1. Jay says

    Part of me is perpetually insulted that the same people who screech about the “sancity of marriage” are the same people cheering on shows like this that advocate total strangers getting married when we can’t.

    Then I remember how many of them actually end in marriage and wonder what the appeal is of watching total strangers go on dates with vacuous bimbos.

  2. DairyQueen says

    Who? Big Fucking Deal. Another season of a show that mocks marriage and relationships into a whorehouse. But gay are still not allowed to marry except for a few states.

  3. RJ says

    What a hot man. I remember him from last season and he seems like a truly nice guy. I hope this works out for him. I’ll be watching–if only just to see how much skin he shows!

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    Oh look Gay men, another attractive 20/30something to parade in front of us as if he has done something great because he can take his shirt off and it’s shaved and we can see his abdominals! LOOK! In three years he won’t be remembered, two you say? Okay two years.

  5. Steven says

    When are the producers going to realize that this concept doesn’t work!?

    Yes he is hot, but who cares, all the previous Bachelors have been hot.

    I think the show’s success rate shows that none of these gorgeous people are really ready for marriage. They are on the show to just to hog the media spotlight for a few weeks in hopes of landing another media job.

    Plus if the only way they can get dates, who are thinking about marriage, through reality tv, it should tell us something about the quality of that person in the first place.


  6. robert says

    I can’t understand this need that some people have to be on TV no matter the cost to one’s dignity. Is it really worth it to sacrifice your sense of self worth for 15 minutes or less of notoriety?

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