News: Ian Thorpe, Apple, Grover Norquist, Puerto Rico, Bert

 road Grover Norquist, Margaret hoover join board of gay Republican group GOProud.

Thorpe  roadAussie swimmer Ian Thorpe to make stage debut.

 roadA very, very bad Situation.

 roadHRC infuriates Congresswoman with email falsely stating she voted against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson's committeeman: "HRC 'kicked a true ally. In the battle for human rights, there is little room for error. A simple apology is not enough.”

 roadApple blocks gay kiss, buttocks in Oscar Wilde graphic comic, then reverses.

 roadBarbara Bush: Health care should be a right for everyone.

 roadBarcelona clinic investigated for offering pills and psychiatric treatment intended to cure homosexuality: "Many of those coming for treatment are followers of a particular religion who believe homosexuality is incompatible with their beliefs, it said.
'An investigation has been opened into this clinic,' a spokeswoman for the regional government's health department told AFP.
'We do not consider homosexuality as an illness, far from it.'"

 roadFirst ladies of the Housewives franchise introduced.

 roadFirst look at Hugh Jackman in Real Steel.

 roadJudge in Philadelphia Boy Scout case is a former Scout himself.

 roadHate crimes against gays surge in Canada. "Hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation were also the most violent: 75 per cent were violent compared with 38 per cent of racially-motivated incidents and 25 per cent of religiously motivated incidents. Among violent incidents motivated by sexual orientation, 85 per cent of the victims were male."

 roadCalgary, Canada holds first Queer Prom.

 roadPalm Springs police accused of using slurs during gay sex sting: "The slur, made by an undercover officer monitoring the sting from a nearby police car, drew laughter from the other officer in the car, said Bruce Nickerson, a defense witness for several of the men facing charges from the Warm Sands operation.

Nickerson, an attorney who specializes in lewd conduct sting operations, said after the court hearing that the slur did not necessarily show police animus against gays."

 roadWhen you're the heir to the throne, you sometimes have to wear large feathers.

Bert  roadSesame Street's Bert comes out? Twitter: "Bert: Ever notice how similar my hair is to Mr. T’s? The only difference is mine is a little more ‘mo,’ a little less ‘hawk.’"

 roadSoccer comes out of the closet.

 roadOil disaster pushing deep water sharks to Florida beaches? Hueter has recorded more than two dozen sightings of deepwater sharks near the Florida coast in the past few weeks. Along with the tiger shark, a pair of whale sharks was spotted May 28 six miles offshore. All three sharks were tagged and steered back into deep water.

It is too early to say whether the sharks' appearance in coastal waters is connected with the spill. But Hueter does not see it as a good sign. He calls it a 'Hmm moment — what are we looking at here?'"

 roadMeet the NFL drug tester.

 roadKaty Perry does Lady Gaga damage control to save her album.

 roadAdvocates applaud establishment of Puerto Rico hate crimes committee: "The new government committee involves agencies including the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Juan, police officials and the island's civil rights commission, according to a statement release by the attorney general late Friday.
'With the creation of this committee, we will document the extent of hate crimes,' said Attorney General Guillermo Somoza Colombani, who added that the data will help develop policies to attend to the victims."


  1. JauntyJohn says

    I would have to bet that Bert meant “Moe” as in “Three Stooges” and not “mo” as in “hoMO.”

    Pity, though. Be nice if I was wrong.

  2. Raphael says

    A typical scenario. “would be a couple of cops, who were dressed in tank tops, would walk around grabbing their crotches and staring at the defendants’ crotches saying, ‘Show me what you got. Show me what you got.’ In no case did they come upon any man already having sex.”

    Palm Springs police union defends officers’ actions in ‘sex sting’

    Paul Abshire • Special to The Desert Sun • August 27, 2010

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    The Palm Springs Police Officers’ Association is a union consisting of officers and sergeants employed by the Palm Springs Police Department. The association provides support for its members as well as a forum through which our voices, individually and collectively, may be heard.

    Quantcast The American Red Cross

    The Palm Springs Police Officers Association would like the public to know where it stands on the lewd conduct enforcement operation that was conducted in June 2009. After numerous meetings with City Council members, leaders of the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) Outreach Committee and other residents, business owners and concerned citizens, it appears that concern regarding the motives and actions of the police department remains. The public should know that we take great pride in the fair and ethical manner in which we respond to calls for service.
    Positive relations with the LGBT community

    The association has had a long history of positive relations with the LGBT community and is taking strides to regain the trust and understanding of the visitors and residents of Palm Springs, which has suffered as a result of the recent controversy surrounding the Warm Sands operation. Although the ongoing court cases restrict the association from discussing details of the operation, our members have and will consistently enforce the law fairly and equitably, regardless of race, creed, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

    Let me assure everyone in Palm Springs that your police officers do not unfairly target the LGBT community. Last year, we responded to a complaint about public indecency generated by a City Council member. We did our job and enforced the law. It is that simple. For years, we have worked closely with LGBT community members in a professional, fair and unbiased manner, and this operation was no exception.

    This was not the first complaint of lewd conduct in the Warm Sands area and was handled the same as any other complaint of a similar nature would have been. Over the past several years, the Palm Springs Police Department has conducted several undercover operations in response to complaints about prostitution, lewd conduct and narcotics activity. During the June 2009 operation, 19 men were arrested and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure.
    (2 of 2)

    A culture of tolerance and understanding

    The Palm Springs Police Department culture is one of tolerance and understanding. There are openly gay and lesbian sworn police officers and civilian personnel in our department, all of whom are considered members of our law enforcement family, both on and off the job. Anyone who characterizes our department as unwelcoming or unfair to members of the LGBT community is misinformed.

    Quantcast The American Red Cross

    The Palm Springs police outreach efforts have included participation in the Pride Parade, where officers have represented the Palm Springs Police Department by operating a marked patrol car in the parade itself, and the Pride Festival, where officers staff recruiting booths in an effort to attract gay and lesbian officers to careers in law enforcement. This tradition has continued for 10 years.

    The Palm Springs Police Officers’ Association is proud of our diversity in race, gender and sexual orientation and we think this diversity helps us to better understand and serve all residents.

    The Palm Springs Police Department is staffed by 89 sworn officers, covering 96 square miles, serving 50,000 year-round residents and hosting 2.5 million visitors annually.

    Paul Abshire is president of the Palm Springs Police Officers’ Association. Questions can be directed to him at or (760)323-8105.


    Paul Abshire is president of the Palm Springs Police Officers’ Association. Questions can be directed to him at or (760)323-8105.


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