Brad Graham, Gay ‘Bradlands’ Blogger Who Coined Term ‘Blogosphere’, Dies at 41


Brad Graham's blog, The BradLands, was one of the first I remember knowing about when I started this one six years ago. Graham died suddenly a few days ago at his home in St. Louis, according to the St. Louis Repertory Theatre, where he worked:

"His body was found Monday at his home in the city’s Shaw Neighborhood. Although the time and the cause of death remain unknown, Graham seems to have died of natural causes, said Steven Woolf, artistic director of the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. Graham was the theater’s longtime public relations manager. 'We are all mystified,' Woolf said.

Woolf said he last saw Graham on Dec. 31. 'He was in a terrific mood, very upbeat,' Woolf recalled. 'We had a great conversation.'"

Graham is credited with coining the term "blogosphere".

Sad. Too young. Thanks for the inspiration. RIP, Brad.


  1. kujhawker says

    When you read about someone of your age suddently dying of natural causes, you draw in your breath a little. I guess I will have to get use to this more and more. This sad article caused me once again to dwell on my own mortality and my dwindling time on this planet.

    It sounds like from what all this guy did, he definetly made good use of his time on this planet.

  2. jack says

    i will await further announcements on this death. as a rule, 41 year olds don’t die of natural causes. when people that young just up and die, and foul play is ruled out, death by misadventure or lifestyle choices may often be lumped into the “natural causes” rubric.

    could someone have some fatal genetic timebomb ticking inside them? of course, but i still want to have a look at their family history and how they chose to live before casually referring to “natural causes.”

  3. J says

    Jack, you’re an asshole. While many people may have thought what you did, no one else felt the need to say it out loud while people are grieving. It sounds like the world is a darker place with Brad gone, too young, whatever the causes. Its pathetic you feel the need to shit on that.

  4. K says

    It doesn’t really matter what the cause of death was…in the end a joyous soul who made people laugh has left us. By reading the wealth of commentary on the web by acquaintances and friends of Brad in response to his unexpected death, it sounds he was a well liked and very loved funny guy. For that alone, lets remember the guy without making large and possibly disparaging assumptions on how he died.

  5. jack says

    in point of fact i made NO disparaging comments regarding this or any other individual. i don’t think i was being particularly cynical, although i may be wrong on that count. i WAS taking issues with gloss speak, that ultra polite phrasing that public entities use when discussing others misfortunes or malfeasance. while brad seems a perfectly nice chap, i didn’t know him, and so, it seems, other than andy, neither did anyone else getting in a lather.

    i made a statement indicating my NEUTRAL position on the reportage, having heard the term “natural causes” applied to SO many recent tragic deaths of late that seemed anything BUT natural from heath ledger to michael jackson, and even most recently to casey johnson.

    and yes, i thought it, like many will and DID say it. i have lived long enough on this planet that i have earned the right to an opinion in an open forum, preferably without vulgar flames.

    to be absolutely clear, it was the REPORTAGE i was impugning, not the person.

  6. Walter says

    Jacks comments would not be out there without the help of open comment sections like this.

    How about Andy turn them off when he offers a good wishes to someone he admires that has passed.

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