Soulforce’s Mel White Admonishes Tony Perkins on AC360


Soulforce founder (and Amazing Race contestant) Mel White (above, right) and Family Research Council's Tony Perkins appeared on AC 360 last night to discuss the recent chatter that the religious right-wing have lost the culture war, as well as recent conflicting statements by Rick Warren.

White certainly gets the right point across in the end:

COOPER: I've got to give Mel the last word, because I gave Tony the first word -- Mel.

WHITE: It's really important for people to realize that Tony and Dobson and these others have been misleading the public for so many years about sexual orientation and gender identity. It's so important to see through their half-truths and their hyperboles. It's really important to realize the damage they're doing by not saying that God created us gay. God loves us gay. And we should have all the rights that the American people provide all of us. So Tony sounds good like Rick, but they're really saying things that are horrible and destructive.

COOPER: Tony, I'll give you a quick response, because it was directed at you.

PERKINS: Well, I would just say it's not true. The Bible speaks for itself.

WHITE: The Bible says nothing about homosexuality, Tony.

PERKINS: You know that very well that it does. But Mel, nonetheless, Mel, I love you. Appreciate you as a human being.

WHITE: Don't say that because as soon as you say about gay people lead to destruction, the break-up of families... You continue this, "We love you, but we hate you. We love you, but...We don't want you to have rights. Tony, I've read your material. I've monitored you for ten years. You've got to get off this anti-gay stuff, because they're leaving the churches, because they've seen through your fundamentalist stuff."

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