1. Glenda says

    Dear Bill: Me thinks thou doth protest too much. Why are you SO fascinated with Adam that you feel compelled to keep talking about him??

  2. Gry says

    She at least squandered whatever journalistic cred she once had. His pre-Fox gig was being a correspondent on a fucking TV tabloid.

  3. Yuki says

    I feel that O’Reilly is… an asshole who hardly lets Walters speak at all. He seems to do nothing but criticize; she’s talking about new people who are becoming interesting, and the reasons why. O’Reilly seems like a total ass.

  4. Yuki says

    Not to mention that I wonder if O’Reilly ever saw performers of glam rock. They weren’t gay, but the way they dressed and performed? Yeahhh. He seems to do nothing but be derisive.

  5. Houndentenor says

    If he isn’t interesting why has O’Reilly heard of him and why does he know about the controversy? Sorry, but the fact that everyone is talking about him is why she included him in her list. Duh.

  6. says

    Bill O’Reilly is clearly an asshole.

    The whole “urge” analogy falls right in line with Hasselbeck trying to explain the labeling of gender versus the labeling of marriage to portia de rossi.

    Of course Adam Lambert being gay is going to influence the urge he displays on stage. Sometimes homosexuals engage in homosexual behavior. The point is…get over it. This isn’t something you haven’t seen before. It isn’t a central point of his stage show. Don’t make it the only thing applicable to him.

    And saying Lady GaGa is a Kate Gosselin with a different wig shows just how absolutely pathetically dumb and out of touch with the current music and art world Bill O’Reilly is.

  7. Nick says

    This is who Umerica gits its nooze frum.
    Mr. O’Reilly, Oxycontin Rush, Laura Ingram,Glenn Beck, et. al. have the nation’s eyes and ears and back folks. Still think there is a chance at equality? Keep drinking the kool-aid. It won’t happen

  8. vivere says

    I love the way you have Adam looking ‘ crucified ‘ there on that picture !

    Stick a dick in it O’Reilly !

  9. jaragon says

    The fascinating thing about Billo is that one moment he will sound like an asshole and the next he will make a comment that actually makes sense.

  10. Jory says

    i feel so srry for Bill he is so pathetic homophopic which is disgust me the most .. get a life sick old useless man !!

  11. corkystclair says

    Well put, Jonbenet.

    I think it’s pretty evident from this that Bill O’Reilly is utterly out of touch with reasonable people. Is he that naive to think the reason Adam Lambert performs the way he does comes only from his sexuality?

    I mean that’s what performing is, in a sense. Straight people sing about love and sex, and so do gay people. Straight people kiss and fondle people on stage, so why wouldn’t gay people? Did Lambert do that “because he’s gay”? Yeah, I guess he did, Bill. He has talent, is a performer, happens to be gay, so that’s what occurs.

    The 1950s just texted me; it wants its social mores back.

  12. Tom Anderson says

    Most of these comments are imbecilic. Bill was just having a good time with Barbara and what he said was perfectly unexceptional. Lambert was “acting gay.” Anyone who thinks Bill is homophobic obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of the word.

    What I don’t get is the hate I read. Strange. Sounds disturbingly close to the hate against gays one hears on TownHall.

  13. Jesus says

    Can’t you hear these people laughing in the background? Now I get how he can be such a douche on air. He’s got these losers in the background egging him on to act like a lunatic… What a putz

  14. johnosahon says


    FINALLY, O’Reilly is FINISHED, No ONE fights Barbara and lives to tell the story.

    Does anyone remember someone known as STAR JONES? EXACTLY

  15. Jean says

    Adam Lambert was chosen as one of the most fascinating people of 2009 BEFORE the AMA show. He was chosen because people were enthralled with and talking about his amazing vocal talent. It had nothing to do with the AMAs. Unfortunately, Barbara Walters took her eye off the ball with her focus on the AMAs, so it became just another stupid interview making a mountain out of a molehill.

  16. CJ says

    I can’t stand Adam Lambert and I thought his performance was in bad taste. However, when I posted this on Facebook of course the few Republican Fox News watching friends I have protested and even tried to DEFEND Bill O’Reilly. GOOD GOD people, are gay Republicans that DELUSIONAL???

  17. Zeke says

    CJ, ask TOM ANDERSON. If he doesn’t tell you then I will. The answer is YES they ARE that delusional. I hear them defend Malkin, O’Reilly, Coulter and all of the other gay haters everytime they go on one of their homophobic screeds. It never fails. TOM ANDERSON is a perfect example.

