Hundreds Attend Queens Rally for NYC Hate Crime Victim Jack Price, Including Supporters of Gay Bashers

Marisa Ragonese, director of Queens LGBT youth drop-in center Generation Q, speaks (via Father Tony – and you can find more of his video here):


  1. Rovex says

    Free him?? Whether it was a hate crime or not he beat a man half to death, he SHOULD be locked up, whatever his motives. Some people really are incredibly stupid.

  2. elcamino says

    Marisa Ragonese of the Queens LGBT youth drop in is my idea of what a fierce advocate looks like.

    I wish her every success. I hope she knows she’s a gifted activist.

  3. kody says

    Wow. He’s “caught on tape”, runs away, gets brought in, his father apologizes for abandoning his son and takes blame, perp has nothing against gay people, friends think he is a victim and should be freed. Can it get any more confusing? And what kind of “guy” would tattoo Leviticus scripture on his arm? Hmmmmm? What next, Buju Banton holding a concert to raise money for the perp and cause? I’m worried a backlash might be happening in Queens.

  4. JT says

    Those counter-protestors : that’s gotta be a very strange group
    . First of all they’re a bunch of lowlife troublemakers that the whole neighborhood hates. The one in the front is an obvious “ex-gay” or closet-gay to have a tattoo like that. And they’re Hispanic? Most NYC Hispanics (though that’s a varied bunch too) think gay marriage should be legalized.

  5. Mark says

    If only Marisa Ragonese and people like her had organized and spoken at the National Equality March last weekend. That thing was a huge uninspiring mess.

    I got more out of listing to Ragonese’s forceful concise comments than listening to all the speakers at a national “rally” transparently favoring overweight, transgender, people of color with angsty poems to read.

  6. Mel Smith says

    Heterosexual hate has no color.

    They spread ignorance, hate and lies against us in the name of religion.

    We need a revolution against these breeding pigs. They breed and teach their children to hate people who are different.

  7. elcamino says

    Free Danny Rodriguez all’s he did was beat a man almost to death!

    It wasn’t cos’ that man was a faggot you’s guys! Get real! He would’ha done it anyways! Come on give a thug a break yo!

  8. Bayley says

    Folks, take a look at those counter protestors…..every last one of them will either be in jail or dead by the next few years. They look like a bunch of caged animals. That’s what happens when you don’t get an education. You end up just being wasteful materiel on our planet.

    Marisa Ragonese is a prime example of how each one of us in the LGBT community should be leading our lives via activism, volunteering, standing up, speaking up, demanding our freedom and rights. She is a true role model. I wish we all had that fire within us.

  9. John in Boston says


    There are plenty of ‘educated’, even well-educated, antigay so-called homophobes. I know a few of them.

    There are plenty of who you would call not well ‘educated’, who not only are not a waste of space or air on our planet, they actually positively contribute. I know MANY decent, honorable, hard-working people who never went to college/university.

  10. DeeVee says

    And what frosts my nuts even more about the counter-protesters is the fact that my hard-earned gay dollars pay for the protection that these scums are afforded during this protest — they don’t even REALIZE that they take for granted the safety of being able to walk down the street or around the corner to a deli; and further, they don’t have to give a thought about being attacked by some hateful thugs because of what they are perceived to be, which is something that WE have to be on our guard about 24/7.

    These prime examples of Fucktarditude are so threatened by us. I want to say ‘Oh, that’s a laugh’ but I can’t. Cause it’s a guttural scream.

    I don’t know the Price or Guarneri families but it doesn’t matter. I feel for them, as so many of us do. When that man was attacked and almost killed and I found out about it, it felt like I was kicked in the stomach. I looked at the picture of him in the hospital and saw everyone I ever knew that was a victim of violence and hatred. And I also saw myself for an instant because it could have been me, or my friend, or my brother or sister, but for the grace of Whomever.

    I’m sorry I wasn’t in town this week to participate/support the family and friends but I’m thinking about them and know that my good thoughts aimed in their direction are immeasurably more powerful than the sick and hateful actions that almost killed Jack Price.

  11. JT says

    I agree with John in Boston. I think Bayley’s intentions were right, but a college education really isn’t the guage to who is useless or a homophobe or not. (It doesn’t make you smarter, either. Sometimes it makes you dumber!) That neighborhood is loaded with non-college-educated people, and it was only these criminal-types who eventually assaulted Jack Price.

  12. Mr Chris says

    I love reading these reading these comments. As I am sick to my stomach with what these two did and I hope they get all that is coming to them. I can’t help but notice something.

    When it’s African Americans committing these crimes you guys come with nasty comments alluding to the race of African Americans. But not one with these two hispanics…

    HMMMMMMM very strange then again not really.

    Mel Smith said it best:Heterosexual hate has no color. And maybe when some you realize that our fight for equality would mean so much more TO ALL!

  13. says

    Mr. Chris, don’t say something like that and direct it at “you guys”. I am not one of them. This has nothing to do with race. Do we really have to stir up this racial bullshit with every single post?

    Get off the cross honey.

  14. scot says

    I lived in this area of Queens for 2 years. It’s a violent, nasty place where you are targeted if you appear to be gay and/or white. I had drunk men banging on my door at 2am yelling at me to come out so they could beat me. I had women curse at me in my building’s elevator. As soon as I could I got the hell out of there. These people are animals and horrible human beings who don’t think twice about inflicting verbal or physical violence on others.

  15. Mr Chris says

    Milkywhitegoodness hun…I’m not stirring up anything Just saying. If this was an African American they would be saying Black this and Hip-Hop that all over the place.

    And I never said YOU.
    But you know Mommy always said. If the shoe fits…..then?????

    I got off the cross was raised up and I picked it up and walked a long time ago.

    Keep the Milkywhitegoodness……..Good and Milky!
    OK Mr Milkman


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