Pride Weekend Anti-Gay Assault in NYC Leaves Man Bloodied, Beaten


Joe Holladay, a former Village Voice sales rep, was beaten by a group of men on New York's upper east side on Saturday. The group called Holladay a "faggot" as they beat him, likely with a blunt object.

The Village Voice reports: "Holladay tells us that he walked out of John Jerome's apartment on East
85th Street between York and East End Avenues, where he'd been staying,
at about 4 a.m. to smoke a cigarette on the sidewalk, and five or six
young men swarmed him. 'It's very blurry,' he says, 'But yeah, they said 'faggot.' And the next thing I know I'm in the hospital.' Jerome, an acting coach, heard the fracas and came downstairs to
find his friend 'in a pool of blood. I thought he was dead. He wasn't
moving.' Jerome says neighbors in the building told him, and the police, that
they saw a group of five or six young white men 'with crewcuts, wearing
wife-beaters' smoking pot outside the building just before the incident
— and, drawn to their window by the noise when the beating occurred,
heard the anti-gay epithets and saw the young men pile into a car and
drive away."

Said Holladay: The mark on my forehead looks like it was made by the base of a gun."

The NYPD has interviewed Holladay and witnesses and is investigating the assault.


  1. Cj says

    When I read more and more articles about hate crimes to our brothers and sisters, it makes me angry that our political leaders are slow in adopting laws to protect our rights and civil liberties. I’m also ticked at the individuals who make excuses for the Obama administration by stating that we need to be “patient” and more time. Tell that to Joe Holladay, the countless other hate crime victims and the millions of Americans that lost their rights in California and many other states. Patience my ass.

  2. Marlin Bynum says

    Does New York at least have hate crimes laws on the books, since our federal government can’t seem to get their butts in gear and do something about this!!

    I have been out in Dallas/Fort Worth for three years now and there have been at least two major hate crimes occur in this area alone. It is time to fight back. It is time to change the law.



  3. Sacgary says

    In San Francisco during the days of Harvey Milk, the police would often look the other way when we were beaten and killed. Influential upper echelon members of the police would often be able to pull strings on judges & prosecutors with bribery and blackmail to get the perpetrators off.

    Supervisor Dan White resigned his position in the days prior to killing Milk and the Mayor. He was seen entering a meeting with police that same day and then made an attempt to get his job back AFTER that meeting. A few days later he assassinated both Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone.

    When Dan White came to trial for assassinating Milk and Mayor Moscone he received the lightest sentence possible for a double pre-meditated homicide; manslaughter.

    Today in more places than you may believe this still happens. The police look the other way, do just enough “investigating” to avoid charges being brought and otherwise ignore the hate crimes perpetrated against the GLBT community. In some cases judges and prosecutors exact the minimum punishments possible.

    Until we collectively, as an entire nation, stand up and let it be known this is no longer acceptable, the status quo will never change.

    March on Washington in October. Let them SEE how many of us there are. Tell this country we are not going to take this treatment any more.

  4. felix says

    I hope Obama get to see that picture.

    I would send the article myself to his White House email but I dont think I should since Im not a american citizen.

  5. John in Boston says

    Brutal….butt of a pistol or handgun…..and the upper east side no less.

    Gotta scope the street before going outside at 4AM for a smoke. I wonder if he noticed these dudes hanging around before they jumped him?

  6. Alex H says

    What a bunch of cowards. They always have to attack in packs otherwise they’d get their asses kicked if they were alone. I hope these MoFos are found and thrown in jail where they belong.

  7. sugarrhill says

    Wow. White guys gaybashing on the Upper Eastside. I guess homophobia does cross color lines even if most commenters on this site don’t think so.

  8. kansastock says

    Even though I live a few miles from Phelpsville, KS, the only time I’ve been accosted was on Park and 80 something by a couple of punks and a baseball bat. Look out, brothers.

    Like in the 60’s during the push for civil rights, they’re pushing back and its going to to be ugly.

  9. GMB says

    I’m certainly one who believes in the importance of hate crime laws, and someone who wants the Matthew Shepard act to pass, but is it really possible that merely standing on a stoop of an apartment smoking a cigarette immediately clues in a group of young men bent-on-violence that you’re gay? And… let’s be reasonable… is there ANYONE who gets the sh*t kicked out of him who ISN’T going to be called a ‘faggot’ in the process, along with any number of other epithets? Does that automatically make this assault any worse than any other? I honestly think those are questions worth asking, especially if we cant hate crime codified at the national level.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    ” but is it really possible that merely standing on a stoop of an apartment smoking a cigarette immediately clues in a group of young men bent-on-violence that you’re gay?”

    Yes, if the savages think that you are gay due to your mannerisms, or simply the location, or one of the attackers is sick-ass closet-case (or hustler) and he knows you are gay.

    The intense savagery of the above asault and the fact that it took place on New York’s Pride weekend point to gay-bashing. And there was no attempt at robbery…well, and to some Towleroadies surprise it was NOT racially motivated (unless the savages were albinos). It was anti-gay savagery.

  11. John says

    Passed the time when as many gay people as possible should arm themselves. I am well trained with firearms, being a former cop, have a permit, and carry in public. I hope the day never comes that I need to shoot one of these bastards, but if it happens, I’m ready.

  12. runt says

    We have come so far and we have so much further to go! This has got to stop for all of us here on the planet. Queer or otherwise I am so upset about this it brought me right back to Kevin Aviance and a hundred others including my own bashing 20 years ago. Mine was also by ignorant gang members in Chicago. The only good thing is it pricked my dulled awareness again!

  13. New Jersey Girl says

    The article is pointing out “Skinheads types” Not neccessarily a ‘white’ issues. A skinhead issue. Ask anyone from England how wonderful it is to live surrounded by poverty class low iq skinheads. not fun.

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