1. ChicagoRick says

    So how soon will the GOP bring out all the dirt on Charlie’s gayness that they held back when the Dems were trying to out him? I’m guessing about a week.

  2. alexinboston says

    Same Game, Same Day, just a different name! Why would his personal policies be any different then they are now…. A rose by any other name still remains a rose. Those who would have supported him before may still, those who he is trying to reach will see he is no different today then he was yesterday.. A foolhardy move to “Switch” parties…..

  3. walter says

    so now instead of being a repuklican closet case he is an independant closet case. does he have to change closets along with party.hope the repuks out him quickly. maybe he can give a ” i’m a gay american speach. he should have watched the movie OUTRAGE before doing anything. just how dumb are these women who hang all over his arm to cover who he is’

  4. PatrickPATRICK says

    Awesome! I’m hoping his switch to an independent helps siphon votes away from Rubio.

    Then again, if Rubio wins he’ll get the hell outta my neighborhood. I cringe that this guy lives two blocks away from me. I can smell the teabag stench from my backyard. LOL

  5. Eugene says


    “maybe he can give a ” i’m a gay american speach”

    That would be a little too “in your face” – unless the Republicans try to out him.

  6. rafi says

    “Why would his personal policies be any different then they are now”

    For the same reason Arlen Specter’s personal policies are different now than they were about a year ago.

  7. Paul R says

    This guy is so incredibly hypocritical, opportunistic, and generally loathsome. He’s also incredibly defensive and negative these days, whereas he used to be all smiles. For some reason he sickens me more than most conservatives, simply because he’s so transparent yet still holds office and will likely continue to do so in one form or another.

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