1. SnSD says

    I don’t think it was homophobic, just sounded like he was asking why in regards to two straight men kissing outside of a role. Kudos to Ewan though for the way he responded as if it isn’t anything to be mentioned.

  2. says

    George Stephanopoulos turned in his “serious journalist card” long ago with his inability to question our last administration on any of its malfeasance—forget this clown.

    But well done, Mr. McGregor. Handsome and full of unending class.

  3. George says

    How odd, It was my understanding that George Stephanopolos had a few same sex encounters before he got married and that it was well known in the DC area. Anyone from DC hear anything like that?

  4. Blake says

    Anyone kindly care to provide us with this mornings shows contact info? email? I am a strong believer in strongly worded letters.

    If this was him kissing a female, it would not have been shown, much less made such a big deal about.

    You want gay marriage, and adoption, and civil rights in the military? You first need to lay the groundwork on attaining RESPECT on mass media. If you continually let things like this fly by, I mean…what basis do you have to change minds and show people right from wrong in the LGBT plight.

    You can’t allow people to think it’s acceptable to make a huge deal out of a gay kiss and be repulsed by it then demand they vote for yourmarriage at the same time. Change minds before you change votes.

  5. Kayla says

    I don’t think George was being homophobic. Ewan is a married man, and Jim is dating the blonde lady, whose name I can’t remember right now, are they married yet? Anyway, they are two supposedly heterosexual men, in committed relationships with women kissing. It’s not homophobic to find humor in that. If one of my gay friends who was in a committed relationship was photographed kissing a woman, I might laugh myself!!

  6. Kerry says

    I really like Ewan McGregor as an actor and as a person. I experience him as intelligent, fair-minded and grounded in real life. And he knows how to comfortably handle himself in an interview as well.

  7. says

    He handled that extremely well. Stephanopoulus could have been curious as to why McGregor was kissing someone he wasn’t romantically involved with, which could have been a valid question if it was a female costar, but the giggling and the following ‘making out’ comment made his casual homophobia clear.

    The best part is the awkward silence while McGregor repeats, in a giggle-killing seriousness, ‘That’s just a kiss’.

  8. jgm22 says

    this was built up to be more that it was. it’s hardly like ms. stephy said anything homophobic…and does anyone think he’s straight anyway? is he really fooling the public at large?

  9. Mike says

    I took the comment as a retort to the comments about politicians and books about them being boring – since George wrote such a book. That said, the reaction to the kiss was the nervous type prattle you would hear in a schoolyard 30 years ago and not what one would expect from the staff of a major network show. Ewan called them on it, in a “I don’t believe you guys are being so immature” kind of way. Yes, I believe it was a homophobic reaction. In this day and age, some people are still freaked about by same sex kissing, and the media isn’t helping by their childish reactions. Makes me wonder if the same type of reaction from the media happened during the black civil rights movement. Probably not, since back then the news media too their job seriously – now it is just “info-tainment” out to make a fast buck.

  10. jgm22 says

    @George yes! i lived in DC in the mid-90s for college and you would see George out and about at JRs. He was always trying to disguise himself and ended up bringing more attention to himself in the process.

  11. lark says

    If you watch the clip it’s clear George is not being homophobic. Anyone who watched George on This Week would know he was always asking politicians about gay rights and putting conservative politicians on the spot. If you watched it he is obviously sympathetic to the cause.

  12. DLC says

    Wow, talk about making a big deal out of nothing. I agree with previous comments that the question had more to do with the fact that it was two heterosexual men in relationships kissing. It wasn’t homophobic at all. Move on.

  13. says

    He shut Steffi down like THAT. Brilliant.

    He’s great in the Polanski, which is required viewing. A lot easier for Steffi to talk about a gay kiss than the crims against humanity perpetrated by people he’s “interviewed” on bended knee — revealed by Polanski for what they really are.

  14. coolbearinmd says

    Man, it must be weird to be the only adult in the room sometimes.
    As a matter of act, George Stephanopoulos and I went to the same gym in the Clinton years and used to say hi at the Starbuck’s near the White House. I am aware there were rumors about him in DC but they seemed like typical projection on to attractive, reasonably gay-friendly bachelors. I don’t believe for a moment that he was some kind of closet case, or that he hung out at JR’s imagining he could conceal his identity. There were tons of Republican Hill staffers there on any given night, and they were and probably still are a stupefyingly catty lot, constantly inventing rumors about anyone they couldn’t impress in any other way.

  15. emarell says

    I saw this happen and experienced it as one of *the* great moments in public communication. A ‘never thought I’d see this in my lifetime’ moment. Three cheers for the wise and beautiful – and blunt – Mr. McGregor. Somebody give him a GLAAD Media Award.

  16. GW says

    Remember George used to work out at the WA Club in Dupont back during the Clinton years… that little guy was always on the cruise and hanging in the lockeroom too. I still can’t believe he is straight… no matter what he chooses to say/do! Good for Ewan for calling him out!

  17. Bryan says

    Good to see Stephanopoulos is still an asshole.

