1. nuflux says

    This was so disappointing. Seth MacFarlane has generally been pretty gay-positive on his shows (particularly with Roger on American Dad, and to a lesser extent, Stewie and Brian) even if they exploited stereotypes to some degree. This episode of Family Guy was written by someone living in a previous decade. I kept waiting for some clever social critique to make all the cringe-worthy stereotyping worthwhile, but it never came. Sure, the show drove home the idea of sexual orientation as an inborn trait, but it could have been a lot funnier if it had been more honest.

    Thumbs down.

  2. Banne says

    God, are we really criticizing an animated cartoon show for not being politically correct? Especially Family Guy, which is rarely politically correct. Get over it. That show mocks every stereotype possible…how many times were you disappointed when they showed Tammy Tanaka the Asian news reporter? Rarely I doubt. It’s a cartoon.

  3. nuflux says


    There are degrees. The “Asian reporter” character pokes fun more at the news media than at Asians, because the joke is that she’s always announced that way. If instead the joke was about her physical traits, it’d come across differently.

    And who said anything about political correctness? I’m a FAN of the show, expressing an opinion. You get over it.

  4. anokie says

    I’m BANNE, this is a makes fun of everyone period. I took no offense..and besides I got the joke and it’s “social implications”. Seth is the man!

  5. Blitze says

    I must say I did watch it and laughed my ass off. The sterotype was very funny and I have no negative comments to make. Mary if you didnt like it you obviously have issues and would recommend you watch it again.

  6. Timothy K says

    I loved this show and this episode. I got the tongue and cheek humor about people’s perceptions about being gay. I especially loved the line where Stewie said that he did not have to read the Bible to know that homosexuality is wrong cause nobody in America reads the Bible and they think it is wrong. Love it!

  7. Dan COBBB says

    Do you really have to make a show that shows gays as “limp-wristed, lisping, promiscuous aberrations” in order to be funny? How many times has this been done before? A million? More? This episode did not require much in the way of creativity or imagination. It was so tired. McFarlane can put anything he wants on the air, but that episode lacked freshness. It really was tired and not funny.

  8. Dan COBBB says

    Seth, do you actually know any gays that act that way?? I’ve been gay for 40 years and I can honestly say I’ve never met such a flamboyant gay guy. And virtually all the gay guys I do know are just average men –they act like regular guys –except that they prefer sex with another man.

  9. ger says

    I loved the math problem.

    Q: If there are 3 glory holes and 28 men at the circuit party, how many round does it take for everyone to get a turn?

    A: 9, with a remainder of Brent. Cuz Brent’s to big for the glory hole and that’s why we all like Brent.

  10. Miaulement says

    I loved that he instantly had highlights and a faux-hawk, amongst the rest of the jokes… if it’s funny, you can pretty much guarantee somebody’s gonna be offended and the only time it’s not okay is when it’s “you”…

  11. Ceeya says

    “The show makes fun of everyone” is no excuse. I hate this mean-spirited Simpsons rip-off. Ha ha, fags are funny when they are weak and sissies. Wasn’t the AIDS jokes from a few years back enough? Wake up, the jokes (always) on you.

  12. Banne says

    Um nuflux, you were talking about political correctness, whether you called it that or not.

    It’s a damned cartoon. And it was funny. And while you may not have to go that extreme to be funny, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny because you did. The show is tasteless. That is the point. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    My fav part was Brian noting the irony of Stewie trying to send Peter to a straight camp. Satirizing the issue and making the arguments seem ridiculous for changing someone is perfectly tongue-in-cheek for this show.

  13. David in Houston says

    I love Family Guy and I was really looking forward to seeing this episode. But sadly I have to agree with everything that NUFLUX said. I get the whole ‘playing against stereotype’ thing, that being the hallmark of Family Guy. But overall it left a bad taste in my mouth. Using the ‘feminine gay’ cliché character trait for Peter was too easy and came across as really dated. To be honest, I’m sick of seeing it. It’s 2009. Enough already; and ‘no’ BANNE, I have no plans to “get over it” either.

  14. Glenn Rivera says

    I have to agree with the above on the tired and old.

