1. Clem says

    Jake has lot all the appeal he had since he started bearding with Reese. He’s turned into a sexless, insecure, mommy’s boy in all of his pap photos.

  2. john says

    I miss the dark brooding Jake of yesteryear.Things change though.He looks hot in the leather.Better than the clothless shots going around.Can’t take to the bulky look on Jake.But would i do anything to run my fingers through that furry chest of his….woof.

  3. Vu says

    Is it too much to ask for a Persian to play the Prince of Persia? Are there no brown people in Hollywood? This is “The Last Samurai” all over again.

  4. 7SK says

    @VU: There were rumors that an actual Middle Eastern (maybe Saudi) Prince – who’s also an actor, I believe – was one of the contenders for the role, but it’s Hollywood. They had to cast the A-list white guy.

  5. says

    This is so wrong. This was a great opportunity to help break stereotypes about Middle-Easterners (Iranians in particular), but thanks to ethnocentric Hollywood, we won’t see a REAL Persian/Iranian playing the lead role. It’s clear that Hollywood only cares about making money, but I fear that many people will overlook how this is another form of “Blackface.” White actors used to play Black characters, and now the same thing is happening to people of Middle-Eastern descent. Real Middle-Eastern actors are limited to only supporting roles or the typical “Muslim terrorist” role.

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