  18. RJ says

    @CJ: “are gay Republicans that DELUSIONAL???”

    You really need to ask that? LOL! Isn’t being delusional pretty much a prerequisite for any Republican these days?

  19. John McLaren says

    O’Reilly leaves out his urges to phone his assistant and have horny dirty inappropriate sex talk while masturbating in his hotel room or maybe the quick big bucks “confidentiality” out-of-court settlements made his urge go away.

  20. Dupont says

    Come on O’Reilly you had urges with Loofas. Don’t try to ride that high horse. In my opinion Adam Lambert is a better man than you are.

  21. Matt says

    I second the de-irishing of O’Reilly…. As an O’Grady I would gladly get drunk and deck this man in the face 😉

    I usually don’t deal in absolutes but I have serious doubts about the intellect of anyone that watches this show in earnest. What is interesting about watching a show where a blowhard asks a guest a question and then starts yelling over them before they can finish an answer? He has 0 class and is nothing but rude, regardless of his political leanings.

  22. JohnJohn says

    Does anyone with a brain watch this moronic idiot? Why is he given a forum to spread his stupidity and more importantly, why is he on TV? This man was accused of fondling and propositioning with the threat of job loss some single women who worked on the set of his show and then has the nerve to denegrate being GAY? O’Reilly, STFU!!!!!

  23. Paul says

    I can’t believe that Bill O’Reilly said that George Gobel was his most facinating…are you fucking kidding me. Whether he was joking or not, it goes to show you just how out of touch he is with reality.
    I am deeply offended that he called Adam Lambert “that gay guy”…what an insult. What nerve he has to say that.
    Barbara to me is facinating and she is right on the mark. good for her!!

  24. rjp3 says

    Walters really hit a career low going on this show — and interviewing Beck

    And this after working for her Republican producer for years – all to give Elizabeth airtime

  25. Jimmy/Boston says

    I love O’Reilly and watch him almost every night. I can’t say I agree with him all the time. Listen to the interview and Walters said this is the first time she asked two of her interviewees about their sexuality. She’s the one people should be angry with. Remember that old saying, “what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom?” Lambert is gay. We all know that. We’ve known it from day one. People are sick of him throwing his sexuality in everyone’s faces.

  26. says

    Jimmy/boston: i guess you probably think Coulter is sane !
    By the way some of us are sick of decades of hetrosexuality being thrown in our faces……you may have noticed it , from time to time…….like , everywhere !!!!! O’Reilly is henceforth to known and acknowledged as British…..that’s sufficient punishment.

  27. lola says

    i do like watching you bill oreilley i think you are gutsy but i must say you are always unfair with adam. do you hate gay people? i like adam as a performer as much as i like you doing your program but please leave adam lambert alone. concentrate on your own business and let adam shines.

  28. ProudGay says

    Oh Tom A. you idiot!!!!!!
    O’Reilly is not just playing around, he is a ill informed bigot and a Homophobe (yes, homophobe and I know what it means you condescending asshole)who spews putrid slop whenever he opens his mouth.

  29. Jimmy/Boston says

    I do think Coulter is sane…most of the time. I read one her books and it made a lot of sense. Coulter, O’Reilly, et al, are not the enemies of gay people. Most gay people are their own worst enemies. Barney Frank has made gays look bad for years, but they keep voting him in. As for Barbara Walters, if she wants to question people about their sexuality she should question others like Kevin Spacey, Anderson Cooper, Tom Cruise, Shepard Smith, and many more. It’s really none of her business or ours.

  30. Wendy says

    I was at a party when the show was aired, and tragically there were this group of teens listening to bill oreilly bagging adam, and the whole angry scenario had this group wanting to go out and give ‘gay guys’ a hard time (most probably a bashing). I was angry with bill – he should just shut his mouth as his particular comments instil rage into some homophobes who are not yet educated on the subject.

  31. Contrarian says

    @Wendy. I know of zero teens, apart from some fundie church camp kids, who would have Billo’s program on at a party. Was this 13 year old teens in some adult Republican’s home rec. room where the old fart parent is a FAKE NOISE a/k/a FOX NEWS addict? Inquiring minds want to know.

  32. Taz says

    What a horrible human being that has a sad life ahead of him. He did it because he is gay? Are beyonce,britney,christina and pink gay? No, he did because he wanted to! He is a person not a sexuality. I think frankly O’reilly got a little turned on by it so hes going on the defensive. I really cant believe this guy is on American tv..In oz he would of been axed for that..blatant homophobia.