1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Ya gotta love Mixner, but I sure don’t want to pay taxes for his national heal care when his heart gives out under that fat stress he’s putting on it. What’s with the lack of respect for self? Eat less, yes it’s that easy. He’s articulate and gifted, but that belly has got to go!

  2. Chris says


    He’s saying that and I keep reminding myself HE IS A HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTER! You even heard that in this clip when he said “Obama even listened to The Clinton’s”

    Which tells me Barack Obama will NEVER satisfy anyone who supported Hillary Clinton!

    And actually David He did have something new to say at the dinner SORRY he isn’t treating you the way you want to be treated!

    Mixner waited and Let Bill fuck us OVER AND OVER and didn’t complain.

    I don’t get it!


  3. QL Dallas says

    Nothing new. Same old hope crap. We’re getting even madder. Anger works. We are angry. Obama is a fraud!

  4. Robert says

    @Chris, what was new that you heard that all of us didnt hear? i’m curious. this was basically the exact same speech he gave during the election. absolutely NOTHING new. I was a huge supporter of Obama, but tonights speech was an embarrassment for him and the HRC.

  5. ty says

    That was a great interview,thanks for bringing this to the readers, I am cot concerned with David’s weight but to say stay healthy, we need your voice.

  6. ridiculous says

    Geeze one wonders why some celebs and high level officials are reluctant to come out. You open yourself up to the gay media and a bunch of horrible people like Sargon Bighorn, Chris, and Ty will make fun of your weight.

    Suffice it to say I’m working my way up in DC and will never talk to the gay media if I ever get an administration post lest you horrible people mock the fact I don’t have a 28″ waist. I’m sure my 32″ waist will be ridiculed as a heart attack waiting to happen by you horrible, horrible people.

  7. Rich LaHaye says

    Name a civil rights cause that ever got everything it wanted ALL at once.

    The line of malcontents willing to settle for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – is forming behind David Mixner –
    AGAIN -just as it did when his guy BILL hatched the DADT mess.

    Meanwhile the rest of us are going to get some “wins” on the board for a change.

    Now I understand why so little has been accomplished in making gains in our civil rights over the last 40 years.

    The wrong people in our community have had the mic.

  8. izdatso says

    I think shallow Chelsea clone Bighorn size queens ought to keep their nasty comments to themselves. At least David Mixner is doing something about our equality, meanwhile, all you’re doing is tightening your gluts so you can get f—– tonight.

  9. AnotherNYCguy says

    Palin won’t be running, John. Stop talking like we’re children and our only choices will be a Democrat or Palin. When the time comes I’ll probably vote Independent or for a reasonable Republican, unless Obama does something to impress me before then.

  10. Chris says

    And I will truly see you VOTE 3RD party and let a REPUBLICAN win.

    Then the person will be caucasian whom most of you who comment on here are.
    And then he, or she will tell you all.


    I hope you all have the same anger at THE WHITE guy like you do Barry!

    This will be very interesting. Go ahead VOTE green ,Libertarian, DAMN IT vote PINK and lets see how far will you advance!

    Something I am looking forward to in 2012

  11. mike says

    A “disaster”, huh? Pres. Obama is being asked to undo the messes from the two previous administrations and we have an alleged “leader” claiming that if the Pres. doesn’t just jump right up through the hoop for the LGBT community, it will be a “disaster”? I think not!

    It is obvious from the gentleman’s robust countenance that he lacks for very little in his life. To be honest, who is the person here who has lost their job or home to anti-gay discrimination? Please, let us know.

    As for DADT, thank former Pres. Clinton for that one. Let us not forget DOMA, also SIGNED INTO LAW by WJC! To blame Pres. Obama for not undoing all the bad that came before him overnight is ridiculous and, quite frankly, dishonest.

    I am willing to wait a little longer for these issues to be resolved. Right now, after being let go from a company I worked at for 27 years because they have out-sourced 90% of our work to India and the fact that I am 60 years old with no health insurance and no job prospects causes me to focus on my economic and physical survival!

    As a veteran of military service, I would love to see DADT nullified. I know first-hand the irrational anti-gay policies of the U.S. military. Nevertheless, those attitudes are changing.

    I would love to see DOMA repealed. It was disgraceful that our lives would have been used as political pawns and it is even more disgraceful that a Democratic president would have signed such an act into law. Nevertheless, in the ensuing years, we have made considerable progress to gain civil equality.

    But, right now, I want to work again. I want to make sure if I get sick, I have some recourse for medical assistance.

    As a single, mature gay man with no immediate family, my very survival depends upon the economy recovering and a national health insurance plan being passed, as I am sure it does for thousands like me, gay or straight.

    I would love to see all the issues that concerns our community be resolved. I do not demean nor trivialize their importance to us. That in my lifetime I have seen some states actually legalize the right of two, consenting adults of the same sex to get married is incredible! That I have seen dozens of cities and communities across our country extend legal protection to LGBT people is incredible! That right now before Congress is a bill that would make it a federal crime to commit acts of violence against LGBT people is incredible! That so many people are courageously taking up our cause and seeing it as a moral imperative is incredible!

    But, I am willing to wait just a little bit longer. I am willing to let those who are unemployed or on the verge of losing their homes to foreclosure and facing homelessness or who have illness but no health insurance jump to the head of the line.

    Progress comes in increments. I still believe that educating and giving honest information to the American people about us, our lives, our shared goals and dreams is the best way to advance our cause to gain full civil equality in America. Legal methods are productive, but unless the hearts and minds of people are changed and their fears, bigotry and/or ignorance are addressed, it is not real progress.

    Real progress comes from reaching out to those who might shun us because they just don’t know. Surely, there will always be those who are intransigent in their prejudices to NEVER accept LGBT people. But, it is not fair to continue berating our President because he is assumed to not be doing enough for us!

    Pres. Obama will come through for us. I am willing to wait just a little bit longer. It is too bad that some people cannot see the larger picture. Such selfishness is regressive, not progressive.

  12. John02657 says

    “Sargon Bighorn, you are a low, shallow zero. Show some class, if you’re capable. Internet anonymity certainly brings be fuckwads out.”
    Posted by: Hank Drake | Oct 11, 2009 9:15:44 AM

    … Hallelujah.

    Ya’ know, I truly like this site. With no equivocation, anyone would have to agree that it’s within the top five of not just gay oriented sites – but those devoted to the topical, general interest, political, and cultural.

    Over the years however, visiting the comments section of a post never fails to make me sick. So many times, posters on this site reinforce the negative stereotype of the bitchy, selfish, and catty queer. Their comments have no real worth, merit, or contribution – except the mastabatory venting of their mean-spirited inner nature.

    If “Sargon Bighorn” was really and authentically concerned and interested in the health of David, an Email to David, hopefully more thoughtfully and delicately constructed with sensitivity would accomplish much more that taking a piss on an interent blog that can only hurt David when he eventually reads it.

    But as we all know, authentic concern and interest was certainly no where in the vicinty of “Sargon Bighorn” when that post – and those similar herein – were written. Shame.

    I respectfully submit to Andy that some degree of moderation is warranted; it’s to the point that some adult supervision is needed to prevent posts only meant to hurt and bully. I think that we all have had enough of that in our lives. We don’t need it from the trolls within our midst.