Ashton Kutcher Speaks Out Against Anti-Gay Slurs on Twitter


In response to a follower who called him "gay" for hurting his hand on a punching bag at the gym, Ashton Kutcher twittered (to his 290,655 followers): "can we just get clear, calling some one 'gay' or 'fag' is as derogatory as calling someone a 'nigger'. U look like an idiot when you do it."

(southern voice via queerty)


  1. Harrison says

    Normally I would say you look like an idiot if you use “U” instead of “You,” but the combination of Twitter character limits and not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth will lead me to say – thanks, Ashton!

  2. freddy says

    Yeah, he means well, but is “gay” derogatory? He should explain that the word has been co-opted and transferred to a negative connotation and needs to be taken out of that context. I don’t think “nigger” was ever a warn and fuzzy descriptive.

  3. Brandon says

    Jeez I’m tired of all this censorship. Black people can’t call each other niggers, gays can’t call each other fags. b/f u know I won’t be able to call my mom a bitch n e more.

  4. kjb says

    Hey Andy – speaking of slurs – right now if I do a google search on my iphone one of the ads is for a child/teen porn site. This doesn’t seem very googly in nature as it seems to equate being a lesbian with interest in child porn. I don’t know your email or I could send you a snapshot I made of the screen containing the ad. The same ad does not show up on my computer.

  5. TANK says

    Who’s ashton kutcher again? And you’re right, patrick…because I when I say gay, I mean stupid…because that’s cool 😉 (kudos sarah silverman!)

  6. Strepsi says

    Jeez guys, here’s someone who actually called out this horrible trend of using gay and fag derogatorily and you are picking apart the semantics? He’s an ALLY, so lighten up on him!

    Good for Ashton.

  7. Chad says

    I think it’s great that he pointed out that people who use gay as another word for shitty or people that use fag are assholes,they are. For the gay people in here who have to pick apart his good intentions,you’re gross. Thanks you ashton ,more people need to speak out about this bullying,especially parents who hear their kids calling each other fag and gay as insults,it is exactly like nigger,and its not ok,

  8. says

    Those of you picking on Ashton are SO Gay.

    Fez on That 70’s Show is WAY Gay!

    I’m TOTALLY Gay.

    Plucked eyebrows and tight True Religion Jeans are TOO Gay.

    That douche Twink from Survivor is JUST Gay.

    Oh Gawd! Now I’m being bitchy and REALLY Gay!

  9. RJP3 says

    great job Ashton — ignore the self hating FAGS (meant to be derogatory) who are carping on this as a negative or who are “embracing” gay

    as if

    FAGS n.
    Self Hating Homosexuals (Gays)

  10. says

    It should not be used in a derogatory way. the people who use it in the manner indicated by Aston are being derogatory. It depends on the context it’s used. So good for this Aston guy….at least he identified the shit heads who use “gay” as a derogatory term and chided them for it. He’s brave ! And now let’s not tolerate its misuse any more……and stop spliting fucking hairs !

  11. GregV says

    I love that Ashton is onside. If he wanted to be really clear, he could have said that calling someone gay as an insult is like calling someone black or Jew as an insult, and that calling someone fag is like calling someone nigger or kike.
    It may seem like splitting hairs, but kids (and adults} need to understand that there`s nothing wrong with using words like gay or black or Jewish correctly. In other words, there`s nothing wrong with being gay.
    Anyway, good for Ashton!

  12. Leland Frances says

    While I think Twitter is another lame tool of Satan to steal our souls, Ashton made himself perfectly clear [even within the 140 CHARACTER limit of Twitter] except to the retarded.


  13. CJ says

    Kudos Ashton, it’s refreshing that a popular culture icon is taking a visible stance against bigotry.

    A shame that some comments above are even finding fault with Kutcher taking a stand for the LGBT community. Shame on you guys.

  14. Chad says

    Derek Washingtong= that name is too black. Legitimizing homophobia,now that is way black. Is that how you meant using gay and black in that context is ok, Now I get it,roll of eyes sarcasm.

  15. nic says

    what can one say about an apparently straight guy being on our side? is that all you losers have to offer, picking at nits while a popular young man comes to our defense? wtf is wrong with you? all this petty crapola makes me want to throw my arms up in frustration and despair. wise up, bitches! tearing down is never a sign of wit, building up is a sign of character.

  16. jkfromcincty says

    I wish more celebrities would join Mr. Kutcher (and Sean Penn) in publicly speaking out against discrimination against homosexuals, including the homophobic, abusive words often directed against us. By conservative estimates, 10% of Americans are gay, lesbian and bi-sexual. That’s 30 million people. We’re everywhere. And remember, the exclusive generating factor for homosexuality is heterosexuality,

  17. troschne says

    Wow–the pettiness in this thread is unbelievable. The guy tried to do the right thing, and point out a slur, and you lot deride him. Classy. To Ashton, I say, “Thanks”.

  18. CJ says

    Wow–the pettiness in this thread is unbelievable. The guy tried to do the right thing, and point out a slur, and you lot deride him. Classy. To Ashton, I say, “Thanks”.

    POSTED BY: TROSCHNE | MAR 12, 2009 8:13:00 AM

    Sadly you are correct. Many people I am friends with who used to post on Towleroad have left long ago due to the immature antics displayed by many. It’s a shame, I still read the news posting but I frequent the comments less and less.

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