1. Dego says

    @Andy: ok, you win. I did my part and shared on the FB.

    @JohnInManhattan oh hell yeah, nice tits indeed.

    @Crispy: I agree, enjoyable but FSR still rules. We’re going to have to work out some kind of time-sharing arrangement regarding him. because, I would cut a bitch for him. 😉

    Besides, my given name is Steve and he already has a vid posted about how he would “go there” with me (well actually an Aussie TV presenter named Stevie B; but I shore up my fantasies, where I can).

  2. Jake Benson says

    WOW thanks for posting this up on this site and thanks for all the comments!!! I really hope I can use this as a “reel” to get some kind of editing/production/post-production job! I owe the site creator a hand job! Also @Eshto hahahaha it’s true. It’s my first music video (pretty first video ever). Took me a while to figure things out, but my next video will be better.

  3. ghostfacemillah says

    I’m curious as to what was the point of posting this… There’s nothing that’s that original about it, it’s not well-made (as somebody already pointed out), and it’s not even that funny imho.

    Satire aside, “Meh-lissa” gets a crazy point for saying she’s a lesbian (?) and I don’t even want to get into “Ugly Lady”… I don’t think this is ‘playing with stereotypes’ –this just IS one.

    I’m probably taking this too far/serious, but it seems like we’re rewarding this silly straight guy just cos he’s a reasonably attractive silly straight guy. I mean, there are literally hundreds of videos just like this on the internet –this seems like a really lame one to call out.

  4. Jake Benson says

    @Ghostfacemillah: I am gay. And Meh-lissa got a crazy point for being a Lesbian because Lesbians are CRAZY! True story. I don’t intend to be dubbed queen of France with this video. I’m just trying to get a job as an assistant/entry-level position to any production or editing job. And maybe a one-night stand would be cool too.

    @Desmondevan: WHEN CAN WE HANG OUT???

  5. ghostfacemillah says

    I sit corrected. Shouldn’t have let my heterophobia take over.

    But you’re still copping out on the women’s issues/lesbians are crazy bit. Whatever your purpose is for this video doesn’t detract from the poor representation of tired anti-women sentiments.

    Oh, and my partner and I may be able to help you out with the one-night stand… I mean, I did say you’re reasonably attractive 😉

  6. Trace says

    OK.. this will be a guility pleasure! Jake.. you is hot and this was just fun to watch! All the best luck that it helps you land something! Gonna have to share it on FB!

  7. crispy says

    ghostfacemillah, did you just go from “poor representation of tired anti-women sentiments” to “poor representation of tired oversexed-gay sentiments” in the span of two paragraphs? I guess irony is not your strong suit.

  8. Jake Benson says

    @Ghostfacemillah sorry I couldn’t figure out how to convert to a good version for YouTube. A lot of the video and especially audio quality was lost during the transition. As for the anti-women sentiment, whichever character I play it’s going to be awful. But believe me I do understand that there are good and bad stereotypes across the board with every group of people. However, while music videos concentrate on human aesthetics, my goal was to focus on the antonym of aesthetics. The male characters may have been better looking (because I am male), but their behaviors makes it very clear that they are chauvinists. So I aimed to convey negative stereotypes for both men and women.

    I hope this discussion isn’t ruining the fun! All I want to do is dress up, put on bad make-up, relish in one of my crazy defragmented personalities, film it, and then watch it. It’s like picking a booger and looking at it, or looking at my poop after I poop. It’s SUPPOSED to be awful but I KEEP LOOKING at it and get pleasure from it.


  9. steve says

    Jake, I thank you for the wonderful few minutes I had with your video that made me laugh before I had to get back to work.

    I’d also like to thank you for taking off your shirt. You’re so fucking adorable it’s ridiculous. HOT.

    My suggestion would be to talk to every local TV station you can contact. They’re always in need of news video editors and it’s a great place to get a start.

  10. RockyMountain says

    I stumbled on this video last night through a post at JockoHomo. Glad to see the video here at Towleroad.

    I can’t help but go back to watch this satire over and over. LOVE the whole video game element, and I’m so glad Ugly Lady won. The blood was PERFECT. :)~

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