Facebook Hate Group’s Goal: Vote Justin Bieber Out of Male Gender


Tween YouTube singing sensation Justin Bieber apparently isn't masculine enough for some Facebook users who have set up a group that has attracted over 300,000 fans. The goal of the group, which posted this photo of Bieber to the page, is to vote Bieber out of the male gender.

Bieber  Why? Well, according to some of the posters to the group:

"He's a complete faggot."

"justin bieber is a fagg!!! it not just guys that hate him, there are some chicks out there that hate him soo and im deff one of em, JUSTIN BIEBER IS A FUCKING UGLY FAGG!

"justin bieber is the biggest fag in knowen history"

"Justin Bieber is going to get caught sucking a dick someday, it will be all over the news/internet and all of us "justin bieber haters" will be able to say "I told you so."

"biebers a little fag. the first time i heard him i thought it was beyonce or something"

This is the kind of online bullying that plenty of "unknown" kids experience every day. It's sickening to see it played out on Facebook like this.


  1. Abie says

    Wow. That story really takes the fun out of hating Justin Bieber.
    Now I feel guilty.
    Can’t I just hate him because he’s smarmy, annoying and ubiquitous?

  2. Lubin Odana says

    What a spiteful and ignorant set of people. Facebook should remove that “group” and ban the person who set it up. 300,000 members is a reminder of the extent of homophobic/genderphobic assholery out there.

  3. Lexxvs says

    Didn’t know that FACEBOOK policy allowed such hatred groups to infest with their contents. Yes I know most of them are just jerk teenagers angry cause they don’t get laid and just pick up on someone perceived as the ultimate young girl ideal. Pathetic sign of the times. When all they have in common is frustration and -obviously- a horrible life. Happy people don’t even bother.

  4. says

    Honestly? I have always thought Justin was a young woman who “passed” as male, esp. when seeing all of the various outfits that seem to try to hide his hips. And if I’m right…”not that there’s anything wrong with that” (Seinfeld)…..it may be interesting to see how his fans would react, but I’m afraid Justin would be demonized even more.

  5. erick says

    “Wow. That story really takes the fun out of hating Justin Bieber.
    Now I feel guilty.
    Can’t I just hate him because he’s smarmy, annoying and ubiquitous?”

    Posted by: Abie | Apr 19, 2010 11:06:10 AM

    Ain’t that the truth…..

  6. Emily says

    I also reported it as hate speech. I suggest that others do the same thing — the more reports it gets, the more attention it should get from the management.

  7. walter says

    facebook must take a stronger stand on these hate group sites that keep popping up. facebook started out as great way of communicating with friends and making friends but has become a way for people with agenda to gather radicals to their causes. bullying is bullying no matter how it is done.

  8. Gridlock says

    … I just want to shave his head, his hair is fucking stupid. Other than that, I don’t give a rat’s ass about him.

    The hair though.. holy fuckballs it’s horrible.

  9. pistolpetey says

    I reported the page, along with the other one the users just set up to kick the “fagg” Jonas brothers out of the male gender for being “discrases to mankind.”

    Seriously, what is it with bigots and spelling? I know, rhetorical question….

  10. dave02657 says

    “Wow. That story really takes the fun out of hating Justin Bieber. Now I feel guilty. Can’t I just hate him because he’s smarmy, annoying and ubiquitous?”
    Posted by: Abie | Apr 19, 2010 11:06:10 AM

    Exactly my thought upon first reading.

    Before today, never did I ever think I would have gone to the trouble of going to such a site and reporting it on behalf of this dude – whom I also find just damn annoying (and typical of today’s “Christians,” seriously hypocritical).

    But damn. I did.

  11. romeo says

    This, and a lot of other things, has kind of made me wonder sometimes if the social networking capacity of the internet, and all that it makes possible, has been such a good idea after all. It wouldn’t surprise me if at some future date it’s decided that the dangers outweigh the benefits, and they shut all this down. Don’t anybody kid yourself that it can’t be done. Seems like there’s always crapapples like this spoiling things for everyone.

  12. Disgusted American says

    I was hearing JB this,and JB that…and I had no idea who this kid was until last weeks SNL…he sings well enough I guess…..but Nothing particularly “special”…Shame on FACEBOOK for allowing this to continue.

