News: Camellia, Jason Mraz, Illinois, Elephant Twins, Joe Novotny

 road Unidentified man's body found in Provincetown marsh.

Barrowman  roadWell, hello: John Barrowman to make Desperate Housewives debut.

 roadLindsay Lohan is beyond delusional.

 roadNew Yorkers: It's state-wide GENDA call in day.

 roadFacebook a safe harbor for hate groups? "Fast-forming, often created by people who post false profiles just to gain the ability to create their hate group, anti-gay hate groups on Facebook are filled with claims of religiosity, or just plain unadulterated ignorance, bigotry, and hate. Facebook management has been criticized for their slow response and poor monitoring of new groups and content…"

 roadBetty White confirms SNL "appearance".

 roadMinnesota Family Policy Council to push for constitutional ban ballot measure.

 roadNew Facebook group: "1,000,000 Gay Men and Allies Against Roy Ashburn Having Sex Ever Again."

 roadThe cocktail scene in SF's Castro is growing up.

 roadJason Mraz interested in recording "Ebony and Ivory"-style collaboration with Elton John, but this one would have to do with gay and straight.


 roadExtremely rare camellia blooms in London: "It is thought to be one of only two examples of the variety in the world. Admirers would need to travel to Waitangi, New Zealand to see its sister plant."

 roadAnti-gay Seattle pastor Ken Hutcherson: James Dobson was forced out at Focus on the Family.

 roadJoy Behar calls Karl Rove a "bad cock".

 roadThe Power: NYC condom wrapper contest winner revealed.

 roadCzech union leader causes furor over remarks about gays: "In an interview for Saturday’s Lidové Noviny, Mr. Dušek said Czech Railways was run by a clique of incompetent gays who had links to homosexuals in the cabinet and the Office of the Government. The controversial trade union leader has now been barred from speaking for the umbrella trade unions organization and is likely to face charges of slander."

 roadMainstream media suddenly discovers story of tased gay porn star Dustin Michaels, three months later?

 roadApolo Ohno brought his Olympic charm to the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar party.

Micah  roadFootballer Micah Richards hits South Beach.

 roadDavid Archuleta's memoir has the cheesiest title ever.

 roadIllinois anti-gay bill killed in committee: "An anti-gay bill authored by Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady is dead, thanks to the efforts of Illinois gay activists.

Equality Illinois just announced that Senate bill 3447, which aimed to allow certain tax-exempt organizations to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and religion, is dead. The bill never made it out of a Senate Judiciary committee."

 roadElephant gives birth to first known set of male twins.

 roadIndia's House passes bill reserving a third of all seats in the national parliament and state legislatures for women.

 roadMadonna spotted grinding Gerard Butler on Oscar night.

 roadD.C. Agenda talks to the first openly gay U.S. House Clerk Joe Novotny: “I’m tremendously proud. I feel like it’s an opportunity to represent the community. When you think about the diversity in this House now — and the fact that we have the first woman speaker and we have the first African-American clerk of the House — this is sort of a Congress of firsts, so to be a part of that is a tremendous honor.”


  1. Cody says

    Too bad that the bars that 7X7 lists as “getting fancy” are all overrun by straight hipster folk… I definitely would not call them “Castro bars” at all…

    But when I think of Castro, I think of gay…maybe it’s just me…

  2. LetSodomRing says

    The gay/straight version of Ebony and Ivory… Magenta and Beige? Also, with Jason Mraz and Elton John on board, who’s going to sing the straight part?

  3. ggreen says

    Usually “Castro bars” brings to mind loud-mouthed drunken suburbanites bussed, BARTed and leased autoed in to the Castro by the hundreds. They are not discerning about cocktails (as long as it burns going down and is cheap) or sex (as long as its has a pulse and can swallow Viagra) all is right with the world. If cell phone service were jammed in the Castro the drunken population would halve.

  4. Jack says

    Has this irony been lost on people:

    One link laments how Facebook has become a haven for “hate groups,” while a later link seemingly makes light of a group that could be considered equally “hateful” toward Roy Ashburn.

    Hypocrisy much?

  5. amknyc says

    glad i’m not the only one who noticed the sick irony…

    promoting a “hate” group for ashburn while decrying facebook’s status as a “safe haven” in the next breath…

  6. Jack says

    Typical gay M0…

    It’s not OK for you to hate, but we can, because you started it!

    I want free speech, but you, who I don’t agree with, shouldn’t have it!

    And the list goes on…

    This is the standard course of people who play the victim game. And “liberals” in general.

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