1. FizziekruntNT says

    I very much want to love this, but in fact, I don’t. I understand the nature of the message, but Mr. Feldman is really doing no more than committing the act of marriage in the manner in which it was conceived, just without all the messy family property exchange. How many thousands of marriages were performed to bond people, no more than strangers, when the ceremony commenced?

    A+ for effort. Otherwise, the silly notion and counter argument presented, that marriage is only about love, completely negates the messages being spewed by the hate machine. In the eyes of NOM, et. al., marriage is between a man and a woman – because they said so.

    For those of us that really know and understand the history, writing, and compilation of the bible, it makes more sense to debunk all discriminatory laws based on supposed biblical pretense and expose people to the truth, which is, that christianist lawmakers are oxymorons and should be removed from office. To argue principles based on myth and semi-historical information clearly negates ones ability to reason. Let the adults make the laws, not grown children with ideals muddled in fear and stupidity.

  2. ty says

    I agree with Fizz, the fact that the Bible goes uncontested, and that it forms the basis of so many discriminatory decisions is ludicrous.
    I would love to hear just one Jewish leader state publicly that their ancestors made the whole thing up !!!

  3. Philip says

    I don’t really get how this is showing the injustice of our unequal marriage rights? I mean, I agree with the argument that marriage isn’t always taken seriously, but I would much rather use past failed marriages that were a joke as an example than have someone get married as a farce and say “Oh, look how ridiculous this situation is.”
    Really, I don’t see this as much better than when bachelorette parties come to gay clubs, which is kind of a slap in the face. I think this “public statement” is really more of an insult (even unintentionally) than a complement.

  4. Gregoire says

    Ugh, let’s all sit on here and bitch about this article. All day!

    Do people actually come onto this site and concoct ways to dislike everything? Is it like some sort of contest?

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