1. michael says

    I was glued to the X Factor all season, watching it on live-stream from the UK every weekend. Glad Joe won, but this year’s crop of contestants were not very good singers. Have to admit that watching the George Michael/Joe McElderry duet gave me a serious “ick” moment when I saw it live.

  2. Chris in Long Beach says

    I guess they will repeat that in the next American Idol, bringing a major singer to sing along with the two finalists…Clever!

    Now, I would love to go down on Joe McElderry…just saying!

  3. sparks says

    Olly and Joe are both really cute and sweet.

    To be honest I think Joe outshone George Michael on vocals. And as much as I will always love George’s music, I wish he would get rid of those awful glasses and the hairy growth on his chin.

    He’s still a fairly handsome guy but DAMN can we stop looking like we’re trying to hide something?

    BTW was it just me or was Olly too clingy and grabby for Robbie’s tastes?

  4. JimSur212 says

    Hey Michael, if you had an “ick” moment watching George and Joe sing, you need to get over your hang-up over intergenerational sex. Joe is a young adult, not a child.

  5. michael says

    To Jimsur12 — Joe is 18 and barely legal. The “ick” came from their awkward singing stance and banter, not the intergenerational sex you imagined they were having.

  6. queerlike says

    Didn’t like Joe’s voice, much too warbly & conventional. And as wonderful as George’s singing is, I prefer Ollie & Robbie’s duet; much more even vocally (& visually– that didn’t hurt either). It was fun to see Robbie try & stand still while singing this, he’s usually bouncing or tearing around while performing.

  7. Henry Holland says

    “He is looking CRAZY or high as a kite”

    Can’t he be both? :-)

    I’ve liked Robbie Williams’ solo stuff, it was a shame he gave up on “making it” in America. He found out he’d have to start out playing clubs and 1,000-seaters and tour 9 months a year and work his way up and for a guy selling out football stadiums in the UK, he wasn’t willing to do the work.


  8. says

    Man oh man. I’d tune in to an Olly and Williams concert…heck I’d pay to see them. I thought they were the best. Both really great voices, terribly handsome and just apparently really enjoying what they’re doing, and each other….very very nice.

  9. Coemgenus says

    Michael says that “he is 18 and barely legal”. Don’t quite follow this as the age of consent is 16 in the UK and therefore he is very legal. Please be sure of the law you are talking about – and try not to morally browbeat other people into your own point of view.

  10. TANK says

    Ew, creepy! Exactly, Jimsur! Don’t cast aspersions on creepy old men with a lifetime of experiences using–er, dating young men! Love [intergenerational] is blind, manipulative and stupid, apparently. A little lech love, please. But kiddos, make sure you get compensated for your time.

    Of course, none of the above relates to the duet performance between george michael and whatever. No father figure?

  11. freddie says

    @Tank, could you please make an effort to stop proving what an ass you are with every comment you make? Really, I wish Andy would set posts up so we could see that it’s yours first, without having to read through the whole thing just to confirm our suspicions.

  12. Iris DiFonzo says

    I thought George Michael’s singing was great and to was Joe Mcelderry. George Michael is a very sexy man he looked great. The duet was was a 10 in my books.

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