Harvey Milk Day at Risk as Schwarzenegger Issues Mass Veto Threat

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has only signed three bills this legislative session, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and more than 700 others, including the 'Harvey Milk Day' bill, could be rejected in one fell swoop:

Schwarzenegger "The governor has made a veiled threat to issue a mass veto unless
lawmakers reach agreement on an overhaul of the state's water system. A
mass veto, legislative leaders said, would be both 'silly' and
inexcusable, and it would effectively wipe out nearly all the work done
by the Legislature the past 10 months. … Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico, D-Fremont, called on Attorney
General Jerry Brown on Tuesday to investigate the governor, saying his
veto threat amounted to extortion…Still on [Schwarzenegger's] desk are bills that would provide $400 million owed to 500
schools in the state, increase federal funding to hospitals by $2.3
billion and create stricter rules for mortgage lenders, among hundreds
of others. More controversial proposals include designating a day to
honor slain San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and restrictions on
the sale of ammunition, and a phasing out of gun shows at the Cow

Schwarzenegger's deadline to sign or veto the 700+ bills is midnight on Sunday.


  1. hank says

    See, this way he doesn’t have to do anything at all. Oh sorry, was I supposed to have capitalized ‘he?’ I know Newsom’s having problems raising cash for his candidacy but at this point I’d vote for Gavin Newsom, Gavin Rossdale or even Gavin Macleod. 453 days & counting.

  2. DairyQueen says

    I am still wondering why the B Movie actor was ever elected as Governor. He hasn’t Done a damn thing for California except put it in deeper debt and veto the marriage rights of GLBT citizens.

  3. B says


    We all know why he was elected, im assuming everyone thought it would be funny to vote for the terminator just cause and assumed the majority would not do the same and actually vote for someone qualified to run the state, lol how we failed.
    The real question is why has he not been kicked out yet? We got Gray Davis out and had I known Arnie would be a shit gov. Id gladly have re-chosen Davis.

  4. CKNJ says

    He will go down in history as one of the worst governors Californians ever inflicted on themselves! At least once we have moved to LA early next year I will be able to help vote him the hell out of office! What a sack of crap!

  5. So Left I'm Right says

    When Californians are dumb enough to vote for this assclown, who had no business being governor in the first place, and is totally unequipped to be anywhere near Sacramento in an economic crisis, it is no surprise they were idiotic enough to vote to take away civil rights from teh gays.

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