News: Kris Allen, Facebook, Grizzly Bears, Mark Foley, Houston

RoadProject Gaydar: Your secret, if you have one, is not safe with Facebook.


RoadMeet the father of Prop 8.

RoadAnderson Cooper needs a ride.

RoadOssett, UK man targeted by three men in attack: "All I can think is that they picked on me because I am gay. It's all a bit of a blur, all I remember is being laid out on the floor and waiting for the ambulance to arrive."

RoadGrizzly Bears face huge population drops in Canada.

RoadCommand Sergeant Major Teresa L. King is the Army's first female top drill sergeant: "The eighth of 12 children, the sergeant major is the daughter of a
sharecropper who grew cucumbers and tobacco near Fort Bragg, N.C. Her
first job in the Army was as a postal clerk, a traditional position for
women in those days."

RoadGuess who's returning to Melrose Place?

RoadLindsey Graham on Obama: “If you asked me if the president of the United States is a socialist, I would say no. I think he’s an American liberal, that’s what I think he is. You know, Ted Kennedy was an American liberal, but we found ways to work together.”


RoadListen: Kris Allen drops first single.

RoadHuman Rights Campaign "endorses" National Equality March. AIDS rally and candelight vigil scheduled.

RoadSouth Florida radio listeners to get inside Mark Foley's mind tonight.

RoadAustralian politico comes out, wins praise.

RoadHouston mayor candidate Annise Parker attacked by anti-gay group: "Annise Parkers lifestyle that of being a HOMOSEXUAL is not the proper
role model to lead the fourth largest city in the United States. The
Bible speaks clearly against the lifestyle she represents, James 1:8
says, ‘A double minded man is confused in all his ways’. She does not
believe in what the scripture says about her lifestyle which in return
means she doesn’t believe in God."

RoadNetflix awards million dollar prize to team for improving its online recommendations system.


RoadHugh Jackman kicks off Climate Week NYC.

RoadRobbie Williams to reunite with Take That for one night only?

RoadMontana gays and lesbians hold summit in Bozeman: "The first [summit] was to start networking so we’re not inventing the
wheel, to see what everyone’s doing in the area and see what resources
are available in the state. This year we’re bringing
together up to 35 or 40 organizations to identify common challenges
faced by the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community,
so we can come together and support ourselves throughout the state.
It’s been very fragmented in the past."

RoadGYM sportsbar opening in Los Angeles, in the old Normandie Room space.

RoadBuju Banton show axed in Richmond, Virginia.

TRoadom Cruise shows off his jogging hair.

Road20 protest outside "ex-gay" conference near Melbourne, Australia: "They waved placards that read 'Hands off queer kids' and 'You can’t
straighten me out', and had a heated debate with organisers about
whether it’s possible to become straight."


  1. james says

    lol i have never seen a candid shot of anderson. that was so strange. i always wonder what he does when he isnt shooting things for cnn or behind the desk.

    he’s so cute

  2. Terry says

    So Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, the so called “Father of Propostion 8″ denounces anti-gay hate. But he doesn’t want us to have any rights and would be content for us to always remain second class citizens. How can you claim to denounce anti-gay prejudice, but would be willing to condone and even accept bigotry and intolerance?

  3. says

    Yeah, religious bigots really hate being referred to as bigots. How dare we point out their obvious prejudice when all they’re trying to do is protect their sacred institution of marriage from filthy sodomite pediphiles? It’s all done out of “Christian love”, so how dare we criticize?

    I say that this particular brand of Christianity needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out what the word “love” means. Until then, as long as their actions are consistent with bigotry, then that’s what I will call them.

  4. Julius says

    The new Kris Allen single is awesome. It’s a remake of the B-side single by The Script … also that picture is interesting. Kris Allen’s head superimposed on the body of David Archuleta (that’s DA’s album cover by the way)

  5. Interested Bystander says

    I have been able to contact directly via email the venue in Norfolk VA where Mr. Buju is still scheduled to appear and have asked them not to provide him with a venue.

  6. Interested Bystander says

    As regards Prop. 8, I know that the Roman Catholic Knights of Columbus are doing a great deal of fundraising here in southern california…to refill their coffers, no doubt..I pray,Jesus, please save me from your “followers”….

  7. says

    Bishop Sal… is running a great political campaign – for pope.

    these bishops know exactly what they are doing and he’s at the ripe age to take the next step to cardinal and then…

    he’s nothing more than a pharisee.

  8. LTP says

    I think someone needs to seriously start a campaign to strip these religious groups of their tax-exempt status. I welcome them to the political arena. But, they can’t hide behind their tax-exempt status.

    Let’s see how they would feel once they have to pay taxes. Fight these bigots where it really hurts!

  9. John D says

    They needed a computer program to figure out if Facebook users were gay? I do that all the time just by looking at people’s friends.

    I was looking to see if someone had a page on Facebook and found someone with a similar name. His profile pic was of a hot shirtless guy, so I peeked. His friends list was packed with hot shirtless guys. And it got gayer from there.

    They needed a computer program? And I thought MIT students were smart.

  10. Hody says

    You say the chorus of Kris Allen’s song sounds like the Macarena?

    That is like a very old song ain’t it. Crispy you must be one old bitch to remember that far back?


    I love Kris’s new song.

  11. G. Lopez says

    As an Annise Parker supporter, I just want to clarify that the attacks against Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker have been going on mostly by anonymous groups of people. However, the real “Christians for Better Government” is not a homophobic group. As a matter of fact, the real CFBG endorsed Lane Lewis, an openly gay candidate running for Houston City Council. The email that was sent to thousands of Houstonians was a fake email sent by an anonymous homophobic source. It was not the real “Christians for Better Government”.

    You can help Annise Parker get elected by donating to her campaign! The fundraising deadline before Early Vote is September 24th. So far, she is leading in polls, and we must help her keep her advantage by putting her on TV. Annise would become the first openly gay candidate of a MAJOR U.S city and the fourth largest city in the country

    Donate here:

  12. jonny says

    Bishop Sal

    How can we make ourselves holier…I’ve got it; force people to spend millions of dollars to fight for or against a basic right and deprive the poor that we profess to love of all the education and benefits that that money could have bought….
    Wow, Catholicism is SOOOO selfless. Everyone knows Christ would have taken money from the poor Calexico children if it ensured those gays couldn’t be accepted in society. I went to Catholic day care through university and never heard or experienced such hateful things as this man represents

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