First Gay Polo Tournament to Take Place in Palm Beach, Florida

The first annual International Gay Polo Tournament, sponsored by the Gay Polo League, will take place on April 3 at the Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida, South Florida Gay News reports:

Gpl  "GPL is the sole international polo league to be primarily comprised of lesbian and gay players. Founded to enable gay men and wo men to share their interest in this unique sport, GPL has created a community of passionate, like-minded athletes…The 1st Annual International Gay Polo Tournament will have as one of its sponsors Equestrian Life, a media company dedicated to the equestrian community and horse lovers across all breeds and disciplines. They will not only sponsor one of the competing teams, but also provide media coverage for the event, including on the web."

Said a representative to the NY Post: "It's a very macho sport. The top four players — one on each team– are nongay. [The rules are the same as with nongay polo, and the ponies are the same.] Of course, the uniforms are a little chic-er . . . the balls are a little nicer, too."  


  1. TampaZeke says

    A representative of this gay polo league said,
    “It’s a very macho sport. The top four players — one on each team– are nongay.”?

    What is he supposed to be “representing”? Gay polo? Gay sports? Gay people?

    If so he/she is a total failure on ALL accounts.

    What kind of ignorant idiot would a person have to be to make the case that polo is a “macho” sport and to PROVE it the top players on the gay league are STRAIGHT. Because EVERYONE knows that only straight people are, or can be, “macho”. And the top players in any macho sport would HAVE to be straight.

    What a ignorant douchebag. With “representatives” like this who needs Fred Phelps or Peter LaBarbara, or Maggie Gallager, or any of the other asshats who push stereotypes and misinformation about gay people?

  2. Middle-Class Gay says

    Maybe more of these wealthy gays could spare some change to make some change, please? A few of their dollars would go a long way at the state level — Florida still has a ban on gay people adopting! Pennsylvania just fought off an anti-gay state constitutional amendment for the third time, but it’s still legal to fire someone there just for being gay — same in FL, OH, etc.
    Please, A-Gays, check out and help the rest of us out by giving (or giving more) to some state-level organizations. You’re only one job loss or stock market loss away from being stuck down here in second-class citizenship with the rest of us.

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