Kerry Degman and Parker Gregory: Daytripping for Armani Exchange


Here are the full shots from the campaign, which also features Rianne ten Haken. It was shot on the beach at Islamorada in the Florida Keys. You can see all the shots (which include some rather revealing images of Parker Gregory) HERE.


And here are two more behind-the-scenes shots. Click to enlarge. You can find more at the A/X blog Styletraxx.

Ax5 Ax6

The campaign was styled by Victoria Bartlett (Management Artist), hair by Neil Moodie (Tim Howard), Make-up by Mark Carrasquillo (Art and Commerce) and created by an in-house team under the direction of Tom Jarrold (SVP Global Marketing and Creative for A|X).


  1. my2cents says

    for those interested, the”HERE” like that Andy included in this posting leads you to a very worthwhile (tho NSFW) AX slideshow. the camera loves Mr. Parker Gregory and Mr. Gregory loves (you’ll see). a mere 5 min of internetting revealed that he was recently an OUT model citizen

  2. tony the tiger says

    The guys are hot but Emporio Armani clothes are a complete joke: the quality of the fabric is the same as Old Navy or the Gap at ten times the cost (and the quality of the cut of the clothes isn’t good either).

    But the worse indictmen tis that the clothes fall apart so quickly. I’m astonished they’re still in business.

  3. says

    Now that the EMT has resuscitated me, I can concur with Tony the Tiger (Grrrrreat!). It always makes me laugh when I see cheaply made clothes selling for prices like that (though the prices on some of the sale items right now at AX are reasonable.) If you look like these two boys, you could wear nothing but one-size-too-small Old Navy items and look smashing.

  4. Maverick69 says

    T.T.T. is right about their clothing. Will never buy another item from them ever again.

    Received a sweater for X-mas that I wore a few times and it fell apart.

  5. mikey says

    Is it that Americans have become so used to seeing fat people that we think of these male models as being anorexic? I would kill to be as fit as they are.

  6. Contrarian says

    Poor Rianne, on most other web pages she’d be getting the ah’s and wolf whistles. Actually,for the record I did look at her and she is fetching in that professional model anorexic way.
    I have to assume that AX sees the brand as a mostly gay male niche product. How many str8 guys, Rianne notwithstanding,would comfortably look at this editorial/ad. WAY TOO MUCH male hunkiness/flesh on display.
    BTW, Portland Ore.’s gift to the world, Mr. Degman (NYC resident now I think))–has he been sighted in any clubs where boys who like same hang?

  7. tony says

    A&F has the spot right across the street from Pastis restaurant(very “in” spot) in this area and there’s ALWAYS a half nude guy up there..HUGE friggin’ billboard!!!!……we as a country, can not, accept the body beautiful in all forms without clothing, we are NOT ready yet….the rest of the world laughs at us … a woman can go topless when she feels like it on Fire Island or completely nude…it’s NOT my thing cause I like a tan line….but bejezus, I do hope OBAMA addresses THIS issue!


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