  13. Jonathan OZ says

    I’m not much of a fan of Justin, but no one deserves this sort of BS. I urge everyone to report this Facebook entry as hate speech to Facebook.

  14. says

    I can relate to the idiots who say they hate fags and were probably taught this by their narrow-mided families..

    But instead of telling them to go back to their double-wides and fry something… The best thing to do is have a bunch of GLBT people join the hateful group and proclaim how this newly-shared FAG information is so fucking cool and how we all fantasized about having sex with him..

    Then thank the hateful person for such an informative posting and this in itself will humiliate the shit out of them not expecting such a response and realize how much of an A-hole he was.

    Sometimes a little “reverse” psychology is the best cure for this by taking their own negative energy and using it in return as a weapon. Leaving you to look humble, caring, and very in control.

    Wooo Hooooo!!!! Think about it gang…

    Don’t waste time defending him… Instead broadcast to the world what a great piece of ass he would be if this was really true !!! LOL

  15. Jerry says

    I get the hate speech angle, I really do…

    Let it be said, however, that I wouldn’t vote to kick him out of the gender so much as vote him out of the known universe.

    As far as him being girlicious, they said the same things about Wayne Newton about a bazillion years ago when he was a teen pop sensation, too. (Truly, he did sound EXACTLY like Brenda Lee.)

  16. Stonem says

    I’m sorry but I don’t see this as an issue, as I joined this group awhile back. Its just humorous and in no way provoking homophobia, regardless of some of the comments.

  17. phil says

    Not sure why it’s a benefit to repeat it all here. Second-hand hate speech is still hate speech. You could report the story without needing to repeat the quotes. Don’t see how this helps the community.

  18. Jack says

    I, for one, will not report the group. Why? Because I believe that no matter how heinous the ideas, that they should be expressed (and yes, I know that Facebook doesn’t HAVE to allow this).

    If an idea is beyond the pale, it is up to others to counter it and convince people that it should be abandoned, ignored, or even outright ridiculed (as the ideas in this group should be). For my money, comments toward anyone who identifies as Republican or at all religious on this site are JUST as hateful. But I don’t see any of you reporting hate speech on here…because you agree with it. And don’t give me the “they started it crap.”

    I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes from J.S. Mill:

    But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.

    If you have to ban ideas to “prove” them wrong, your own position likely doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  19. says

    @Jack, flawed argument. The school district in Boston is culpable for the death of a teenage girl for this very same reason. Her parents reported the problem and they continued to ignore it up until she committed suicide.

    I’d say for this reason alone, Facebook has responsibility to remove this group and ban them for life. Justin is a protege of Usher and gives frequent interviews on the radio here in the ATL. Granted, I’m not a fan, but he comes across as a bright and centered tween.

    Nevertheless, you don’t know what goes on in kids heads and having this kind of crap thrown at you (especially on such a massive platform), can cause some to do things they might not otherwise. This is bullying, plain and simple.

    I’m not concerned about grown adults from the Christian right or republicans. In those cases that you site, if you can’t take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen. As my mom always said, if you can’t take it, then don’t dish it.

  20. says

    The FIRST question to ask is, “Why does Facebook allow this kind of overt discrimination” and second, “Why hasn’t Bieber filed suit against Facebook for allowing this kind of hatred to be spread on their pages?”

    Maybe a nice big hunk of cash in the form of a legal judgment against Facebook would wise them up pretty quickly.

  21. Jack says


    In fact it is you with the flawed argument. A school has special responsibilities regarding children given their compulsory attendance and the fact that in a way they act in loco parentis. Facebook has assumed no such responsibility.


    Indeed I am. If you only apply the spirit of that idea to people who you agree with, or who you don’t consider “douchebags,” then you’re not principled at all. The very point of that quote is that it applies to the people who you disagree with most. I think that you completely miss the ideal that the quote embodies, sadly.