    It is a bad stereotype. It was funny and can be. It is a cartoon, but many viewers watch this and it is beat in their heads that gays are irritating. South Park says the word “gay” too many times and makes it sound derogatory.

    I love camp but lets face it, how many times have black comedies used the “n” word and it can be different when used the wrong way.

    This is old and TIRRRRREEEDDDD!

  15. ugotmeinsd_619 says

    Hi Dan COBBB, I’m not sure which part of the country you live in, but I know in many major cities there are PLENTY of limp wristed gays walking around. You can watch Bravo TV and see this “stereo type” in most of the shows.
    I thought the show was hilarious…and I too am GUILTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Eric says

    I have nothing against that stereotype. Attacking anyone for depicting a gay man as flamboyant just marginalizes gay men who actually do act like that. There is nothing wrong with being flamboyant, and to attack such a depiction suggests that there is something wrong with it.

    This is completely unlike racial stereotypes depicting blacks as monkeys and blacks and Latinos as lascivious dangerous rapists. Those are negatives stereotypes that should be attacked because the behaviors that those depictions put forth ARE harmful and wrong.

    Being flamboyant is not wrong or bad. Attacking such depictions just reasserts a patriarchal masculine hierarchy in which all men must act like “men”. And those that don’t act like “men” are bad.

    Why do we want to reinforce such sex-stereotyping?

    With that said, I don’t get why people watch Family Guy. The show sucks.

  17. nuflux says


    Yet again, please do not speak for me. I said nothing about political correctness and I love this show for being inappropriate. There are a lot of other gay jokes they’ve used in the past that were un-PC but still ORIGINAL and funny (like Brian’s cousin arriving on the boutique gay airline that “backs into” the gate).

    This shit was stale and used the stereotype for laughs instead of LAUGHING AT the stereotype. There were a few funny lines (GUILTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY) but otherwise this was crap writing that came off as apologetically homophobic.

    Many others on this thread got my meaning so I won’t labor the point any further.

  18. says

    I thought it was hysterical. Which one of us hasn’t rocked a “guiltyyyyyy” as a flame out?

    so much fuss over nothing. the whole show is satirical nonsense.

    time to relax a little bit.

  19. Mark (another one) says

    Wow – such negativity expressed in the comments above. Did you watch the ENTIRE episode? Don’t draw your opinions from the clip pasted above. Rather go to and watch it.

    With that, I thought it a hoot and dead on when taken in context….

    -Most heteros do PERCEIVE us as oversexed, promiscious, nelly, men who love shoving things up our bums, and automatically possess exquisite taste (NOT!)
    -Exposes ignorant notions that we can become straight if we are deprogrammed
    -Takes a swipe at dumb ass religous types who can only parrot passages from the bible to jusify their bigotry.

    Bravo Family Guy!

  20. Reese says

    Thank you so much for saying that Eric. I’ve been trying to tell people that for years, but I could never really find the right words to use. What is with the aversion to flamboyant gay men? Why is flamboyancy insulting to so many people?

  21. Zeke says

    Why does nobody complain about the James Bond clip in the episode that basically says rape is ok? Or that the lessons Peter left his son included hitting his wife?

    Personally, I found this episode as entertaining as any other episode of Family Guy. It’s so far across the line already that I can’t be surprised anymore.

    (and honestly, a Reagan/Gorbachev gay joke? HAH!)

  22. Raven says

    We have had the fortune to laugh at everyone else including a Nazi loving Stewie with a McCain/Palin button. We need to learn to laugh at ourselves. He has lampooned everyone equally. Loved it.

  23. tomtop says

    please it was just so funny, american dad and family guy are already the two gayest shows on tv…wouldnt we all like a gay alien who wears kevin bacons paste up nose living in out attic?

  24. says

    I think you guys are right about stereotypes and stopping this kind of offensive humor on stereotypes–I’ve known hundreds of dogs in my life that have never talked… or ordered a martini… or attended Brown. It’s a friggin’ cartoon, people. A brilliant, funny CARTOON.

    If we expect to be seated at the table with the adults, we need to expect to get teased.

    Why aren’t you cheering that they said that reparative therapy to cure homosexuality doesn’t work? Or Lois telling Peter that if he’s happy being gay he should leave her and be with the one that will bring him happiness? Or that point is that homosexuality is on a genetic level? No… you were too busy being offended about the gay stereotype.

