Towleroad Guide to the Tube #502

BEAT IT: Reporter swats away drunk Michael Jackson fan.

SQUIRREL DEN: Anderson Cooper examines a police video.

WBC: Supreme Court says Westboro Baptist can continue picketing at military funerals.

BARE ESSENTIALS: Actual in-flight safety video for Air New Zealand grabs passenger attention with uniforms (or lack thereof).

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  1. Bryan says

    You know, I thought the Fox News report on the WBC might have been fair, but even then they like to bend the truth just a little. They keep saying that they’re picketing DADT when that’s not exactly true. It’s a nice spin they’ve got going there.

  2. wilburforce says

    What is COMPLETELY crazy is that FNC TOTALLY misses the REALITY that the WBC is not protesting DADT, they are protesting the existence of homosexuals and the right for homosexuals to exist. They are in NO WAY protesting DADT!!!!!!

    Maybe if the dumb little girls weren’t so busy bleaching their hair and teeth they would know that.

  3. Brian says

    Fox News needs to do a little better reporting as the previous comments have stated… The WBC are protesting against our country as being so called “gay enablers”. It has nothing to do with DADT. The soldiers I guess are symbols of our countries policy. Megyn Kelly I usually like to hear, but neither of the commentators researched the story. This is dispicable

  4. Scott says

    That CEO of Air New Zealand, the humpy silver fox, is hot! There’s a making-of video clip floating around the interwebs where he’s, blessedly, featured more prominently. I’ve never seen any CEO who looked like him!

  5. A.D. says

    I’m very pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision, and I hope this automatically nullifies my state’s (Indiana) legislation banning the picketing of military funerals. I don’t like what they have to say, but I like that they have the freedom to say it. They are not violent people in anything but speech and, in the cases of military funerals, they usually show up in small numbers that are easily overcome by counter-protestors. It’s a lesson in freedom.

    Also, they are not protesting “The existance of homosexuals and the right of homosexuals to exist.” Come on, do your homework! No one seems to have fact-checked anything. Their website CLEARLY states that they are using the term “Faggot” to mean a bundle of sticks, which are burned in hell for all eternity and represent the unrepentant sinners and those who tolerate sinners (including homosexuals).

    They are a group of inbred and superstitious nut-jobs. There should be a ban on covering them in the media, because all they want is attention.

  6. gr8guyca says

    What’s a squirrel doing in a woman’s blouse? I have no idea.
    If the squirrel was in a guy’s pants, at least we’d know it
    was looking for nuts.

  7. Zeph says

    A.D., are you seriously suggesting that WBC is using the words “faggot” and “fag” as a blanket term for sinners in general? Maybe you’re not, but that’s how your second paragraph reads. The reason they say that “faggot” means a bundle of sticks (used as fuel for fire, if I’m not mistaken), etc., is because they believe gay people are damned and are referring to them as little more than fuel for the flames of hell. I think that’s the origin of using the word “faggot” to refer to gay people (I’m not 100% sure). If you actually listened to some of Fred Phelps’s sermons (or his wackadoo daughter), you would realize that he is, in fact, referring to homosexuals specifically. The reason they picket funerals is because they believe the soldiers’ deaths are God’s just punishment for defending a country that legalizes and tolerates homosexuality.

    They used to picket the funerals of gay men who had died of AIDS or gay-bashing victims like Matthew Shepard, but they realized that they weren’t getting enough publicity and switched to soldiers, which is when they started getting all the coverage from Fox News and the like.

  8. Chris says

    Oh my God, I can’t believe Fox News is claiming that these Westboro people are against DADT! What they claim is that God is rightly punishing America’s soldiers because America has been so accepting of homosexuality. Way to go Fox, with more right wing lies and deception.

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