1. alex in boston says

    Gay rights and the fight to stop them will always be the major FUND-RAISING cause for these radical fundamentalists! If you want to really get sick sign up for perkins eletters at FRC!

  2. doro says


  3. JerzeeMike says

    Recently my church, a LGBT-inclusive UCC church, has seen an increase in congregants due to the anti-gay rhetoric that extremist Christians have been pushing over the past couple of decades. As more people are getting to know LGBT people in their daily life the extremist are finding that their divisive and hateful message just doesn’t jive with the reality that we aren’t the demons they makes us out to be. I’m confident that as this trend continues we will be able to overcome these deceitful lies that malign this country’s LGBT citizens.

  4. liz templin says

    i really don’t understand why some networks give the opposing side a ‘voice’

    obviously they DON’T support gay marriage, etc.

    so why interview for their take on it? makes no sense and doesn’t seem to prove anything except for what we already knew about them.

  5. jimmyboy says


    The largest share holder of Time Warner = owns CNN = Saudi Royal Talal ………….the Saudi royal family is ultra conservative and believes homosexuality is a sin against allah. Do you really think the largest majority share holder doesn’t have any influence on who they have on, what sides of the news they allow and disallow???????

  6. Jess says

    Well I guess thats just another asinine way for the conservative types to push their bigoted opinions on the general public.I guess its a good thing I no longer have a TV in this house AT ALL.I no longer watch it anyway,the 2 I had would have been taking space.

  7. CK says

    Dobson, Perkins, Warren and all the other homophobes are going down… Hallelujah! Any intelligent person can see through them!

  8. Elijah says

    Ignoring Cooper’s personal cowardice for the moment (tho thanks for that screen capture of his equally phony “I’m Squinting & Knitting My Brows Really Seriously Now!” pose], THIS is the issue that our pseudo leaders should LONG ago have demanded change (and Doro touches upon):

    While the subject of this show, as described by Andy, might be an exception, there is NO excuse for these shows to PERPETUATE the lie that gay equality is a RELIGIOUS issue and, thus, keep providing platforms for theocratic thugs like Perkins.

    They are CIVIL issues, but by elevating pseudo pious pricks like Perkins year after year the broadcaster, out of the box, is wrongly and unfairly and undemocratically AGREEING that they ARE religious issues, thus, reinforcing and sending the message to their viewers, “Respond to ga based on your religious views,” and that there should be no such thing as separation of Church & State.

    Yes, they do the same thing in relation to a woman’s right to choose, but you never see such shows about all US drug problems or murder rates or other crime rates—all regular pulpit subjects. In short, the Antigay Industry is as powerful as it is because mainstream media made them “stars”—and Cooper is just perpetuating that.

    As for Rev. White, who does do a lot of good when he’s not wasting his time trying to rewrite the Bible for the invincibly ignorant, where the hell was his clerical collar? And the term is “lies” not “half truths.”

  9. Elijah says

    PS: Note the hysterical, fear-mongering, hate-mongering CNN-generated title under the cap and what it telegraphs:

    (Gay equality is the) “End of Christian America.”

  10. liz templin says

    jimmyboy – i don’t know about who owns who when it comes to tv networks. if what you say is true (i assume it is since i know jack) then i’m not even sure why this ‘Saudi Royal Talal’ is the largest shareholder.

    if they have such strong views on gay people, they should go on over to fox and join up with beck and o’ reilly.

  11. paul c says

    You people have been watching Olbermann and O’Reilly for too long.

    Anderson Cooper is a journalist, not a biased commentator. He’s not there to talk about his feelings or his personal life — he’s there to present multiple sides of a given story to inform the public.

    It’s sad that once again, Towleroaders don’t want to hear two sides of an issue…only the side that confirms what they already believe.

    You can’t effectively confront your adversary when you don’t even know where they’re coming from.

  12. David T says

    The gay police are out in force today. Anderson doesn’t have to acknowledge anything. As far as interviewing these two, it’s called journalism. He’s supposed to stay neutral. More journalists should do it.

  13. Jonathan says

    @ David T and Paul C

    As a fellow journalist, I agree. Cooper’s neutrality is merely textbook, and allows the audience to decide for themselves.

    BUT — other comments are correct too. By inviting Perkins on, it continues to perpetuate the view that equal rights are a religious issue, rather than a civil issue. If I were at the helm of 360, opposing views would be voiced by anti-gay politicians, not the religious right. Remember separation of church and state? The MSM doesn’t seem to. These fundies have no place in our civil rights dialog, and need to stop being allowed a public stage by the media.

    Also, that horrible, embarrassing tag-out at the bottom of the screen that reads “End of Christian America” while Mel White is speaking of Jesus’s love and gay rights is deplorable, hate-mongering, and a very un-journalistic tactic that reeks of Fox News.

    As a journalist, I still despise 360.