Adam Lambert Shows Off His Pink Underwear


Adam Lambert received a pair of pink "Don't Judge Me" undies from hip-hop group LMFAO on the red carpet at Fort Lauderdale's Y100 Jingle Ball. (via twitter)


  1. JLM says

    Well that isn’t black nail polish, it is definately gun metal. Aside from you judgy boys, I think Adam is just adorable and hillarious!! According to Billboard, Adam’s album is the #2 best selling debut album of the year so that ain’t too shabby. He doesn’t need to be #1 to be very successful, just stay in the top 100 over the long haul and he is set.

  2. Joony says

    John – he has freckles on his lips, especially the bottom one. Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don’t depending upon whether or not he’s wearing enough makeup to cover them up.

    The album is not “tanking”, and have you listened to it? There are some fantastic songs on there you can’t help but dance too, and the thing is a more effective mood elevator than prozac.

    The irony is Adam has a real sense of humor, especially about himself. The “act” as you refer to it is intentionally sly, subtly subversive, campy and ridiculous. And he knows it. He would be the last person to say that you should take it seriously.

    I would say I don’t get why the gay community isn’t supporting him more, but sadly being part of it, I’m not surprised. Every community – including the LGBT community – has it’s percentage of small minded conformists who rip others down out of fear and their own discomfort. We are no different.

    And if his fabulous talent where not enough, his family is about all any gay kid could ever ask for. Read this article about a recent event his father spoke at you begin to understand why Adam walks through the world as if it is already a post-homophobic era.

    If he’s not your cup of tea, fine, but don’t hate on him.

  3. John says

    Sorry, I guess tanking was a poor choice of word… what do you call an album falling from #3 to #21 after it’s intial release?

    I believe it’s going to drop an additional 13 places, to #34, if the numbers hold out.

    I’m just saying… when you put style over substance, it only hurts in the long run. Lambert needs to learn from Christina Aguilera – she went sleazy and cheesy and nearly became an industry joke – she rebounded quickly with a stripped down image and a gorgeous new single, Beautiful. Can Lambert do the same? Time will tell.

  4. Jacob says

    Well at least he is not wearing as much scary-ass make-up as he used to wear. He should really give up the tranny look.

    I heard he is really a ginger and dyes his red hair and even his eyebrows black. Plus the reason he covers up his face with pancake make-up is because he is full of freckles.

    In other words Adam Lambert is an undercover GINGER.

    He is too FLAMING for me. I’m not into trannys.

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