1. Glennn says

    What is with Survivor this year, they should rename it the Russell show, ’cause thats all they ever show, I’ve never even seen these guys, although I wish I had.

  2. Drew says

    Let’s hope this is true, because god knows nothing else is happening this season.

    I loved last season. You had the cute gay guy chasing after the hot straight guy who was totally ok with it. And that super-cool science teacher, Bob.

    This season? Shambo the Barbarian, Russell the skeezy oil prospector, and the Samoan landscape. Let it be over soon, please!

  3. ezwriter says

    I agree that John is damn hot, and I love that he sometimes runs around in that Brazilian-style Speedo…but you’d never know he (or either of the other two hot guys) are even on the show. They get no air time. It’s ALL about Russell this season, which is understandable because he’s one of the most compelling contestants ever, but I need some eye candy too!!!

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