my tits’ cover photo for how long now? Kelly is basically going back to what she can sell after the disappointment of her last album. Which oddly enough, I though was pretty good.

  5. says

    actually, on second listen it sounds quite fun. better than the last few Mariah singles at least. I can barely tell those apart.

  6. dk says

    The song is ok, but I’m sick of the 80’s electronica production that seems to be everywhere. Lady Gaga, Britney, Christina, blech… Get back to real instruments. This song would be so much better if they would have just let her rock out like on her older stuff.