1. stopabusingourchildren says

    Shame, shame for the Dubya and Clinton for not spearheading this. The Obama administration is slowly defining the true meaning of freedom in this country. I will vote for Obama 2012.

  2. Wes says

    M Bergeron, would you prefer he didn’t bother doing this? Sometimes I wonder why he does anything with so many people b*tching no matter what. He doesn’t support SSM because he would like to remain president. You want someone to blame, you can start with your fellow citizens who have voted to ban SSM in every state they have had the opportunity, even in liberal new england.

    This President is an ally to the gay community, sure he could radically push hard for gay rights but it won’t do anyone much good once he’s thrown out of office for focusing on social issues in the midst of two wars and a struggling economy. He’s going to help us incrementally, without a spectacle, but the important thing is that he’ll get it done.

    I sincerely believe he is a stealth supporter of SSM (he stated his support in the 90s, when it was much less popular) but the reality is you simply can’t get elected president with that position. Not yet. Just look at the numbers for likely voters. Old conservative people vote and young liberals don’t. Whose fault is that?

    Its similar to his feigning interest in religion. You can’t do shit unless you win, and you can’t win unless you fit a certain criteria. It is what it is, but try to look at things within the context of political reality and not idealism.

    I believe we have infiltrated the White House with a stealth ally. Although he is publicly the most supportive President of gay rights ever (which is nothing to sneeze at), he can’t express his support of everything we are fighting for because this is still largely a nation of idiots and bigots. Its our job to keep fighting and advocating and applying pressure for our cause. Its his job to fix this mess of a country, of which gay rights are only one among so many problems. Just look what happens when he tries a popular reform, like healthcare.

    Now why would anybody think going full throttle on gay rights would do anything but provide teabagging Republicans with even more ammunition to render him politically impotent and eventually out of the job? Leaving us gays totally f*cked with a Bush/Palin/mystery douchebag who will have us longing for a President even moderately sympathetic to us.

  3. Michael @ says

    Bless this woman, her late partner, and their children.

    But @ Stop: puhleeze. If this is all it takes to get you to vote for ObamaRahm again you must be some intensely self-loathing gay. What about your right not to be fired for being gay? To fight for your country? To marry here or have your foreign-born partner automatically become a US citizen just like straight marrieds do? To adopt children? THAT, Mary, is “true freedom.”

    And “slowly”? “Slow motion” is more like it. This was merely an announcement of theoretical policies that are months and months away from happening. Partners of gay federal employees STILL haven’t gotten their crumbs and that announcement was almost a year ago.

    But we’re probably just seconds away from the revelation that ObamaRahm will allow exceptions “of conscience” for Catholic or other religiofascist-run hospitals.

    Even in secular hospitals, medical emergencies are medical EMERGENCIES and what is a gay partner going to do when some ignorant or religiofascist nurse or doctor says, “No you can’t see them or override what his/her homohating Mother wants even if you do go home and get that piece of paper!” …. call the Health & Human Services police? Call HRC’s sheriff’s department?

  4. Jeff says

    Wes, you are effing badass. That was so perfectly stated.

    Being an activist doesn’t always mean getting all Larry Kramer in someone’s face. He’s getting stuff done. The whole hospital visitation issue has been, to me, one of the most dehumanizing injustices that gay people have had to endure, and Obama just took care of it with a memo. And, no one’s going to have a problem with it. If it were packaged in some sort of marriage bill or even civil unions, there’d be all sorts of uproar and a depletion of his political capital. This way, he can keep taking steps to provide equality.

  5. FunMe says

    Did the Obama administration get rid of DADT? Oh wait, not going to. In fact, his DOJ defended even more than a republicon administration would.

    Did the Obama administration get rid of DOMA? not going to happen if we keep waiting and expecting them to do anything without our pressure.

    ENDA … that was signed already, right? I didn’t think so.

    All we are getting are CRUMBS. I’m surprised HRC hasn’t been invited to another STFU “champage and caviar” party at the White House.

    I hear this was Obama’s way of making sure there were no protests in Los Angeles this Monday when he appears with Senator Boxer.


  6. TANK says

    I don’t understand how this is going to be enforced. Individuals wronged by a hospital’s bigotry can’t sue directly, but require appealing to the government to act. After it’s investigated, and perhaps deemed worth of pursuing by the gov’t, it’ll be too late. I mean, if documentation like POA, etc, doesn’t matter to hospitals, as it didn’t for this woman, why would asking people to comply with the law work? How is this enforcible in any practical way?

  7. MCnNYC says

    REALLY? our first comment faults Clinton?
    You are some Obama activist now. THIS could have been done A YEAR AGO.
    Thank you President Obama, and the countless unnamed and behind the scene advocates (including HRC) who put this under the Presidents nose.

    This is not EQUALITY however.
    If we have to wait 3 YEARS for such a simple remedy (without any enforcement btw)we must DEMAND FULL CIVIL RIGHTS.

  8. joey says

    I have been a staunch Clinton advocate, but I will say I am wholeheartedly humbled by the Obama Administration’s brave and touching impact on our everyday lives. This is beautiful. OBAMA 2012!!!

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