More than 250 same-sex couples apply for marriage licenses in Iowa

UPDATE: 380+ couples get licenses.

The Des Moines Register reports that "at least 261" same-sex couples have applied for marriage licenses in Iowa today:

Iowapolk "The Register is still gathering its data, but afternoon figures show that the greatest number of applications so far is in Polk County, which has logged 82. Johnson County has seen 40 applications so far, Scott County has seen 23, and 22 couples have applied for marriage licenses in Linn County. Today was the first day same-sex couples could since the April 3 Iowa Supreme Court opinion that struck down a state law that said marriage was only between a man and a woman."

Photo gallery. Two videos from the Register, including the first same-sex marriage of the day, and the scene in Polk County, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I read elsewhere that some petty and bigoted judges were denying couples a waiver of the three day waiting period, typically issued with virtually no questions asked. The last gasps of a dying breed, thankfully.

    Posted by: wisebear | Apr 27, 2009 6:53:15 PM

  2. CONGRATS IOWA!!! YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT & good energy your way...

    Posted by: Bosie | Apr 27, 2009 6:56:20 PM

  3. What a great way for mainstream Iowans to get to know their neighbors better. Yay!!!

    Posted by: David R. | Apr 27, 2009 6:59:59 PM

  4. And you mean that their rivers haven't turned to blood?! And that frogs haven't taken over the land?! And that people aren't infested with lice?! And there aren't swarms of flies and locusts?! And that their animals haven't all been sickened?! And that people aren't covered in boils?! And that they aren't doomed to three days of darkness?! And that the first born of all haven't died?! Surprise, surprise.........

    Posted by: CJ | Apr 27, 2009 8:33:28 PM

  5. yay iowa :-)

    Posted by: liz templin | Apr 27, 2009 8:34:41 PM

  6. This is a great day in Iowa and the country! They have done the right thing and it will only be a matter of time until the rest of the country follows...

    Posted by: RB | Apr 28, 2009 9:37:50 AM

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