AFA Boycotting Home Depot for its Support of Gay People

The American Family Association has announced a boycott of Home Depot for its policies regarding LGBT people.

HomedepotWrites the group:

"For several years, The Home Depot has given its financial and corporate support to open displays of homosexual activism on main streets in America's towns. And, it says it will continue to do so! Rejecting several requests by AFA to remain neutral in the culture war, The Home Depot has chosen to sponsor and participate in numerous gay pride parades and festivals. Most grievous is The Home Depot's deliberately exposing small children to lascivious displays of sexual conduct by homosexuals and cross-dressers, which are a common occurrence at these events.

The goal of every homosexual organization supported by The Home Depot is to get homosexual marriage legalized. BoycottTheHomeDepot provides just a glimpse of how broad its support for the homosexual movement is. The Home Depot says it is committed to furthering the homosexual agenda."

Call Home Depot at 1-800-466-3337 and tell them how much you appreciate their support.


  1. BrandonD says

    Oh nooooo what ever will Home Depot do without the support of some fringe loonies? These people have their heads so far up their asses, it’s unreal.

    “Culture war”? Fuck off.

  2. neverstops says

    “Most grievous is The Home Depot’s deliberately exposing small children to lascivious displays of sexual conduct by homosexuals and cross-dressers”


  3. A. Beaverhausen says

    Boycott Home Depot? I can’t get into Home Depot because it’s always chock full of lesbians.

  4. Gridlock says

    It ain’t called Homo Depot for nothing, hets. The gays do more renovations and do more to beautify neighborhoods and bring up property values than you ever will.

    We take your ghettos and make them hip and then you vultures move in and drive the prices up.

    You should be thanking us.

  5. Chris says

    Talibangelists are always for boycotts when it’s something they dont’ like. Boycott their businesses and they’ll cry you’re discriminating against them.

    They can take their boycotts and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  6. E says

    Worked for Home Depot Corporate for two years. They are great with their employees, gay or straight. They have a week every year where local Atlanta gay celebrities come and discuss LGBT issues and educate the entire company. It is great. Last year David Bromstad from Color Splash was a speaker. Screw the AFA.

  7. Jim says

    I work as an installation expeditor at an inner-city Home Depot, and really enjoy the sometimes-odd challenges which come along. One of the main reasons I applied (after being laid off from advertising in 01) was the company’s inclusion of sexual orientation in the non-discrimination policy. Since then they’ve added same-sex partner benefits, which I hope to utilize at some point. It’s a very inclusive company, on all levels, one that truly lives it’s ‘core values’ re: ALL forms of diversity, and I’ve never felt uncomfortable being completely out. Most days it’s just a job, but when I read something like the AFA bullshit, I feel a real sense of pride for my company!

  8. Robert In WeHo says

    I was considering switching to Loews to get things I need for the apartment, think I’ll stick with Home Depot instead…

  9. cb4422 says

    “Most grievous is The Home Depot’s deliberately exposing small children to lascivious displays of sexual conduct by homosexuals and cross-dressers, which are a common occurrence at these events.”

    I don’t understand. Is Home Depot sponsoring gay pride parades are their stores? Are they bussing small children to gay pride parades and forcing them to attend?

  10. sparks says

    And here I am planning to redo a room. This makes deciding where to get materials VERY easy. Thanks HD!

  11. Uluwehi says

    I called and left glowing feedback. I hope many others will do they same. They were super nice especially when they realised I didn’t call to complain. They even transferred me to a special person who records positive reviews! :)

  12. Bannik says

    Wow, poor AFA; now, not only will they not have any creative people to design their homes, they won’t have a great place to get the supplies to build them.

  13. Amanda says

    Or call 1800-654-0688 Business hours EST. The operators are really nice and getting ready for some nice folks to call and say thank you!

  14. Bradley says

    What are the closeted AFA men who cruise my local home depot going to do for an outlet now–I’m basing this on what people tell me.

  15. Tilion says

    I just came home from Homo Depot 20 minutes ago!

    Why does the HRC score Home Depot only an 85 on their equality index?

  16. Kyle says

    There are always a LOT of hot guys at Home Depot. Plenty of eye candy and cruising potential (if you can fight through the lesbians, that is..LOL)

  17. Greenthumb55 says

    Can we not just assassinate the entire AFA? They’re wastes of fucking skin. Every one of them.

  18. says

    Walmart has had a float and marchers over the past couple of years in various parades the one in Fayetteville is officially endorsed by the Home Office. I wonder if AFA will call for a boycott of Walmart?

  19. Wimsy says

    If I had a hammer, I’d hammer out justice, I’d hammer out freedom all over this land. Nice selection of hammers at Home Depot, I hear.

  20. Dakotahgeo says

    I am happy to support Home Depot in any way I can. Unbeknownst to me, I do all of my shopping (what little I do) at Home Depot so I don’t have to change my shopping habits in this case. Way to go, Home Depot!!!
    A pot of sludge to the AFA, the new American Talibangelicals!!
    Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain (Ret.)

  21. Steve says

    I love Home Depot – and the fact that they support the gay community, which has always been in the forefront of neighborhood gentrification, is a smart move.

    The trailer-trash AFA – who needs ’em?

  22. jenn says

    damn, i had just recently changed over to lowe’s because of the selection of valspar paint… can they be boycotted by the crazies for their support of the queer community, too? otherwise i’ll have to go back to home depot =)

  23. Stephani says

    How ridiculous! People at the parade, choose to attend, with or without their children, and I’m sure have private conversations with their children about acceptance, diversity, and how everyone is different and it’s OK! People make their own choices in life. It’s the parent’s job to educate their children, NOT Home Depot’s. Duh! Thank you Home Depot for being involved in doing the RIGHT thing; not the bigoted, prejudiced, hateful thing.

  24. Jerrry12 says

    I have been splitting my purchases between Home Depot and Lowes just so both will stay in business. (Who wants only one source for anything?) These nut cakes have now given me a problem — How do I show support for Home Depot without hurting Lowe’s? HELP!!!