Uganda: ‘Kill Gays’ Bill ‘Likely to Pass

Reuters reports on the heinous bill pending in Uganda, which I''ve posted about extensively:

Ugandamap "Activists and political observers expect the private members' bill, which proscribes the death penalty for 'serial offenders' and is still in the committee stage, to pass with little opposition and some minor changes.

Likely changes may include modifying the death penalty to life imprisonment, altering clauses nullifying international treaties, conventions and protocols that contradict the act, and removing a section about extradition. 'It's catastrophic,' said Frank Mugisha, chairman of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), a local activist group. 'People are being arrested, intimidated already. What's going to happen if it's passed?'"

Sweden has announced it's cutting aid to Uganda over the bill:

"According to comments attributed to Gunilla Carlsson, Sweden’s development assistance minister, the Swedish government says it would cut aid to Uganda over an anti-gay law they find 'appalling'. 'My number two at the ministry, who has direct contact with the Ugandan government, has brought it up,' Ms Carlsson recently told Swedish Radio News. 'We’ve talked about it in Uganda, and I’ve also tried to speak to the kind of organisations in Uganda that are the target of the legislation.' Uganda receives about $50 million in development aid from Sweden annually.

Swedish Radio News reported online, in a November 30 article, that the Scandinavian country would consider discontinuing development aid to Uganda if the law was introduced."

And add Oregon anti-gay activist Scott Lively to the list of American wingnuts involved over there.


  1. J. Bocca says

    “would consider”???????????????? They should yank that 50 million back so fast it will make their bigoted heads spin. I can’t believe its 2010 and people are installing laws that belong in the B.C. era.

  2. David in Houston says

    I applaud Sweden’s decision. Any country that is giving financial support to Uganda should immediately cut off their funding. If they insist on treating human beings in a barbaric manner, there should be severe consequences.

  3. bobbyjoe says

    I’ve seen some other countries, like Great Britain and Canada acting quickly to condemn this, but I was just wondering if this country’s own “fierce advocate” has said anything to protest this?

    Or is he waiting until its less “politically risky” to come out strongly against the imprisonment and execution of gays?

  4. Wistar says

    What Sweden is doing should be followed by every country who assists this god-forsaken country. What kind of government signs a bill meant to persecute a minority?

  5. says

    Bobby Joe: Obama has said NOTHING about this. Hillary issued some generic statement about homophobia the other day, but the Administration has done nothing about this situation, compounded by the fact that several legislators in the C Street Family, are working behind the scenes FOR this bill in Uganda.

  6. TANK says

    Sanctions? The only thing that matters is withdrawing funding from uganda. You know, your tax dollars going to antigay regimes? Africa just got a little darker. It’s too bad, but a lot these countries just can’t get out of their own way. And a lot of the blame rests on corrupt leaders.

  7. Paul R says

    Guess what? Development aid is a small part of what Sweden provides to Uganda. The figure is considerably higher than $50 million once you take into account funding for the UN, World Bank, and other multilateral agencies, to say nothing of NGOs and local groups.

    I applaud the Swedish government’s decision, but it’s not going to hurt Uganda much. “Development aid” is a very specific type of support.

  8. Foochy says

    What is missing in the story of Uganda (and other East/Central African countries) is the scope of business done in the country. I doubt Uganda will get little more than a global scolding over its descent into gay hunting and witch burnings, as it is has one of the few substantial sources of copper and cobalt remaining globally, as well as untapped gas and oil reserves.

    As witnessed before under the government of Idi Amin, just as long as multinational industrial interests are met in any fashion possible, the upholding of human rights can be bartered.

    Withdrawal of aid (what little of it actually arrives to the agencies after bureaucratic shakedowns) only hurts the people most in need and often further endangers the people it is meant to stand up for. And in a nation where corruption rules the day, removing aid will have slow impact upon the ruling power and civic leaders in Uganda.

    While it may be more difficult to mount, I believe a product/raw mineral boycott would be more effective to at least informing more people about that their money supports state-sanctioned homophobia. Many cellphones contain metals and chemicals mined in places of conflict, yet no one ever thinks of “blood Blackberrys” or “blood electrical wiring” because the public has not demanded accountability the way it has with diamonds and agricultural produce. Apartheid in South Africa came to an end once private industry was also seriously hurt; although Uganda is largely a raw goods supplier, making life hard for those who orchestrate hatred and murder is the best strategy to follow if Africa’s minority groups are to survive and gain equal rights.

  9. Todd Phillips says

    Hillary is part of the C Street Gang, we need to wake up and start recognizing our enemies for who they are.

    Our wonderful President can’t even mouth empty words about this one.

  10. candideinnc says

    The US gave $183 million to Uganda in 2007 in foreign aid, and is going to give more than $200 million this year, as I understand it. It is time to yank that money back. Write your congresscritter and senators–especially on Foreign Relations. This is appalling.

  11. uganda rocks! says

    this is our country! we don’t need to ask for the usa to tell us what to do when sins are being done against god! aids infected child molesters are bad!

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