Towleroad Guide to the Tube #518

CHARLENE COTHRAN: "Ex-gay" and former editor of lesbian magazine Venus talks about becoming an "ex-gay".

RED EYE ON TRANSGENDER BOXER: These people disgust me.

AUGMENTED REALITY TWITTER: See where Tweets are coming from, if Apple approves this app.

MAN VS FOOD: This show, which begins its new season tomorrow on the travel channel, is not for the weak-of-stomach.

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  1. CKNJ says

    That fucking BITCH Cothran is the lowest of the low, turning her back on gay people the way she did… saying we all wanna just get naked and have sex in parks? That we don’t really want marriage, that it’s a lie we made up so we can just have sex anywhere, anytime, in public, with whoever we want? WTF? How DARE she talk for me; what a STUPID, STUPID, STUPID fucking moron… she uses the basest arguments to talk for us all?? Jeez… I can’t find enough unsavory things to say right back about her…

    Just wait until she is found with her hand in the cookie (jar) again! You KNOW it will happen because the ex-gay ministry is utter bullshit. It’s a lie made up by self-hating gays that have bought into the bigoted hate spewed by the fundamentalist Christian right-wingnuts.

    I hope that every lesbian that ever crosses paths with her again once she comes back from the ex-gay bullshit (as we know she will) shuns her like she has shunned us all. She would deserve that!

  2. willie says

    When the straight world did not give her what she wanted she worked against and she called herself a Lesbian

    When the gay world did not give her what she wanted she worked against it and called herself an ex-Gay

    Either way she is just a Narcissist Looking for Attention and no amount will ever fill in her gaping empty space where she should have a happy soul … not even Jesus.

    Attention Whore

  3. willie says

    OMG … she actually says “I am saying to you, let go of your own thought process”…. seems like thought is a bit too painful and hard for her and that was the choice she made …. and you know any choice for herself MUST be the right choice for everyone else !!! Ignant Fool

  4. Bayley says

    That Charelene Cockroach needs to have someone sit down to her and explain that a woman of color who probably spent a good time of her life crying discrimination has no room to go around lambasting the gay community. It makes your plight look petty Charlene, and only renforces the notion that the African American community is an intolerant one that is only willing to embrace their own struggles for equality.

    Newsflash: Gays aren’t going anywhere.

    Sorry you weren’t pegged as desirable by your Lesbian peers and you had to in turn take a ride to Bitterville. But…gays are here to stay- and this ones proud of doing so!

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