Towleroad Guide to the Tube #453

CHINA AND YOUTUBE: This is the footage of Chinese brutality against Tibetans which has led to the censorship of YouTube in China.

ROBOFISH: These $29,000 fish are to be deployed shortly to monitor pollution in the seas of northern Spain. What's to prevent them from not being ingested by predators fooled by the realism?

SIMON COWELL: Discusses Obama's mention of him on 60 Minutes.

MICHELLE BACHMANN: The congresswoman wants Minnesotans "armed and dangerous" over Obama's tax plan.

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I didn’t think they had idiots like Bachman in Minnesota. What’s she gonna’ do when she realizes that Al Franken is her new US Senator? Move to Idaho, I guess. There, they have the kind of US Senator that she’d approve of.

    Maybe they shoulda’ never let German immigrants into Minnesota…shoulda’ kept it all Scandinavian.

  2. CK says

    Does anyone else think that this violence-mongering actually deserves federal scrutiny? That kind of incitement is criminal, and this fucking Republican pin-head needs to be put away! She has already said that the Democrats need to be thwarted at every turn, and it seems she wants to include violence in that scenario.

    Hey, Mr. Meuller, you listening at the FBI? Get this violence monger off the radio, and off our streets! She does not deserve to be in office with this kind of rhetoric! What a piece of work!

  3. mike says

    Watching Michelle Eich… I mean, BACHMann’s performance yesterday at the Congressional hearings on the AIG “bailout” and her questioning of Geithner and Bernacke, and then seeing her today speaking on the floor of the House, I am convinced that that woman is mentally unbalanced. I mean, she goes beyond the category of “wing-nut” and lands somewhere in the category of bloody insane!

  4. says

    China is TRULY the only EVIL EMPIRE.

    The USSR may have had the KGB, but you knew who they were. China’s violation and brutalization of the individual is so prevalent as to be institutionalized into every aspect of every part of life.

    I’m sooo excited they own are damn country and are hatching plans for imminent moon bases and space platforms…

  5. Contrarian says

    Michelle Bachmann: You and your nutty crypto-fascist kind are why I’m tempted to say I’m Canadian and pronounce about as aboot(and throw in an “eh”) when I’m abroad. Another veiled assasination suggestion to the nutfringe by one of their charter members (“Jesus personally told me to run for office”). If I were Jewish I’d add oy vey, what a meshugener broad, and speaking of Jewish, who is this Eric Cantor schmuck? A right-wing Jew is like a chicken with teeth, a freak of nature, given the history of genocidal anti-semitism by every right-wing regime in history.

  6. Crash says

    Makes me wish to move out of this state as soon as possible.
    I can’t believe the people of the 6th District re-elected this idiot. I really believe she had her censor buttom removed due to a frontal labotomy gone wrong. Makes being Minnesotan a bad thing. Never thought in my years to feel that way, but man does this “thing” make my skin crawl.

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