1. Josh Raso says

    It’s too bad governor Paterson’s approval ratings in the polls is so dismal. He’s a decent, intelligent guy who’s inherited a crappy economy and is doing the best he can with it. Let’s hope this bill gets passed, and that he’ll be in the history books for championing our cause in a big way with a landmark law.

  2. sparks says

    I greatly admire Paterson’s optimism and determination.

    He might be legally blind, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this man’s vision.

  3. says

    Between Paterson and Bloomberg, it seems that the movement might have just enough capital to make it happen this year.

    I’m cautiously optimistic, but not convinced it’ll happen. As hard as some politicos are fighting for it, there are others on the right (and the center left) that are working as equally hard against equality.

    Let’s get it done!

  4. daftpunkydavid says

    aaron , you gotta be fucking kidding right? bloomberg?? what, pray tell, has bloomberg done for lgbt new yorkers? i have plenty of examples of things he did against us…

  5. mrpanic says

    people actually believe this? what a crock! his approval ratings are so low this man will say anything. ill believe it when i see it.

  6. says


    I’m not trying to suggest that Bloomberg is a avid champion of equality. Even I know that’s ridiculous.

    I simply mean that he and Paterson are both on the right side of this issue (presently) and that it might help get it up for a vote (and Bloomberg might provide some meek cover for moderate Repub.)

    I know Bloomberg is only an ally of convenience. Apologies if my post suggested otherwise.

  7. evan says

    Alan van Capelle should be ashamed of himself. He’s a leader who spent years telling us that all we had to do was get a democratic majority in the senate – and as soon as we got one, they shut the door in our faces. We had a bad political strategy.

    How about this? If Alan isn’t able to make a marriage vote happen during the upcoming session, then he should step down.