Towleroad Guide to the Tube #532

APPLE STORE: Thieves in New Jersey clean one out in 30 seconds.

CLEVE JONES: Part two of Bil Browning's interview with the gay rights activist.

RUTINA WESLEY: Chelsea Handler talks to the True Blood actress.

JARED PADALECKI: And his Supernatural booty.

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  1. Rick says

    In my neighborhood Mac store, all the display models are chained to the counters, and I don’t get why they are not here. Furthermore, Mac could have installed “Lojack” style software in each computer, if it occurred to them, after this robbery, it might.

  2. LUMOS1313 says

    Not to condone robbery, but this is small compared to the damage that the Apple company has done to PCs over the years with the corporate sabotage called viruses.

  3. says

    @ LUMOS1313: no one even at Microsoft thinks Apple is sabotaging PCs with viruses. They’re doing it with better products.

    Consider how much time is wasted and aggravation created AROUND THE WORLD every day by the bad products from Microsoft. The Gates Foundation has lots of bad Karma to make up for.

  4. Dōmeki says

    I love Jared, I love Jensen, and I totally love “wincest”, specially because fangirls came up with this whole idea of love and/or sex retionship between Winchester brothers

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