    My birthday in 1993 was the last time my dying lover left the house. We had dinner at Nora, a great restaurant north of Dupont Circle. Stephanopoulos and his Clinton cronies were there, drunk out of their minds, making conversation in the upstairs dining room impossible. The management refused to intervene where fame and power were concerned.

    So I followed George into the (otherwise empty) bathroom, explained briefly and very politely, and asked if they could tone it down enough for everyone to enjoy their evening as much as he was.

    He laughed at me, didn’t deign to respond, then went back his table and turned the whole thing into an anecdote to demonstrate his transcendent coolness in the face of AIDS-riddled lowlife.

    I wish him prolonged, incurable anal cancer. Since that’s the organ he uses to communicate, it would at least put at end to his talk show days.

  18. ChicagoRick says

    I don’t think it was homophobic. But I do think it showed Georgie is a little uncomfortable seeing guys kiss. Jacking off in the steamroom, however, is apparently a different issue.

  19. Rad says

    ABC News, in general, is one step removed from Faux. I cannot stand that smarmy bitch, Diane Sawyer. I agree with earlier posts; Stephanopolis needs to turn in his creds, he just has no balls to rise above his sophmoric stance on anything.

  20. Ishaq says

    To remedy a harmless photo opt with obsequious banter and playground ridicule is beyond inappropriate. The direction of the conversation insists upon divulging something other than what’s painfully obvious. The heat McGregor emits about Stephanopoulos’ book is a mere loathing of the previous question regarding the Polanski’s personal life. Again inappropriate.

    McGregor is a distinguished gentleman.

  21. says

    I have lonnnnnnnnng thought Georgie Boy a moral empty suit since his duplicity and cowardice during the 1993 lift the ban fiasco when he was one of the Chief Jesters in the Clinton White House [it’s all in Mixner’s book from Georgie promising “Keep quiet. Trust us.” to refusing to speak to David after it fell apart]. Like so many who traded such resumes for a Go To TV News-Do Not Attend Journalism School job, he’s a borderline hack.

    But this conversation proves he’s a professional putz from his absurd question about Polanski to his queer-baiting about the kiss. And I thought St. Oprah was the only megabucks TV personality still inherently homophobic enough to pull such crap.

    Good for Ewan giving it to him TWICE, including pulling the phony mask of someone of serious achievement off of Georgie’s shocked face. If only he’d said what he was REALLY thinking” “Oh, you think you’re hot shit because someone paid you to write a book about politics? WRONG! And, BTW: my dick’s as big as your arm you hairy little turd.”

    The comments here defending Georgie? Just evidence of why we’re still second-class citizens—too many are happy on duh porch. Cue someone cataloguing Georgie’s close gay friends in 10, 9, 8, 7….

  22. Donald says

    George Stephanopoulos has once again proved that there is no brain behind that pretty face. The transition from Sunday am political talk to GMA is a step in the right direction for someone that hasn’t had an original idea in his head since before Clinton was elected. I even question the level of his contributions to GMA. This interview seemed more appropriate for Extra or TMZ. Who was the ghostwriter for your book George?

  23. Happily Married says

    Mr. McGregor is a hero. Brilliant! As a previous post stated, he should get a GLAAD media award.
    It would be a major step forward for the glbt equal rights movement if this was the response every time some idiot interviewer asked some male celebrity “what was it like kissing a man?” or to “make your gayest face.” Instead of laughing it off and playing along or taking the question seriously, the answer should always be “It’s 2010. Why are you joking about this?”

  24. Joel says

    That was the word early on in DC — that George was sniffing around on 17th Street for a brief moment.

    I have no doubt he is in a sham marriage with that annoying, classless, vacuous, socialite that Oprah for some reason has on Friday.

  25. Zlick says

    Ewan’s a class act and a great actor. He handled this extremely well, whether it was phobic or not. It was even, imo, fair game but lame attempt at some levity after the book jibe.

  26. Vince B. says

    Well OF COURSE it’s a homophobic reaction – hello! Otherwise this would have been a non-issue. As for the kiss, they’re two straight friends who’ve just made a film together where they portrayed lovers. There’s no double standard in their kiss. It’s just that, a kiss. Recess is over, return to your classrooms!

  27. coolbearinmd says

    @jgm22, if you’re following this: Sorry, I thought it was obvious that I meant that Ewan MacGregor was behaving like an adult — not me. It wasn’t in any sense a personal remark.

    By the way, George does actually have a really big dick for a short guy, and I gather this is very well known among his friends. I happened to have a conversation with one of them today.

  28. Hue-Man says

    How many of us were thrown off stride the first time we saw TV footage of Brezhnev macking on his fellow Politburo members? Similarly, having lived in Paris and Montreal, I never got used to kissing a colleague’s wife, let alone remembering whether it was two kisses or three. Culturally, a Scot and a Canuck kissing isn’t the same as two American red-knecks smooching for the camera.

    Ewan seems completely comfortable in his skin particularly compared to the current crop of one-dimensional hot-house flowers.