    Were you offended by Chris beating up Lois? Shouldn’t PETA be involved? There’s a bit about a dead horse.

    Your indignation is duly noted… but, seriously: lighten up, Francis.

  25. TANK says

    I’m glad a lot of people found it funny, and in a different era and political time, it should be laughed at because it would be funny. That time would be when those negative, harmful gay stereotypes didn’t come with the negative harmful price. But we aren’t there yet by a long shot, and reactions like this pretty much sum up why we won’t be for a very, very long time to come. Eh, we’re not in a post gay world…we lose wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much for that to be the case. And all stereotypes aren’t equal in the harm they cause.

  26. dizzyspins says

    I thought the episode was making fun of people’s perceptions of homosexuality, not trying to reinforce them. Peter’s behavior was so ridiculous it was a parody. McFarlane was basically saying, “this is what Middle America” thinks gay people are like.

    On the positive side, Peter’s relationship with his new man (Todd?) was treated as legitimate. Even Lois conceded it was meant to be if Peter was really gay.

    Everyone else needs to chillax

  27. says

    I thought this was extremely funnee, and the tongu-in-cheek play on the gay stereotypes were absolutely hysterical.

    ‘Family Guy’ is HUGELY popular because it crosses the line frequently and all who watch think, “did I just see and hear what I thought I did?”

    I thought the show had a very positive message about gays – it’s not a choice, the right wing uses religion to further a narrow-minded puritan agenda – just to name a few.

    I think those who “claim” to be offended by the portrayal of the limp-wristed stereotype have their own personal issues WITH limp-wristed gays or them being perceived as such….(ya’ know: “thou protest too much”)….

    Great show Seth MacFarlane…..will you marry me?

  28. Dan says

    Who cares. This show is a refuge for hack writers and completely symbolizes creative failure. The tangential asides are just a way for them to make time. The gay thing is easy to write, so no wonder they are doing it.

    And no I’m not offended. By the gay stuff.

  29. schmee says

    I laughed until I cried last night, and I just laughed my butt off watching that clip again.

    Grow a sense of humor people… it makes life a lot less depressing

  30. balabanov11 says

    Seth McFarlane is one of the most loyal straight allies we have. This episode was hysterical, and a rather loving tribute to his gay brethren. Brava Seth!

  31. R says

    Penis for your thoughts???

    I’m sorry but it was hilarious, and a non-exaggerated gay would have not made it a FAMILY GUY episode. And the underlying message at the end was a good one, that people who think homosexuality can be changed are wrong, and people (ie Lois) should learn to accept people for who they are.

  32. Rikard says

    Loved it. Love the lively debate here too. Once again the flaming queer stereotype is out front and moving the cause forward. While all those fabulous bitches are out and proud, some of us still fear making a fem gesture in public. I don’t want to be defined by a narrow slice of the demographic, but I appreciate the power of satire. The ending was key to judging the overall intent, watch it. I liked all the fave moments others have mentioned, but how about Stewie having had the gay repiration brochure laying around for a year?

  33. Marco says

    I am honestly confused as to how to I should feel about these portrayals. I was one to rally against them as straight people blindly and boldly painted all gay men with this brush portrayed in Family Guy and did so (and will do so) in a very negative way. Now I am asked by Wilson Cruz and others to accept it.

    I have no answers, only more questions.

  34. paul c says

    I laughed. But then, I hate queers, so don’t go by me.

    Not all queers though, just the ones that don’t act butch enough to make me comfortable with myself. Sorry sissies.

    Same goes for fat people.

  35. Jef says

    OMG that episode was so funny.
    I agree with Zeke, people don’t look at the right think, the James Bond part really sets a bad example. I was never shocked by family guy before but that clip saying that rape is ok i way worse than gay stereotypes.

  36. Bren says

    Haha just watched the entire episode it’s great.

    “Hey here’s a funny idea, ever read the BIBLE? Leviticus 18:22!”

    “Stewie, you’re judgementally quoting Bible verses and you don’t even know how to read”.

    “Welcome to America Brian.”