  22. MiloTock says

    @Jack: The difference between the free exchange of ideas that you espouse and what is going on with this group is that there is no “idea” or “opinion” being presented or explored here. This is not a debate regarding ideas for which there could be a multiplicity of potentially valid viewpoints being presented, which is what Mill had in mind. If the group were intended to comment on the quality of his music or him as a musician, it would be one thing, but this is not the point. The mere impracticality of what is being proposed by the group is evidence that this is not part of a free exchange of ideas that will lead to any greater perception of “truth.” Are people who are opposed to this inane idea supposed to counter with posts saying “I think he is sufficiently masculine to be allowed to remain a male.” What possibly valid position is it you think this group is expressing that needs a full and complete airing to get to the truth of the matter? Is there some remotely legitimate argument that could be made that if the requisite number of votes are gained on Facebook then Justin Bieber should be forced into sexual reassignment surgery? If not, there really is no inherent benefit to the polity as a whole by allowing this group to continue.

    The only idea here is purely malicious name-calling, with a strong underlying homophobic element. All this group seems to be doing is perpetuating the idea that is is appropriate to call people fags and to demean them if they do not meet your particular (adolescent in this case) standards of masculinity.

    In addition, Mill was primarily concerned with the potential tyranny of the government over the individual, and this is not a question of any type of government censorship. People on Facebook are voluntarily part of a community that has stated rules which this group appears to run afoul of.

  23. Jack says


    I appreciate the response, and I do think there is some merit to your argument. A few points:

    1) I don’t take for granted that there is no idea or opinion here. Exaggerations and impossibilities are quite often used to make a point. One could argue that the “idea or opinion” expressed in this ridiculous facebook group is one of gender roles or something of the like. Wrong? Undoubtedly so, in my opinion. But I think it is wrong to discount things that on their face are impossible, implausible, or ridiculous as not “ideas or opinions.”

    2) As much as I despise malicious bullying, I’m not entirely sure what can or even should be done about it vis-a-vis punishing the persecutors. Part of me wants to impose penalties on them for deliberately attempting to harm another, but the other part of me values a freedom to express one’s self, and thinks that perhaps a better solution is to fortify the victims’ psyches. That is not to blame the victim, but perhaps to teach a valuable lesson that people throughout life will say things that we don’t like to/about us, and sometimes you have to deal with it. In any respect, this is a post about a very public figure, and I think a comparison to schoolyard bullying (or an analogue) is misguided.

    3)Mill may have been aiming primarily at government, but his point holds sway. I of course conceded that Facebook has EVERY right to ban this type of behavior. All I am saying is that if the policy were under my control, I would not be so quick to demand this group’s removal.

  24. JT says

    I haven’t read FB’s TOS very closely (I know, bad me), but can users be banned for joining a group like this or making such horrible comments on their page?

  25. Ted says

    As a retired teacher, we all know that adolescents/children can be the cruelest humans. It is up to us adults/parents to guide and teach them right from wrong. No one is born to hate, it is taught. Some grow out of it and some don’t and therefore keep passing on the hate from generation to generation. Shameful society.

  26. nic says

    @jack, your application of the j.s. mill quotation to this issue is about the lamest argument i have heard. the whole purpose of the particular FB page is to ridicule and cyber-bully a minor child. and, the comments posted are hate speech. to compare negative comments against adults, (posted here and elsewhere) whose political/ideological positions you disagree with to what is going on at that FB page is absurd. i reported the page to FB. i encourage anyone who hasn’t done so, to report it, too.

  27. Tone says

    Living well is the best revenge. JB is living the hell out of the losers behind this. While he’s flying first class, riding in limo’s, appearing on TV, and giving concert performances, his haters are sitting in their basements, watching porn, and trying to delude themselves that they’re not a total waste of space.

  28. biglzzz says

    its a joke. granted it does take it pretty far, but its still a good joke. All the people saying oh god that is awful blah blah are just as bad as the haters. Just trolling around the internet to look like you care. On the of chance that those guys AND GIRLS were serious about voting him out of the gender,then leave it be. they can want him out all they want, if justin is like any normal person who builds up a tolerance to this kinda crap, he wont be all to fussed. if i were him id laugh, id join the damn group, itd be hilarious.

  29. melissa says

    how can someone do that! Hes just a teen and he aint harming you is he! why the fuk r u photoshoppin him just because you wont ever be as successful as justin dont mean you have to bully him! He is a christian he believes everyone is the same he helps charities he doesnt believe in segregation and stuff like that! He makes a difference and what do you do? you just bully people because you so fukkin insecure about yourself!

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