  29. sosadaboutewan says

    Sad that such a nice guy like Ewan would work with a rapist like Polanski; Ewan has children – would he be so ‘no comment’ if RP had raped one of his kids?

  30. Rob West says

    On a side note. I was more stunned at how bad George Stephanopoulos looked, are they shoveling the make-up on him.
    Next to McGregor he looked totally fake, sad because he is an attractive man.

  31. Steve says

    I tried reading Stephanopoulos’ book. It wasn’t worth my time. All the juicy details about the Clintons had already been revealed in the coverage around the book. And, bizarrely, he spent a lot of time detailing his childhood and the years before Bill. Who cares?

  32. Mister Bates says

    IRONY: for those of us who spent quality time with Georgie S at the NY Sports on 7th Ave at 10th Street in the late 90s… well, he doth protest way too much. And so doth (un)coolbearinmd… That Georgie’s got quite a mouth on him and I ain’t talking his interviewing skills…

  33. Gabe R L says

    Loved how Ewan basically shot down Steffi three times. And he did it all so quietly, and with poise, without even breaking a sweat. Like a lion swatting a knat.

  34. Donald says

    Having lived in DC for nearly 10 years, it was/is almost impossible not to hear the stories about Stephanopoulos’ gay hookups at his gym. George at Jr’s, no, never saw nor heard about that.

  35. Glenn Saunders says

    logic can never be skewered, only skewed though the image ofEwan,whoho is saidin the “Moulin Rouge” to be ‘quite’talentemanfully skewering Stefii would require a skew in his logic, to end up with a meat puppet of any persuasion.

  36. Glenn Saunders says

    Do you think George squeals or moans when first skewered;I mean we all make some kind of noise, or our top ain’t skewereing properly..just sayin.’

  37. Kirkhell says

    We just come back from the cinema where we saw this film and I can say that Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor are really great.
    Me and my friends cried like shit!

    It’s funny, tender, extraordinary (Houdini had a copycat!) and there were no slow moment during the whole movie.

  38. steve says

    This makes Stephanopoulous look like a jerk – how really amateurish to say “What’s that all about” in ref. to 2 men kissing. Of course McGregor dared to bait him by calling a bio of a politician a “bore” and a “cure for insomnia.” Obviously, Stephanopoulous can’t take what he dishes out. Weenie.

  39. shania says

    Oh my god, come on! Ewan McGregor was incredibly rude to George in the beginning of the interview. What an ass! I think a good response to Ewan would have been, “Oh I see, much like the lack of interest in some of your boring films that nobody saw. I completely understand, so let’s move on.” I can’t believe anybody, gay, straight, or otherwise, would condone rudeness. I think George’s question about the kiss was valid…both men are supposedly straight and in committed relationships. If it were Ewan or Jim kissing a female co-star, eyebrows would definitely be raised and the questions would fly…so why should it be different with a man? Or is “cheat kissing” a male co-star acceptable simply because it’s male? Personally, the kiss was not shocking nor a big deal to me. I’ve seen pics/films of Ewan kissing other men, as well as other men doing the same. But it smacks of a publicity stunt, so I say kudos to George for bringing it up, and Ewan can quit pretending it was anything but, and being all self righteous.
    As I said, the kiss did nothing for me. I found it gross because Jim Carey was part of it. Him kissing ANYBODY is gross to me. Ewan kissing a different male, though…potentially more interesting. I had planned to see this film from the time I heard about it, but I think I’ve changed my mind.
    After this and Ewan’s being spotted snuggling with is female costar in Paris a couple weeks ago (when they aren’t even filming anymore) are turning me off to him considerably.

  40. shania says

    And Tank, I think you are rude as well. I didn’t insult anybody’s opinions on here, I added my own thoughts, but you, much like Ewan, resort to insulting someone instead of continuing any sort of meaningful dialogue. So okay, since I’ve been engaged in this manner, here I go…does being a gay zealot preclude all civility and tolerance to anything you can conveniently twist into something oppositional to the gay agenda, so you can kick it into pissy queen bitch mode? Give me a break with your dumbassery.
    Ewan acted like as ass.

  41. MarkDC says

    Never liked Stephanopoulus. Never have. He’s a shill and a tool; one of the guys who turned “journalist” into an epithet.

    His “work” on ABC’s This Week was embarrassing.

  42. Bobby says

    @ George-

    Yes, got friends that live in D.C. around Dupont Circle and they say they witnessed George S. with this boyfriends. That’s what I was told anyway and until he got married, everyone knew the deal.

  43. Norm D Plume says

    Keep in mind, Stephanopoulos was CLINTON’s guy… Just reminder for all the self-loathing queers who cheer for Bill and Hillary. They look at queers and think “campaign contributions” not “oppressed people fighting for liberation.”

  44. humphrey says

    Never, queer, he’s not, it was done simply for the publicity. Interestingly enough, what really intrigues us about two men kissing one another is that either way both Jim and Ewan or Ewan and Jim are completely into their masculinity and that’s irresistible. Somethings are just inevitable, like being Jewish.

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