Towleroad Guide to the Tube #624

AL FRANKEN: Cornered by gay-hating Republican Jason Mattera about health care.

CONTRACORRIENTE: New gay film from Peruvian filmmaker Javier Fuentes León.

TROLOLO: The feline version.

SWARM: Palo Alto man attacked, carried away by butterflies. Obviously a very real threat.

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  1. Lazlo says

    It seems pretty clear where the money in the bill is going toward. At least to answer Mattera’s question. Outdoor equipment that provides exercise for young people. IE: Dieseae prevention by way of exercise. Also the break time for mothers to breast feed seems fair although I don’t know many woman who take their newborns to work. Al should have asked him why Republicans allowed women who are victims of domestic abuse to be classified as having a pre-existing condition for so long which made it hard for them to get adequate healthcare. Repubs resisted changing that status quo.

  2. Timothyhy in DC says

    I swear, Jason Mattera’s infantile questions about reasonable propositions darn near incited me to violence against my monitor. So, he’s for taking away physical activity for children, and thinks that new mothers should feed their kids formula and suffer leaky breasts at work?

  3. says

    Well, once the strawman “7 billion for jungle gyms” is removed, his point suddenly doesn’t seem to have much merit. $7 billion spent on infrastructure to keep kids healthy and active across the entire country seems very reasonable.

    Now… if Franken’s handlers weren’t handling him so freaking him, he would have rhetorically pounded that creep who tried to pounce him. As it was, after taking into account the whacky editing, Franken still comes off the way better of the two.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    Answer: neither provision lowers costs! What DOES Lower costs is Government involvement in the health care of Americans and forcing Insurance companies to play by the rules of competition. Al you dropped the ball there Al buddy. And then you ask the guy to “shut up”. WTF Franken! Franken seems to be the Ass here.

  5. Rodney says

    My cat does that too if you scratch her there. Problem for me is it feels cruel to do something that provokes an uncontrollable muscular response.

  6. says

    Mattera loses any credibility he might have when when he calls him Senator Smalley. When you revert to name calling, you’re basically saying you’ve got no better path to “winning” the argument. What an ass.

  7. Robert in SF says

    Damn it!
    Here again we have a failure of the Democratic party and HCR supporters to get their clearly thought out and simply articulated talking points down! He had a prime opportunity to totally pwn this douche-bag and he instead lets his temper get the best of him (or his frustration with this kind of ambush “interview”) and tries to score points with “let me finish…let me finish…don’t interrupt…let me finish” taking up more time than it would have to explain:

    The Federal Government is empowered by the Constitution, supported by rulings of the Supreme Court, to enact legislation and budget allowances to benefit the general welfare of all of the citizens across the country. The section you are incorrectly summarizing is for /reading for the printed text the jerk has with him/ “Community Transformation Grants,” which support activities that may focus on (but not be limited to)-

    (i) creating healthier school environments, including increasing healthy food options, physical activity opportunities, promotion of healthy lifestyle, emotional wellness, and prevention curricula, and activities to prevent chronic diseases.

    Now son, if you have a problem with supporting healthy kids, that’s your right…but it’s Congress’s role to do what we can and should do to help America become a stronger nation, part of which is by making sure that kids *across* America have equal opportunity access to those funds for their health and growth, including those States that may not have the funds.”

    Now granted…that’s a mouthful and could be summarized a lot more succinctly, cause I quoted from’s article on this incident to explain the part of the law…but still, someone like Al Franken should be prepared to respond in a thoughtful, adult way…

    He came off frustrated and snippy and actually sounded a little off-guard/desperate to score and get away.

    I know they have a lot to stay up with, but damn it, that’s why part of why they need to be qualified to be elected representatives….so they can be prepared to deal with this BS.

    And he should have schooled this snarky attitude (Senator Smalley), with a withering “Son, you’re not my friend or my wife, so don’t talk to me like that….being a smart-ass jerk is no way to go through life.”….or something similar.

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