  37. Mark in Portland says

    I’d think Wilson Cruz would be ecstatic about this one… there aren’t enough effeminate gays on TV apparently. We need more gays, period, but of those that make it on the air, far more are like Peter on Family Guy than otherwise.

  38. Mark says

    Right. Being an effeminate clown-faggot has everything to do with loving men.

    Fuck you Seth McFarlane.

    You will never see an equal stereotype of a straight guy on that or any other show.

  39. GregV says

    I agree with Wilson Cruz that the media needs to have a wider cross section of men, including those who are less conventionally masculine. I`d love to see more straight men defying stereotypes to be all kinds of personalities and enjoying a whole spectrum of interests.
    But showing a wide cross section of men is NOT what this Family guy episode did. It featured dozens of gay men, 1OO% of whom were exaggeratedly sissified, irritating in personality, ridiculously dressed, and obsessed with sex no matter how inappropriate the time or place.
    It would be fine to laugh at this in a world where most did not use such stereotypes as excuses to deny human rights to others.
    But in a week where 2O,OOO are marching in Burundi to have gays criminalized and Towleroad has had more news stories than I can count of gays who were attacked or killed in America, these jokes cross a line.
    Imagine a cartoon in which a lecherous black man whistles at every white woman walking by and can`t keep his hands off of her. Could it be funny now… well, maybe possibly. Would it have been funny in the days when Emmett Till was lynched and blacks were belittled both legally as well as socially… No, not funny at all.

  40. TANK says

    Well said, Greg. Some would have laughed then, too, but for the entirely wrong reasons, as you’re aware–e.g., racist scum and self haters. I don’t REALLY want to come down on anyone who found it funny because it’s family guy, but rather, request that after you’ve laughed, think about why you found it funny. (After, because once you understand why a joke or skit is funny, it ceases to be funny.)
    That could be something to consider.

    Oh, there are no deep messages or subtle cultural ironies, or anything cerebral about it, in fact. That’s why on rare occasion, it can be funny to me…it doesn’t require thought; it’s just a bunch of somewhat vulgar nonsequiturs.

    And…yes, when we lack something as basic as federal workplace antidiscrimination laws that any religious nutjob is protected by, and when we are routinely targeted, killed, and beaten up and the perpretrators are pardonend, acquitted, given light sentences, forgiven and lauded, WHY does matter if for nothing else than it might end some of this queer complacency.

  41. Rey says

    In many ways, this was a bit of a retread of American Dad’s episode “Lincoln Lover” which was absolutely brilliant.

    But I think both that and the recent Family Guy episode were awesome. We’ve got a powerful ally in Mr. McFarlane.

  42. Get a life says

    The point here is that Peter was INJECTED with the Gay gene. So, obviously since it was ‘man made’ – Seth showed the stereotype from being gay. Anyway, bottom line is, ITS A CARTOON and who cares if your offended. I found it funny, and apparently others did, so Seth won’t lose any sleep over the uptight whiners.

  43. Tom says

    Look beyond the stereotypes aside and watch the full episode.

    It cuts at ex-gay ministries and makes a very explicit, pro-gay statement at the end…. sexual identity is not a choice, it is wrong for people to try to make you change being gay, and that you deserved to be loved if you are gay.

  44. Michael says

    Family Guy is one of the best written shows on TV and is always funny. It’s offensive to EVERYONE, this episode just happened to have a gay theme to it.

    I did love the math problem, and also Stewie’s sudden homophobia despite the fact he’s gay in pretty much every other episode. He even went to a circuit party in one.

  45. sugarpie says

    In the world of Seth McFarlane, EVERYONE is fair game. EVERYONE. I can’t think of any group that hasn’t been stereotyped on Family Guy. And they’re all freaking hilarious.
    I’m noticing that a lot of comments here are regarding Peter portraying gays as the overly-feminine…perhaps no one remembers the episode “Brian Sings and Swings” in which Meg pretends to be a lesbian (×19-Brian-Sings-And-Swings-Part-1/4dzZpFM3dy/ this was the best link to the clip I could find–skip ahead to about 4:35 and you’ll see what I’m talking about).
    Its good to see that people still have a sense of humor though–lots of comments about laughing, which is what I was doing! The whole time!!! Great job, Seth!

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