News: Nate Berkus, ENDA, Ken Keechl, Argentina, Beenie Man


Following judge's ruling, paperwork issued for Argentina's first same-sex marriage.



Kardashian sisters don duct tape for NoH8 campaign.


Joe Jackson's last money grab before MJ's fillings?


Retired military chaplains come out in support of repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".


ENDA mark-up postponed.


Philippines elections board (COMELEC) says gays "overly represented" in Congress: "Comelec second division chairman Nicodemus Ferrer was defending the poll body’s rejection of the application of gay-rights group Ang Ladlad for party-list representation. 'I have been telling them, you are not under-represented… actually you are over-represented in the Lower House and Upper House,' Ferrer told reporters in an interview. But Ferrer declined to name names."


While Levi does Playgirl, Neil Patrick Harris does Playboy.



Ken Keechl takes over as first openly gay mayor of Broward County, Florida.


Petition Obama to support federal court challenge to Prop 8.


The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Community Center of Central Florida in Orlando and nearby gay-owned business hit by anti-gay graffiti: "…a swastika and the words 'Gay Pawer,' 'Die Fags,' 'Go To Hell' and other homophobic slurs. Damage to the two buildings is estimated to be over $1,000.The Center is currently working to cover the messages on the building to deter additional damage."


Horrific undercover investigation of treatment of pigs on factory farms.


Anti-gay Jamaican singer Beenie Man's appearance at Australia's Big Day Out has been canceled: "A statement from the Big Day Out's producers today says that while the concert organisers believe the controversial musician has now renounced homophobia, the storm of protest this week after the announcement that he was in the line-up means his continued involvement would prove too divisive."


Anderson Cooper helms Elton John AIDS Foundation event in NYC.



Chris Pine suits up for GQ's 'Man of the Year'.


Oprah interior designer Nate Berkus to get his own syndicated daytime show.


Max Blumenthal on Palin's ghostwriter Lynn Vincent: "Vincent may have been an effective literary collaborator, but like Palin herself, she entered the project with considerable political baggage. Vincent’s commentaries for World are punctuated by inflammatory characterizations of gays, minorities and liberals that have already provided fodder for Palin’s critics. Among Vincent’s most strident statements were her description of homosexuality as a 'deviant' mental disorder and labeling of President Barack Obama as the 'face of the minority survivor' of abortion, which she dubbed the 'Black Genocide.'"


Tim Gunn on the one item of clothing he can't stand: "I cannot wrap my brain around the ubiquity of Crocs. Kelly Ripa [on "Live with Regis and Kelly"] said, 'I insist that you put them on because they're so comfortable.' And I put them on. I am looking down at my feet, and I feel like I have hooves! They're horrible. If we all succumbed to the comfort trap, to dress as if we never got out of bed — then we should never get out of bed."


  1. blank says

    I cannot stand that the Kardashian’s are considered a real ‘get’ for the NoH8 campaign… they are not known for anything, except for Kim who did a gonzo porno with another hack z-list celeb RayJ. Can we please have some standards?

  2. Griff says

    Why must GQ make every male celebrity on the cover look like a stick figure with a comically large head?

    Fire your touch up artist STAT- don’t worry about it, he’ll always have a job at Ralph Lauren.

  3. sparks says

    NPH, Anderson, and Chris Pine all in the same post. Swoon!

    Of course if I had to pick, it’d be NPH in a heartbeat. I’m not even completely sure why. He’s been in the entertainment business his whole life but he still seems one of the most real and normal guys out there. (Oh yeah, and out…)

  4. DairyQueen says

    I agree with Tim on Crocs. They are so ugly and would you go out to the store in your garden shoes? If you need to wear comfortable clown shoes, then at least buy some Birkenstocks.

  5. bading says

    Sadly, what the COMELEC chairman says about LGBTs already being over-represented in congress, the military and even in religious orders is merely emblematic of the state of gay rights in the Philippines today. While LGBTs are routinely accepted as an intrinsic part of society, any form of politicization and the codification of their rights is still considered anathema to prevailing doctrines. I lay the blame solely on religion, mostly on the two dominant ones, Roman Catholicism and Islam prior to the arrival of which Philippine society was much more accepting of non-hetero-normative sexualities. Hopefully the Philippine Center for Human Rights will be successful in working to rescind this misguided decision.

  6. Mark says

    Fuck Nate Berkus. If I see him one more time on television “acting” masculine and posed I am going to throw up. My god this guy is so transparent. Nate: everything about you is so CLEARLY calculated and affected. I see you.

    Speaking of posed and affected, Anderson Cooper is so ugly. He looks like both Beavis AND Butthead.

  7. says

    Tim Gunn is my hero re: Crocs. I hope he goes after Uggs next.

    And I love me some Anderson Cooper and NPH (I forgave him for those “normal” quotes in Out a while back, esp. after seeing Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog).

  8. Brad says

    Am I the only one completely horrified at the video of the treatment of pigs at factory farms? Yuck! Makes me want to become a vegetarian asap.

  9. andy says

    Fed challenge to Prop 8: Why don’t we focus on DADT, DOMA, and ENDA and stop spreading ourselves too thin? Let’s complete one thing, not 1/16th of 50 things.

    Gunn: I love you, but for fuck’s sake stop being such a pretentious cunt. You’re becoming the female version of Anna Wintour.