1. crispy says

    Not a chance, John. But not because of the message. Because it’s fugly as hell.

  2. Keith says

    Please, anybody with a half a brain could have a t-shirt printed up that looks better than this.

  3. Gregus says

    Well if Marc Jacobs sells $24 t-shirts of course we’re going to get equal rights! Why did no one think of this before! Genius.

    In other news, I heard that Marc Jacobs just farted.

  4. David in Houston says

    Damn, those are really ugly shirts. They’d look 10x better if the t-shirt was just a block of helvetica type with the same message.

  5. tim says

    wow, didn’t know that a political shirt could fall under same aesthetic criteria of your designed to death condo. remember silence equals death…would you all have preferred if the font used was a little more scripty and slightly gothic rather than bold. yoohoo! the design works for the statement. it’s not about fitting in it’s about a call to action. finally what awful aesthetic drives you all. does your art match your boring couch. this is great contemporary illustration – think marcel dzama or just think at all. oh forget it and just put back on your a&f crap.

  6. Paul R says

    Well, Tim, apparently Jacobs thought so much of the design that he agreed to print up 400 of them total. Which will make them collectors items for no particularly good reason, but will draw people into his store hoping to get something with his name on it for $24.

  7. Pekemo says

    TIM, I loathe A&F and I’m sorry but those shirts are fucking atrocious, if a fashion designer is going to try and make a statement in the form of a t-shirt, he at the very least knows that the shirts has to be at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing. David is right, he would’ve been better off with a block of helvetica with the same message.

  8. Anthony says

    The John Robert Holbrook – Pharaoh is my favorite cologne! I received it in my gift bag at the Oscars and I have been in love with it ever since! I am so impressed with Mr. Holbrook and all of his artistic creations! He is a great role model!

    PS. You looked handsome at Cannes Film Festival 2009!