1. David in Houston says

    Why would it take 400 hours to whip up a bunch of lies? I think we can add ‘thief’ to Mr. Rekers titles.

  2. Chris says

    Miss David you can’t be serious that kid is what 13….WTF??????

    Get fucking real….and you and Miss Musty leave that kid alone

  3. DN says

    I love Michael Musto for three reasons:

    1) totally queeny and he gets on TV
    2) his one-liners
    3) he’s the cleanup crew for ridiculous stories about ridiculous conservatives. His commentary on a story is official indication that the story has become completely ridiculous and hilarious.

  4. Tone says

    Michael Musto is kind of creepy. Does he ever say anything original or is his entire shtick just repeating other people’s half-baked witticisms? Keith Olbermann should think twice before giving the guy any more air time.

  5. rick says

    really? i think the kid is like 11. what was it like for you when you were a kid, michael?

  6. Mark says

    Nothing more unfunny than someone desperately trying to appear to be.

    And why is Musto being consulted? His being gay makes him someone worth consulting on this issue? I don’t get it.

  7. I've had enough says

    With this appearance, we have officially hit bottom on this topic. I think Musto must have spent the entire afternoon before this show thinking up what he thought were clever one liners. If this is what we have to say about George Rekers then it’s time to move on to a new subject.

  8. Q says

    If Justin Bieber can go on “dates” with Kim Kardashian (sp?), then he grown enough to be speculated about. Please.

  9. says

    Pardon my ignorance, but was the $120,000 paid to this slime-slug taxpayers’ money or from a private fund, and was that fund claiming tax exemption for charitable status ?

  10. Matt says

    You AND Justin Bieber might not have been “descended” at age 16 but don’t think that is the norm. You just developed late!
    Most everyone in my circle of friends at that age, myself included, “descended” at 13-14 years old. (and boy did I have fun! ;p)